James Cracknell to start marathon

But not run it!!

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18/04/2005 at 15:15
as i thought i was being really funny, given that the mob has repeated its braying again i'll copy and paste my observation again

hang on
18/04/2005 at 15:16
well i think that the baying mob is quite right. he insulted saint pauline by saying she should have finished the marathon, then when she said she was injured, he apologised. what a twunt. and then he said he hoped to run faster than charity runners. what a twunt - an olympic athlete setting himself difficult sporting targets. he only got on the rowing team in the first place by turning up in a bernie clifton ostrich outfit, i heard. and anyway, if there are 4 rowers, one can be crap, and the team can still win. i bet he didn't even row. his gold medal is worth nothing compared to pauline's, which was a solo effort. if she hasn't got one its only because cracknell probably stole it from her dressing room or something.

and then he gets injured. i'm glad, it serves him right, and anyway, he isn't really injured, its just an excuse so he doesn't have to run, and he deserves it, i hope it finishes his career, that he never had anyway, because he's rubbish.

also he's a toff, which means we all have to hate him. everybody chooses which parents they are born to, and he could have chosen to be born in a brazilian slum, but NOOOOOOOO, not that twunt, he has to be born to parents with a bit of cash. they probably bought his gold medal, and paid for the injury that he hasn't really got.
18/04/2005 at 21:49
Yes you spoke a lot of sense there especially where you said "....................... what a twunt............... what a twunt.................... that twunt"
18/04/2005 at 21:52
Nice to see Dame Kelly Holmes supporting UK athletics so wholeheatedly!
Tony.. whenever you feel like not running it would be nice to have you handing out the hugs at Mile 17:-)
18/04/2005 at 22:37
Steady on Candy!

While I would never claim to be a 'buddy' of old Crackers, I did meet him briefly when he did his teaching practice at my school many moons ago (Did you know he's a Geography teacher?)

He wasn't famous then of course but he was a decent bloke and I don't think pulling out of the FLM injured is really reason to rubbish the guy!
18/04/2005 at 22:43
Octopus - do you teach English? If not ask one of your colleagues about irony:))
18/04/2005 at 22:49
As I can recall there were lots of people that insulted Paula Radcliffe last summer but of course a double Olympic rowing champion has to be scapegoated for it.I am not a fan of cracknell but I do know that in a crew of four you are only as fast as your slowest man. It takes everyone to be committed otherwise you will lose.
Cracknell may be a bit of an arse but he is a very talented oarsman and athelite.Anyway we didnt see him turning down the opportunity to help out on the day......unlike others........
18/04/2005 at 22:59
What was his injury then - hair out of place?
18/04/2005 at 23:05
BR - I think I understand irony. It has a purpose doesn't it?
Iron Snorks    pirate
18/04/2005 at 23:08
I think people are being to judgmental towards cracknel and dame kelly. put yourself in their shoes what would you honestly do.......?
18/04/2005 at 23:11
He didn't even insult her, Jed. His terrible crime was to say "as a fellow athlete, I wasn't comfortable with her not finishing the race" (or something very similar). The hysteria this caused is laughable.
18/04/2005 at 23:12
Have trouble walking ?
18/04/2005 at 23:13
18/04/2005 at 23:30
octopus, i wasn't rubbishing him at all. i was taking issue with the angry mob that has been rubbishing him on this site for the past 3 months, by collecting together all of their accusations in one place. as BR says, irony.

actually i missed one out - he's also been criticised at length for aiming to crack 3 hours. apparently this is arrogant, and makes him a git.

i'm not sure where this leaves the sub-3 group!

and as for the sub-2:45 group??? BR and pantman, hang your heads in shame
18/04/2005 at 23:36
Cross post ergo
18/04/2005 at 23:38
Have trouble walking ?
18/04/2005 at 23:39
Why has it reposted that?
18/04/2005 at 23:43
LOL. oh dear, it took me ages to work that out.
Blisters    pirate
18/04/2005 at 23:57
For one, I was terribly upset about him pulling out. He was my main challenge. Actually, it was his arrogance/self-belief/focussed-single-mindedness that I wanted to take down. Now we'll never know.

I did my bit Jimmy, where were you? Got some rowing suddenly appeared in your May diary now have you?

Oh, BTW, Mr C did make a sort-of-apology to "track and field" athletes in general who professed that their training was ruined by sprained ankles etc. Because he trains whilst sat on his **** he has always been able to train through a niggle. When he got running, he had to rethink this. His comments weren't specifically aimed at PR or KH, but how many class runners do we have?

Post note:

(Had that Richard Dunwoody been out there this year I wouldn't have been so open about my ambitions to beat all the celebs).

Oh, and er, Candy.
The answer to your invitation is still NO.

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