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26/02/2013 at 14:43

Thank you Kaffeeg that is really useful advice.  I do plan on just getting around, nothing more than that.  I'd like to be under 6 hours but as long as I cross the line in time to get a finishers medal I'll be pretty happy, and being my first marathon, it is always going to be a PB anyway 

So you think my best bet would be to run/walk right from the word go - I will have a look at run/walk strategies for marathons as I have only ever trained to run a whole race before so have never incorporated walking into my training.

26/02/2013 at 15:06

Kato & Wirral Dave, I understand where you're coming from as I also had to defer last year due to injury, so I'm determined to make it this year!

Have a look into ultra running to get an idea of run/walk strategies.  I was having a look into ultras (as the next step after VLM) and there's quite a bit of info about them.  One piece I came across espoused the "magic" 5:1 ratio - where you run 5 times as long as you walk (i.e 10 mins run, and 2 mins walk).  The advice thats also echoed here is to start early, potentially even from the start of the event.

Good luck!

26/02/2013 at 15:14

If you're thinking about a run/walk strategy there is usually a Runners World 'just get round' pacer at the VLM who follows a run/walk - I don't know how long they run or walk for, but worth thinking about.

24/04/2013 at 09:33

I ran the London Marathon!  Back in Feb, I had only done up to 9 miles but this forum and others made me realise I had to catch up.  So after the 9 miles I did the following:

Tuesday 26th Feb 12 miles

Sat 2nd March 15 miles

Sat 9th March 18 miles

Sat 16th March 20 miles

Sat 23rd March 15 miles

Fri 29th March 20 miles

Sat 6th April 13 miles

Sun 14th April 10 miles

I did do some runs in the week too until the very long runs.  I ran the marathon in 4 hours 29 mins 30 secs.  Very pleased with my run.  I know I did increase too quickly as per the rules but I had a good first marathon and ran it in a time I am proud of.

How did everyone else do? 


24/04/2013 at 11:52

Well done Kerry that's great, look how many long runs you got in in the end! Sometimes you have to take a risk and ignore the "rules" and in this case it was worth it.

26/04/2013 at 14:43

Congratulations Kerry. Glad to see you were able to rescue what seemed like a poor training regime and got what you wanted. Well done.


I unwillingly ended up having to avoid most of the good advice regarding training, due to a knee injury and further illnesses. In the end I only managed 13.1 miles once, with most of my runs being 9 milers. From 1st Jan until race day I'd managed a grand total of 123 miles.


I did the race anyway, expecting to suffer a lot. I decided to reduce the run down to 5 5-mile runs with 2 minutes of walking inbetween, going well slower than I needed to in the hope of conserving energy and delaying the suffering. I hoped making it more like a training session would help. On seeing the course map, I decide to change slightly, running inbetween the sports drinks stations (roughly 4.5 miles apart) and walking for 2 minutes between each (whilst drinking). Doing 11 minute miles elsewhere was intended, to do around 5 hours.


My tactics worked amazingly well until 22 miles. I was slowing in the second half, but still felt quite strong and able to go on. Only having 4.5 mile streches before a rest broke it down well. Just after 22 miles though my old back injury played up, leaving me in absolute agony and barely able to even walk (each step sent pain right up my spine). I managed to walk about 1/4 of a mile in just over 20 minutes, hoping I could do a long, slow walk to the finish rather than having to pull out.

Amazingly, the problem corrected itself after those 20-odd minutes, enabling me to run the last 3.5 miles to the finish, without needing to stop, take onboard water and actually moving fast than I was between 13 and 20 miles when I felt fresh. I finished in 5:15 which I was amazed with given the lack of training. Even more surprisingly, I felt fine afterwards and have never recovered from a marathon so quickly (felt ready to run the next day, but didn't).


I think the running conservatively and walking early on strategy was highly effective. It did save my eneregy and make up for the lack of training. I think the 20 minute break towards the end has convinced my body I did a 22.5-mile training session, followed by a 3.5 mile warm-down as well.


I know I was very fortunate rather than it being well-judged, and won't be doing a marathon with such little training again.

28/04/2013 at 07:46

Well done all round! Impressive stuff!

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