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27/03/2008 at 00:07


you have done really well with the volume of your long runs. You don't need too much more, so I would suggest 16 should be fine this weekend. Approximately 2 hours but start it fresh, keep hydrated and

I'm not sure I agree with no more than 15 in the last 3 weeks theory - 90% of reasonable quality marathon runners and schedules do more than that distance but everyone is different and you have to find what works best for you.

Of course not easy if it's your first one!

Sub 3 Training schedules almost expect you to run close on 20 miles week after week so surely if you can do that, you can run 15 miles in the last 3 weeks. It's less distance than you would run normally and combined with a reduction of all other sessions too, the taper should be building up fitness and energy rather than taking away from it.

Of course 26 is different from 20 - and from that point you need all the training from past weeks but have to have recovered, so that's why I say err on the side of caution.

Habing said that my pb came with a 30 (which isn't recommended by the way!) 2 weeks before - with the knowledge I now have it was a risk but it certainly didn't do me any harm - I did very little apart from sharpening thereafter.

27/03/2008 at 18:09

Thanks Steve. I think i'll do 16 in about 2 hours as suggested. Your sentence got cut off but suspect that I should include 3-5 miles at MP again and rest at easy (7.45ish)?

10 miles steady today as scheduled, but again rather than run every mile at 6:50, I look a cautious approach and did 4 miles at 6:50 and rest at 7:00-7:10. 71:10ish in total.

27/03/2008 at 19:17

and and and and ..

 perhaps run just a short distance at marathon pace - though as you did some today, it's not essential.

I suggest run the first hour easy and then 2 miles at marathon pace, should be enough - rest at 7:30 to 8 minute miling - slower the better.

27/03/2008 at 20:16

Gavin- Think I'll join in with your plan again for the L.R! Was suspicious of the 18 miler as well.

Did the 10 miler today. Slightly faster than M.P. (6:45), a couple of the early miles felt tough, however the last 4 felt good and controlled. Probably getting carried away again but I want M.P to feel as easy as possible on the day!

Wardi- Best wishes for this weekends race. Are you planning to stick with Steve at 7mm pace?

Mrs Phil failed the hop test. Luckily she is a keen rower and there are ample rowing events to distract her.

Edited: 27/03/2008 at 20:17
28/03/2008 at 18:57
6 miles easy along the canal towpath and through Skipton woods yesterday. 7 miles today with a few strides. I will now save my legs for Kingston on Sunday.

Phil.. I will try and stick with the sub 7mm bunch if possible. It all depends what the conditions are like, I don't mind the rain but I am carp in the wind!
29/03/2008 at 17:25
Have a good run on Sunday Wardi.
Blisters    pirate
29/03/2008 at 21:19

How much do I hate this part of the whole exercise?

It's lashing it down/across/up and sure, I've had a nice little race at 6:10 pace, but it's not like a 15 miler in 2 hours. I was disappointed for being 10-20 seconds slow. But if I was 5 seconds a mile shy of target pace for a 15 miler I would have been ecstatic about my pace accuracy.


I really must concentrate. Very important. FLM number One.

A nice sharpener planned is the Midland Counties 12 stage road relay next week. I'll be getting a 3 mile leg, so Bring It ON!

30/03/2008 at 15:24

16 Miles today mostly at easy pace with 2 miles at MP. 2:03 in total. It's a heatwave! Well maybe not but it was slightly tougher today in the sunshine in Shrewsbury, I think it was only about 11degrees though. (I lost 1400g of body weight in 2 hour run today despite drinking 800ml during run.) If i drink any more I need to pee, but I was 2.2% dehydrated today. I practiced drinking and taking gels ready for 2 weeks time but I think I may need to revise my drinking plan for the day. I had something every 15-20 mins but obviously not enough. I thought 3-4 mouthfuls would be fine every 15-20 mins but I think I need to almost double this.

 Hope Kingston went well Wardi.

Any suggestions for next weeks long run Phil. I think it's your turn . Are you going to do 12 at MP?

30/03/2008 at 16:31

Knocked out 16 undulating miles yesterday. Ran an even 7:25mm with a mate pacing me. Non at MP, as I think Thursday's run was still in my legs. Legs slightly stiff today, however, I think this is from lunges and squats on Friday (not a pretty sight).

Gavin- I reckon my legs should be pretty fresh by next weekend, so will probably go for the suggested 12 miles, maybe the middle 8 at MP. All 12 at MP seems a big ask!  Will of course listen to the voices of wisdom out there. Am going to try gels and immodium(once bitten....). Any suggestions for gel stowage and rationing? 

Wardi - looking forward to your Kingston report. Should provide a good indication of your sub 3 Potential!

Blisters- Thought you had been kidnapped! Has the niggle cleared up? And what distance were you racing 6:10 over?

30/03/2008 at 19:16
Went out for a meal with Mrs W in Kingston last night and it was blowing hard and raining too. 'Oh no not again' I thought. However, praise be to the skies. I awoke to ideal conditions, cool with light winds and the rain left us alone. I was dithering whether to do some or all of the run at sub 3 MP (6:52) but the conditions made my mind up for me. I've been dying to have go at a wind free race for ages and this was my chance. This is how it went..

1 6:47
2 6:50
3 6:49
4 6:49
5 6:48
6 6:39
7 6:50
8 6:44 half way in 54:20
9 6:43
10 6:52
11 6:50
12 6:52
13 6:50
14 6:46
15 6:44
16 6:45
17 0:56 0.15 yes, the race was a touch long.

Finished in 1:49.55.

A touch tired in the last couple of miles but the pace didn't drop and I felt in control throughout. I also went past loads of runners on the 2nd lap. Absolutely delighted with that, well worth the journey and a great confidence booster for me.

Nice to meet coach Steve in person, must have been a tough and weary outing for you after the XC yesterday Steve!

Good to meet Sezz, FF & Rich K too. Sorry I missed Denny.

Well done on your last long runs Gavin & Phil.
30/03/2008 at 19:25
Wowza!  Great run Wardi, well done.  That must be a huge confidence booster for FLM. 
30/03/2008 at 19:36

actually it was easy first lap (once got through back markers) as started at back of main start. second lap harder.

It was a brilliant run by wardi - taper and speedwork this week and he will have the run of his life at London.


in my view, 12 miles at marathon pace is far too much the week before the marathon, I can't imagine Paula risking 12 miles at 2:15 pace or Geb 12 at 2:04 pace and they are a lot fitter than us!

30/03/2008 at 19:42
awesome Wardi - you da man!
30/03/2008 at 19:59

So glad that you got a race that you can feel happy about.
Those last miles may have felt hard but in reality you actually picked the pace up abit.

Fingers crossed that today does n't take anything out of you and that London goes a smoothly as today.

Absolutely Briliant 

30/03/2008 at 20:10

You met Steve?

Well done today Wardi, that looks like a fab race you've had today, good for you. It was good to meet you too this morning, and of course Mrs Wardi2B as well. Pleased that she was happy with her time today . . I hope she understood when I wasn't very chatty when we passed during the race!

I hope you both have a happy taper . . and with luck we'll meet again sometime over Marathon weekend . .

30/03/2008 at 20:21

That's a fantastic run Wardi. You must be so pleased.

Phil I have a zip pocket in back of running shorts for carrying gels. I can get 4 in. I am a little confused about meaning of words in schedule. Next Sunday does say 12 miles steady, which, if you use the calculator comes out at MP (6:50). Steve clearly thinks this is a bad idea. I think i'll do all at easy pace (maybe 1-2 at MP but no more).

Steve. Does that mean that 400m reps on Tuesdays and 3 miles brisk (HM pace - 6:30) on Thurs should not be at normal paces for these types of runs? Should we now only be doing 1-2 miles a week at MP? (I hope you don't mind me keep asking you questions-sorry) 

Edited: 30/03/2008 at 20:23
30/03/2008 at 21:07

Wardi- Chuffed to bits for you! Awesome run... time for some guilt free taper, knowing the potential and hard work are both there! Rest assured I was jet lagged (from the hour change) and still in bed, whilst you were cruising through 16.15 miles.

Steve- Will adjust next weekends L.R. plan as suggested. No point being anything but 100% fit on the day. On another note, I've been eating like a horse of late (scoffing carrots and not using my hands). Do you normally reduce your intake as the training reduces in the taper?

Gavin- Shorts idea sounds good!

30/03/2008 at 21:32


I would suggest 12M of which you do 2 miles at marathon pace, the rest more at 7:30 to 8.

No you can run fast on the shorter stuff - do 400m reps at normal speed - its not too much volume only 3 miles and thursday is fine too.

the overall mileage for the week is less and as that drops its good to run quickly without having quite the normal tired legs feeling you get when you are in the middle of high mileage.


have you been eating a horse too?

in theory the appetite reduces as the taper increases - but fast running helps burn off fat too and it doesn't matter too much if you gain a few pounds for the marathon as you will burn so much during the race - it's more important to be well stocked up with carbs and energy than hungry and the exact same weight as usual.

Important to get the balance though.

31/03/2008 at 00:01

Well done Wardi...I hope everyone is enjoying the taper...Had my first day off today in a while.So good to sleep in whilst Hubby got up and went for a walk. Though I did eventually get up and go for a 1500m swim.Yes, it is still warm enough here to swim but i freeze when I hop out.

31/03/2008 at 09:55
Wardi - great run and fabulously consistent pacing throughout. I'm very glad you have finally managed to get a decent wind=free race as a marker of your fitness.

It seems such a long time ago since the Brass Monkey in January, where we were slipstreaming on the way out, like a bike peloton.

Good luck with the taper and hope you and Mrs(2 be) W arrive fresh and rested in London in 12 days time..
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