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06/01/2006 at 14:52
I have decided to do an expected time sheet to fundraise for the marathon and I want to give some examples of what times people finish at??

Anyone got any ideas??
ImRio    pirate
06/01/2006 at 14:57
It depends on how quick you run really. I finished my first LM in 5:52 then last year in 5:25. This year I am aiming at 4:30.

You need to work out what is realistic for you now and how much difference you will see in 16 weeks time if you can commit to your training schedule
cougie    pirate
06/01/2006 at 15:00
Mm - go to the FLM website and google some celebs.

Who did it last year ?

That major chappie from Millionaire - Ingrams ?

Lorraine Kelly ?

Nell McAndrew ?

Gordon Ramsay ?

That comedian ? Herring ?

I think these were last year.

If you're doing this to raise funds - don't tell them what you hope to do it in, or you'll narrow the window of choices.
06/01/2006 at 15:00
if it is a list of times you are after, have a look at the results section of the FLM website. It might take a bit of hunting around but you should be able to figure out how many finish in certain time bands of, say, 15 minutes.

As a quick boundary, the top men will finish in about 2:07 and the last finisher at around 7:00. I seem to remember the tv commentators saying that 3:30 to 4:15 was the peak time for finishers.

Failing that, let people have a wild guess!
06/01/2006 at 16:25
Asking people to predict your time is an excellent idea. Get people to guess hours, mins and seconds (hours and mins only will give you loads of repeats). The winner of mine last year was only 3 secs from my time!
As far as busiest finish time is concerned last year it was 3:50-5:00 (at least 2000 finished in every 10 minute slot between these times with a peak of nearly 2800 between 4:20-4:30)

If you're interested in celebrity results, this is copied from a thread on 2005 FLM results:
Martin Lel, world-class athlete 2:07:26
Paula Radcliffe, world-class athlete 2:17:42
Tony Audenshaw, actor 3:03:07
Nell McAndrew, Model 3:11:?
Jonny Lee Millar, actor 3:14:21
Michel Roux, top chef 3:18:00
Greg Searle, rower, 3:25:13
Gordon Ramsey, top chef/fiery boss 3:38:48
Warren Barton, ex-footballer, 4:02:47
Cath Bishop, rower, 4:06:49
Mark Bright, ex-footballer, 4:12:27
Eddie Gray, ex-footballer, 4:19:16
Sir Steve Redgrave, Olympic Gold winning rower 4:21:36
Gabriela Irimia 4:35:20
Monica Irimia 4:35:21
Chris Parker, actor 4:38:44
Chris Chittel, actor 4:40:18
Richard Caborn MP, Minister for Sport 4:51:31
Gordon Davies, ex-footballer, 4:57:30
Floella Benjamin, ex-Playschool presenter 5:00:16
Tony Cottee, ex-footballer, 5:18:28
Luther Blissett, ex-England footballer 5:47:03
Steve Rider, BBC Grandstand presenter 6:08:00
Hannah Waterman, actress 6:19:46
Lorraine Kelly, TV Presenter 6:35:22

Hope some of that helps and good luck!

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