Flora London Half Marathon

Flora London Half Marathon

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25/02/2004 at 16:10
I am running in the London Half marathon at Silverstone on 7th March. At the minute I have run 8 miles but feel comfortable to run the full 13. I am running for Cancer Research and even if I have to walk round I am determined to complete it (ideally for myself, I dont want to stop running at all).
I have mainly done treadmill running and have completed several road runs but as I am a girl I dont like to run on the dark on my own and none of my friends are runners. I want to get as many road runs in before the race but it is always dark when I get home from work. Any suggestions?
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
25/02/2004 at 16:13
How about lunchtime runs?
25/02/2004 at 16:14
good idea but my workplace doesnt have showers and I only get 3/4 of an hour for lunch
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
25/02/2004 at 16:15
what time do you finish, and how do you get too and from work?
25/02/2004 at 16:17
4.45 and I drive to and from work. I couldnt run as I have to go through the Mersey tunnel each day
25/02/2004 at 16:21
what about other people at your gym ? I'm a member at David Lloyds at Cheshire Oaks and I know they have a group that go out on Monday nights. I'm never with them as I too work in Liverpool and don't get home in time.
25/02/2004 at 16:28
my gym is small and people tend to keep themsleves to themselves. Do you know of any running clubs?
This is also my first race and I am unsure of how much training I should be doing!
25/02/2004 at 16:30
loads of clubs on the Wirral, You need to find Mike S to get all the gen.

Ellesmere Port
Dee Striders
West Cheshire AC
Vale Royal

Those are just the ones on the south Wirral I can think off
25/02/2004 at 16:33
I need one in Wallasey/New Brighton area but I will have a look round for one.
Thanks for your help
25/02/2004 at 16:34
OK got to dash, but you need Mike he's north Wirral, or Fat Face he's Liverpool based (same company as me & I know he's on early shift. I'll try and find him tomorrow)

It sounds as if you are well on the way though. Just remember to enjoy it !

Chat soon

25/02/2004 at 18:06
Hey - you don't have much time left!!! Why not try and aim to do one long run at the weekend (Saturday) - but don't do a whole 13 miles. Go for another 8 miler, then do 4 - 5 miles on Sunday - then try and take it easy for the rest of the week, maybe do a few easy treadmill sessions. Don't do anything on the Saturday before the race, just make sure you rest and eat lots of carbs.

One other piece of advice - if it's your first half, don't shoot off too fast at the beginning. Much better to try and do the first half at a very comfortable pace and if you have enough energy you can pick up the pace in the second half.

Good luck!
26/02/2004 at 08:38
Ok, thanks for the advice. I will let you know how I get on!
26/02/2004 at 08:51
Can't wait to hear how you get on, seems rather a long time since I did my first half
26/02/2004 at 08:55
To say I am nervous is an understatement, probably a fear of failure but then I dont mind even if I have to crawl round, I will finish as its for charity.
26/02/2004 at 08:58
the fear of failure if it's for charity can be a real problem

Friend of mine was running FLM in 2001, in aid of the special school where she worked.
About 2 weeks before the big day she had a rotten cold, was sitting in the staff room when someone said what great things they would be able to buy the kids with the money she was raising ! Almost put her off running for life, but she did say it was great motivation over the last couple of miles
26/02/2004 at 09:06
Yes it does motivate me and it least its only a half marathon. 13 miles seems 'do-able' rather than 26!
26/02/2004 at 09:11
I did a half on Sunday, after no training for 3 weeks !!! 13 miles didn't seem do-able after 6 !!!!!!
26/02/2004 at 09:18
That gives me more hope then!
Must dash will keep you updated! Thanks for the advice.
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
26/02/2004 at 09:24
GV come and say hi to the forumites....
26/02/2004 at 09:35
I would love to stay and chat but I must get back to work! Again, thanks for the advice and stuff and I will keep you all updated.
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