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17/01/2006 at 16:45
okay, well ill have to have a look at that one, lots of them are booked up!
17/01/2006 at 16:47
wife is from bedford so there regularly! you could always just get the Thameslink down!

I have no idea what Lazer is talking about in his training...i'm just running as much as i can

bad calf at the moment tho!
17/01/2006 at 16:51
Interval: Run Max Speed for 75 seconds, Walk 3 Minutes
, run Max speed 65 seconds, Walk 3 minutes
Run Max Speed 45 seconds, Walk 3mins Repest 3 Times Over.

Thats what im doing. i just abreviate!
17/01/2006 at 16:54
me too and that hal higdon plan is nice and straightforward for me to follow. are you doing it all at the same pace? where did your wife go to school? oh just realised i'll be way older than her anyway!! Lazer i thought you were a 'her' - are you a 'him'? what does 'lazer' mean anyway??
17/01/2006 at 16:56
lol, yeah im a him, why did you think i was a her. LAZER has been my nick name for afes as i have lots of energy and standout in a crowd. donty know why LAZEr though?
17/01/2006 at 17:04
ooops!! no idea why i thought that!!! so why do you stand out in a crowd then?? i'm going to london on thurs for photo shoot with stroke assoc who i'm runnin for and Linford Christie!!!!!! wehey!!!!! hope he wears his cycle shorts!!!!!!
17/01/2006 at 17:18
hotels!! crap! where does the race start? damn didnt think of hotel - guess i could sleep outside :)

17/01/2006 at 17:21
george is that you in the photo? what were you think of doing on the day, flying there with tinkerbell
17/01/2006 at 17:29
oh man....i couldnt stop laughing...no
ill post up a real one
17/01/2006 at 17:30
lol, i was going to say... i could roll you over the finish line, lol.
17/01/2006 at 17:38
should be on soonish....not lookin forward to tomorrows 5, legs feel a bit stiff and i have kung fu tonight.

17/01/2006 at 17:43
lol I got Ak-Ie-Do tomorrow night, so ill be in the same boat as you tomorrow. lol
17/01/2006 at 18:57
george, do you know your running numba? thats how you work out where you start from. did you say youre doing the hal higdon novice as well? i can't run tonite - so its going to be extra hard with the 5 tomorrow!!
17/01/2006 at 18:59
whats the photo you are on about? lazer, thats not a photo on your profile!
17/01/2006 at 19:58
Well i have entered the Brighton half...any of you others coming along? looked at times of last year and i think i will be in the last 10...aaaah!!! oh well, will be good practice for FLM and the point is i raise loads for Stroke association:-)
17/01/2006 at 22:26
6747 is my number. Sent my form off to get details changed and havent heard anything back....that does worry me a tad. I am indeed doing higdons, but have come in at week 5 so not used to the distance needless to say the tiger balm will probably run out at the weekend!

the photo malarky is about my avatar which it seems has still not been approved or whatever...when it is youll all get to see my confused and beardy face!!
18/01/2006 at 09:27
@ greorge. well i flunked it last night, Couldent complete my raining as i got terriable cramp all over and evded up doubling up in the gym. i was really embarrassed. the instructor put it down to the fact that i just steped up my speed training. lol. I think im going to take it back down as obviously im not as ready as i thought i was.
18/01/2006 at 09:41
George, your number is really low and so won't be in the red start - you can check up on the internet where it will be on FLM site. lazer, do take it easy - you don't want to seriously injure yourself and have too much of a set back - better to undertrain than overtrain!
18/01/2006 at 09:47
thanks for the concern Sara, so where on FLM do you check your number??
18/01/2006 at 09:55
think found on www.london-marathon.info somewhere or put london marathon 2006 red start in google. 1001-28000 are blue start at balckheath, 28001-33250 green start nearest st is maze hill and 33251-59000 (where i will be) is red start greenwich park. then at each start you are in a pen according to your predicted finish time...so i will be at the back!lol!!
141 to 160 of 36,240 messages
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