Halstead marathon

Am I being stupid.

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27/05/2013 at 14:55

Hi everyone back from the race 

got totally slaughtered out there today in the heat. Came home in 42:58 so not too bad  and still knocked off 3mins from the P.B.

not got any excuses for this one I'm afraid just went out a tad too fast for the beginning, tried holding on as long as I could but just slowly dropped the pace 

forgot how challenging the hills were 


all in all I'm still a happy bunny and will be back for more next year


sorry to hear Angela hopefully the recoveries going well. 

29/05/2013 at 10:46

Jason, it was hot out there on Monday - and very breezy - so very well done: a 3-minute PB is fantastic!  I don't think you need excuses - a PB is a PB!

Angela, hope you're feeling better ...

DS2, I PM'ed you my email address a few days ago - did you get it?

Have to say I think I should have taken a proper week's rest after Halstead.  Every run is feeling really hard at the moment, despite slowing the pace right down (or maybe that's why!)

29/05/2013 at 10:50

Hello, hello, Feeling much better now! Had a proper rant on my blog last night about non-runners though - was getting sick of them telling me I'm sick because I run... what about all the other people I work with who had the same illness and don't run... perhaps could it have been an immune response to an infection, rather than to running!!

Teehee!  Minks, I suspect that you're either fighting something off, or could just do with a day or 2 of rest?

29/05/2013 at 12:42

Minks- i totaly agree, i got sunburnt aswell  i look hilarious.

Angela- Glad your back to it. Apparently Running lowers the immune system for like 24-48hrs ive heard

Does get annoying when people blame it on running too much 

29/05/2013 at 12:46

Yeah, as does alcohol, not eating fruit and veg, being overweight, being inactive.  These things can also lead to far worse illnesses that what I've got!

I'm just sayin!!!

Man, I'm so grumpy... neeeeeeeed to go for a run!

29/05/2013 at 12:47

Oh,  I forgot to say well done for smashing your pb!... That was implied, obviously...

29/05/2013 at 12:54


yeah i know what you mean, everythings bad, blah blah 

Dont rush out and try and run if your still weak. Tried that one once and felt awful after!!

29/05/2013 at 13:23

hi all,

Been away for a few days so no internet access on my phone!

Jason - fantastic run mate. I would say that is about where I would be for a 10k.

Angela - sorry you are still struggling but take your time. It's never a real problem after the marathon to pick something up. It's also one of the reasons I never book races straight after a marathon.

minks - I did get your PM thanks. Just not had a chance to reply! I have now taken a whole week off running. I just decided I couldn't go a whole year without a break so if I was going to rest a bit, now was the time to do it. I feel better for it - well my legs do! Even though I was running well after the marathon I couldn't see how it was doing me any good. It's been nice to have a couple of drinks when I fancy them and not have to think about training. I may not run now until next week and then pick it back up.

29/05/2013 at 13:55

Angela, it's common to come down with things straight after a marathon as your immune system will be compromised after the hard effort.  Just be kind to yourself until you're fully recovered.  I know what you mean though - I'm usually like a bear with a sore head during enforced breaks from running!

DS2, I wonder if I should take a complete break for a week or so as well.  Because I didn't perform as I wanted to at either London or Halstead I think psychologically I don't feel that I've earned a break.  I usually take a complete week off after a marathon.

I have to confess to not feeling particularly motivated at the moment.  I think if I have a break I'll struggle to get going again, which is why I'm continuing to just tick over.  I should probably find a race or two to give me something to aim for, but don't even feel much like doing that at the moment!

29/05/2013 at 14:01

Minks - I may be running the Southend Half on 9 June with a friend who is quite new to running. It won't be very quick so may be a nice LSR with company. Any chance of making that?

I'll see if I can look at the plan tonight. I need to get something on paper as well.

You more than earned a rest. You were, almost certainly carrying some kind of injury for the majority of the marathon!

30/05/2013 at 12:03

DS2, would love to do Southend but unfortunately have a family commitment that day (niece's 2nd birthday).  Not sure my legs are really up for it anyway to be honest - I need to do some stretching I think as everything feels incredibly tight, especially my left hamstring, and quite sore after a run.

30/05/2013 at 12:45

Minks - do you have a foam roller???

I tend to get tight hammys, I think they are naturally a bit short anyway-  i used to be the least flexible rower in my boat because of them, but I find that if I use foam roller to loosen hip flexors, and glutes, that that whole kinetic chain is relieved - ie, hammys and calves.

Defintely good to get a stretch in too.  For the first 10ish weeks of the last marathon campaign, I would do the P&D stretching circuit whilst watching TV on a saturday night - always seemed to make me feel good, don't really know why I stopped doing it tbh, should probably get on and get that started again

I think lurgy is gone... I still cough a little bit, but this is just dregs of the phlegm... I'm pretty sure anyway.  Might see if I can go for a bike ride tonight, or if its raining, then a run...



31/05/2013 at 16:46

Hi Angela,  no - no, haven't got a foam roller although lots of people swear by them.  Might get one, probably a good idea.  May also book in to see my chiro - not scheduled to go now until September but often the root cause of my tight hamstrings is my back so it may just need a little tweak, especially after a marathon and a half in 3 weeks.

Glorious here today, what an improvement   Hope it lasts over the weekend.  Took the day off today to spend with my son as he's on half term - we went to see Epic; fantastic film although a little on the long side for a six year old.  He was very good, sat still and didn't fidget but I think he was getting a bit fed up by the end!  I absolutely loved it though!

Right, best get off here and go and collect him from karate.  Might even venture out for my run in shorts tonight!!

03/06/2013 at 08:41

Good morning!  How was everybody's weekends?  Weren't we blessed with some glorious weather?

although my cough still remained on Saturday morning, I figured some deep breathing- the kind caused by exercise was just what I needed to clear it.  Plus I've joined Juneathon- a challenge where you run (or do something active) everyday in June, and blog about it everyday too.  Figured it was a good way to enter into the start of training for the next marathon as well as make some cyber running friends.

saturday afternoon I did a 9 mile run- easy- it averaged 9:32mm which is almost a minute per mile faster than my easy pace was pre- marathon.  I'm sure part is down to Increased fitness and another part down to the enforced 2 week break from running.  Yesterday I went out for a 54 mile bike ride- furthest I've ever cycled but felt easier than the 38 miler a couple of weeks ago, probably as that was when I was coming down with the lurgie.  We exploreof much of the north Essex and parts of Suffolk countryside taking in stretches of the Halstead marathon and Colchester half marathon routes.  Whilst I still had a mini cough on the run and the ride, it is now well and truly gone- think I'll go for a short easy run today so I can blog about it

minks, perhaps u should take that rest to regain some spring in your step.  I love my foam roller- I find I don't need to use it nearly as often as I did when I bought it, which is good- was v painful to start with...

04/06/2013 at 14:19

Hi everyone,

Been hot on the training so far, and loving it. Last night had a track session down in Braintree's finest leisure Centre. Its our clubs Monday slot so every weeks a different challenge. Plus our "elite" ones are out in force so its such a push, its great.

Last night- 200 hard 200 recovery (best of 35s worst of 38/9) for 4 K/M

then 800m consisting of 30 strides and 30 normal.

Think im going to be a permanent resident there on Mondays now .

On the horizon is booking high Ongar 10K, For another crack at a P.B 

How's everyones training going??

Angela- Juneathon sounds a brilliant fitness challenge! Looks like your fitness is greatly improving all the time which is great 

Minks- i swear by my roller. its brilliant/painful when your spot on the muscle, google/youtube some videos for them. i got the standard one but you can easily blow £40 on a trigger point one 

05/06/2013 at 08:26

Morning everyone,

So went out for a little recovery/super slow run last night with a friend. Got to 2 miles and felt like i was going to give up 

Anyways managed to soldier through the whole 3 MILES!! but felt absolutely awful after. Got home and was breathing heavy, sweating like mad (o.k it was lovely weather last night) and just generally shattered.

Gave it some thoughts and nothing came to mind apart from mondays particular session! Do you think i was still recovering from that? i also didnt eat much in the run up to it, (hey its only 3 miles after all )

Got 5 mile road race tonight as part of the clubs first wednesday of the month thing! Hopefully i should be o.k for that 

Hope everyones doing o.k 

05/06/2013 at 13:54

ooo when is high ongar 10k?

for ur run last night sounds like  ur probably trying to fight an infection- thats how i felt on the easy 4 mile run the day before my lurgie struck- gave up the running on that after 3 miles...

05/06/2013 at 18:43

Hi angela, ongar 10k is on 7th July .

i feel fine now, getting ready for training Tonight

Edited: 05/06/2013 at 18:43
06/06/2013 at 20:24

Hey everyone, its all gone quiet on here! 

anyways done the 5 mile road race last night in 34:33 which is a cracking result for me as its now my 5m P.B.

The course is particularly tough and is said to add 2 mins on so I'm feeling very confident for a 5miler now.

had a double booking for ongar 10k so won't be taking part in that one now . The wife's got race for life so I'm watching her that morning. its a shame but I'd never be forgiven if I didn't watch her first 5k.

managed a very slow 3 miles tonight with a friend and felt good all the way so I'm putting other days episode on lack of food before hand .


30/07/2013 at 13:43

Hello people, Long time no speak... how is everybody's training going?

I had to give up on the idea of an Autumn marathon as my sister is now engaged and trying to do a wedding in 5 months... eeek!  So I;ve been focusing on shorter distances.

So far managed to get my 5kpb down to 22:33 @ chelmsford parkrun, and I did 49.43 at the Felsted 10k a couple of weeks ago too.

Now I have my sights on the Ipswich Half Marathon in September- hoping I can go under 1:50, but that really is a stretch goal!

What about everyone else?

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