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18/12/2008 at 18:49

Thanks Ceal. The latest on my dad is that his stroke seems to have been very mild, but he was nearly killed by the hospital-acquired pneumonia! His consultant at the teaching hospital thinks my Dad is truly amazing and has survived this far on willpower and adrenalin - but now he's in the hands of medical science. Moral of that tale - avoid District hospitals at all costs! And hopefully, it's my Dad's willpower I've inherited.

And I have been diagnosed with a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics. So I hope to be running, visiting my Dad and making Xmas preparations again soon.  

23/12/2008 at 06:35

Yesterday I got the best Xmas present I could wish for: Dad is off the ventilator, has had a cup of tea, a yoghurt and half a hospital lunch and is sitting in a chair. They are moving him off intensive care today down to a lower level of care. I'm flabbergasted at how he's improved, though he's still very weak. He is looking forward to a mince pie.

OTH, I stupidly did a 12 mile run on Sunday, between coughs, and felt much worse on Monday.  

 Hope other former Hard Trainers are having a good Christmas - I do wonder where everybody has gone? Another thread perhaps?

23/12/2008 at 21:20

SC - I saw that you popped into the sub3 thread. I'm glad to hear that your Dad is ok, and that you're still doing a bit of running (or more than a bit).

you (and WS) helped me alot in my early numpty days - I havnt forgotten.

23/12/2008 at 22:58

SC - glad to hear your Dad is better. Thanks again for your help (and to Ceal and Tootie A too).

Have a good Christmas all.

Edited: 23/12/2008 at 22:58
30/12/2008 at 09:27

SC I haven't gone anywhere just not been popping in so often. Not having a focus on marathon training at present means I'm a bit all over the place.

 Glad to hear your Dad is getting better - after a nasty surprise it must have been good to see him on the mend before Christmas.

Season's greetings to all hard and soft trainers. Not much hard training going on here as I get through a Christmas cold. Am of the view that training takes a back seat so my body can clear the infection asap. SC's experience seems to support that - sorry SC.

8 miler to look forward to later today, first run for 3 days.

05/01/2009 at 13:34
Good luck to all recovering from Christmas lurgies, and great news about your Dad S-C, I know how it feels. No running at all for me, really bad chest infection, not yet recovered inspite of mega-dose of antibiotics, but much, much better.  Could not even walk without getting breathless...quite scary! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2009
07/01/2009 at 10:04

Just checking in for an occasional hello.

Glad your Dad's improving S-C.

Things for me aren't so great. I've not been well since my 1:33 'disaster' at the Gosport HM in November. I feel weak, and keep getting dizzy spells, on one occasion passing out completely. My blood work hasn't shown up much other than a rather low cholesterol (I'll quiz my doc more on that - I thought that was a good thing - maybe my good cholesterol is too low) and slightly low sodium (I guessed as much from the cramp I've been getting). I get the results of the ECG on Friday, but my doc wants a 24hr ECG from me. I suspect I've had a low grade virus - I've heard tales of people getting stuff that's taken 6 weeks to get over. My doc doesn't disagree, but there's frustratingly little evidence.

Running has been sporadic. I did string a few gentle 4 mile runs together over Xmas culminating with an 8-mile social run on the Sunday, feeling much better, but it wiped me out and I've been tired ever since. No running for me this week and I'll try to get more rest (now I'm back at work - doh!).

Does this all sound familiar by any chance?

-6C on Hayling last night - I know that probably seems mild for some of you, but as we rarely get frosts on our little island surrounded by nice warm sea, that's f'in' cold!

12/01/2009 at 20:02

Susie - good to hear from you, though what you have sounds horrible - a nameless malady is very frustrating. You can't start doing any Googling about it and contact fellow-sufferers. But once you've got past the frustration and denial stage of being ill, I always try to see it as a time to focus on other priorities, e..g. work, reading good books, (or watching crap TV if you prefer). We can't expect our bodies just to go on and on. I do hope you get the satisfaction of a name for your ailment soon, and a prognosis and some light at the end of the tunnel.

As for me, I have been pretty cough-free for the last week, and it made a huge difference to my speed at Tuesday's threshold session - I was 20-30 seconds a mile faster than the previous week!

But it's be pure Baltic here in the Metropolops too: Wednesday's club run had my feet so cold (despite double socks), that I was getting painful cramp in my toes by the end.

And on Sunday, in the ancestral homelands of Southwold, where I was visiting the Aged Parent to do his bidding (while he criticsed from his armchair) on his discharge from hospital, I managed to get out for a 16-miler in stunning sunshine and sub-zero temperatures. The surf was magnificent, and I explored some wild and lonely places (e.g. Covehithe beach, where tree-stumps grow out of the sea), Southwold pier in winter, the harbour and common. And I saw only one other runner (oddly in the remotest and loneliest part of the run). There were dog-walkers, bikers, surfers and kite-surfers and even the RNLI men out on an exercise (they were also scattering ashes they told me later), but runners are rare in winter in that part of the world.

Still very unsure if I'll make it to the FLM - every other long run seems a huge mental challenge, requiring every trick I know to complete it. And I have other pressures on my time (sick dad; non-running BF) these days, despite a loyally supportive son. Still, one day at a time eh?

13/01/2009 at 13:21

I'm taking time to progress my music making activities. I think another week off running won't do me any harm. The ECG didn't show anything, and my doc's notes now read 'post-viral'. I'm fairly relaxed about things, but I have to admit to being a little bit frustrated. No spring marathon for me I think.

S-C, your 16-miler sounds lovely. Sunday was weird down here as the island suddenly warmed up over night to a balmy 7C, yet just 8 miles north (on the 'mainland') it was still very much sub-zero for the Sunday club run. I stayed warm in bed and just turned up afterwards for brekkie! I'm secretly glad I didn't have to run through the coldest weather of my running career!

Hope you make it to FLM. As I'm not now apparently doing the Shakespear marathon, I should be able to come and spectate.

 What are everyone else's plans? Are you all still there?

19/01/2009 at 11:07

Good to hear someone is still alive out there...even if they do not feel it.

 Do not despair Susie, I am in the same boat, having just recovered from a chest infection that landed me on both steroids and antibiotics.  A really good lesson in how prolonged stress loweres your immune system and when you do get ill and finally succumb it knocks you out.  So no Spring Marathon for me, in fact nothing planned other than gradually getting back to some level of fitness.

Good luck SC with London,  I hope it comes together. 

20/01/2009 at 16:20
Still here. First rest day of 2009 for me yesterday - felt like I really needed it too. Double today. Easy 5m run and 1 mile swim. Hi to all.

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