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ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:10
Sara, yes it was warm last year but I think that it was more down to the fact that I hadn't done as many of the long runs as in the year before. I suppose I got a bit complacent really my longest run was only about 17 miles compared with 20 the year before! And I didn't train as consistantly. This year I am making a concerted effort to do some quality sessions alongside the long runs. And am actually enjoying my running more this year than last.

I think the warmer weather of last year was better (for me anyway) than the freezing rain of the year before!! I have never been so cold and wet in my life!
20/01/2006 at 14:11
either that or we are just not getting on with it (like me!!)lol! actually have pile of docs/leases i need to start on...still at least it's friday...10 miler tommorow...aaaaahhhhh!
20/01/2006 at 14:14
oh god i'm scared now...if it is cold and wet i would so easily give up! did you get ill afterwards?
20/01/2006 at 14:22
i ment a little rain dot a british downpour!! lol. im going to do the 10 miler tomorrow as well i think, might even switch to hal hig's training plan so that we can all compare. dod you get that rain last night???
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:22
Sara please dont worry. I still had a great time and there really is nothing like crossing the finish line and getting that medal round your neck!! You wont give up there are far too many people round you to keep you going. And I wasn't ill after - a bit sore for a day or two - but I felt invincible so no germs stood a chance!!! lol

Last year I didn't even get particularly sore and I was back at work on the Monday! Really dont worry the atmosphere and all the other runners keep you going through all the tough bits.
20/01/2006 at 14:32
thanks Rio, so good to have your positive comments. my confidence is up and down like a yo-yo!!

rained all last night here and this morning until about 9 and since then it's been lovely!

personally i feel the HH plan is just so straightforward it's 'do-able' unlike some of the really confusing ones i've looked at. as a novice i just don't think i could cope with speed sessions, fartlek, hill reps, intervals etc etc...Rio what do you think?

oh, more questions, (sorry guys this is one for the girls!)Rio do you wear a heart rate monitor and if so have you had any problems with 'positioning' it - i've got quite sore with monitor and sports bra rubbing together on me. on the day did you use vaseline eg between your toes or talc or anything - i've read it helps.
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:45
Sara just do the straight forward HH plan. As a novice I wouldnt do any specific speed sessions. That said if you want to vary your pace a bit there is nothing wrong with that and you could incorporate some faster bits ie between lamposts, into a run to stop yourself getting bored. These faster bits do not need to be flat out just quicker than your normal run (and dont do too many to start with). If you can incorporate a hill or two into your normal runs the great but I wouldn't worry about hill reps. Just enjoy your running.

As for HRM I never wear one. I don't feel they are particularly accurate for me. I would rather go on feel ie if I feel I am working hard then I probably am (and some days it might feel hard but your HRM would tell you otherwise so you push a bit harder and end up injured!)
I didn't need to use anything to stop bits rubbing on the day. But if I were you I would avoid talc - its not very comfortable when it gets wet! vaseline is handed out by St johns ambulance people at various points so you can pick some up then if you need it. The only thing I might use is some compeed blister plasters as a preventative measure on my feet. If you haven't needed it in training it is unlikely you will need it on the day!!!!!
20/01/2006 at 14:51
What about your nipples?? some people get whats called Runners nipple, which is where continuous rubbing causes it to get sore, some poeple use vasaline but others use whats called Nipple tape* no sexual enuendo's please* :) this may be something to consider.
20/01/2006 at 14:52
Thanks Rio. i don't think i will wear my HRM on the day but it works with my watch/shoe computer thing which is great when training as i know speed distance heart rate the lot.
20/01/2006 at 14:53
oh saras got herself a POD lol. i want one!!!!
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:53
Women tend not to suffer with that. Nothing should rub in a sports bra! But micropore tape does as well as anything - but men should remember to shave their chests first!
20/01/2006 at 14:55
actually no probs there so far but i am quite big chested (D) so i have to strap them down firmly anyway so don't think there is too much movement/friction.!! actually i've heard its worse for guys!!!
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:56
yep only men seem to suffer with joggers nipple!! Bout time they suffered more than women! lol
20/01/2006 at 14:56
Lazer, and it's pink..very cute!!
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 14:59
Sara you want to clarify that??? After all the talk of joggers nipple you might get the men worked up!! lol
20/01/2006 at 15:02
lol, what like me... i got joggers nipple atm, lol. its quite sore, im still looking for micropore tape. cant find any, vasaline didnt work!! :( how mych was it sara? where you get it from?
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 15:03
micropore tape can be got from Boots or Superdrug or any chemist!
20/01/2006 at 15:06
ooops!!!!!lol! yes, my mini ipod is cute and pink!! Hubby got for me and not sure on price - think about £149. but we bought Josh (9yr old) ipod nano for xmas and that is sooo stylish and much smaller/lighter so great for running!
20/01/2006 at 15:16
ah, i see. lol.I was looking in sports shops. lol. stupid me! lol
ImRio    pirate
20/01/2006 at 15:24
Well happy nipples now Lazer.
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