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Trogs    pirate
08/04/2004 at 22:16
Fat Buddha & Petal - look forward to seeing you in 10 days! If all goes according to plan, I should be passing Mudchute at or shortly after 1pm, maybe

Excellent job Meerkat, thank you thank you.
iron fraggle    pirate
08/04/2004 at 22:21
Would the peeps on my list mail me with their requests and eta please?
08/04/2004 at 22:23
fraggle - mail me and I'll send you the list with all the email addresses.
iron fraggle    pirate
08/04/2004 at 22:27
you have mail m'dear
08/04/2004 at 22:28
fraggle - my wonderful supporter hero. Can also provide piccies so you can recognise us like these.

Also have cunning plan to allow me to avoid the wall - can either you or Pixie run the first 18 miles?
iron fraggle    pirate
08/04/2004 at 22:32
no way matey!
08/04/2004 at 22:33
08/04/2004 at 22:33
fraggs - thanks, you have mail.
08/04/2004 at 22:50
08/04/2004 at 22:54
hm? Who you drawn,M?
08/04/2004 at 22:56
i don't know TCB. in fact i really don't know.
08/04/2004 at 23:03
An M not underlined with no . is down with Zilla to support 14 looneys. Is that a different M?
08/04/2004 at 23:05
zil will be in trouble if it is
08/04/2004 at 23:09
Well done Meerkat! How appropriate I'm being supported by a Moomoo and a Fairy Elephant. Not the fairy bit though, that's not appropriate at all.
08/04/2004 at 23:11
he's much too delicate for fairies
Monique    pirate
09/04/2004 at 00:51
Thanks Meer and JJ, Looking forward to it now.
09/04/2004 at 06:41
BIG thanks luv Tracie x
09/04/2004 at 07:17
"Jj and Helegant supporting Alley-cat, Andy Collier, the Cougster, Smitch, marmite master, hollandj, Booner, Minnie, Fillem, Destiny, cubby, beckylou, Father Jack, Superpootle, Jill Siegal, Robbo"

Good- oh, and well done to my furry friend for sorting this out. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. If you would like to email me your numbers, a way I can identify you, predicted arrival time, other requirements for hugs, winegums etc...
09/04/2004 at 07:50
Hi Helegant, I will organise a piccy to come flying your way - and to Jj too, so you can recognise me! - more soon!

Thanks to Meerkat and all for the organisation.
09/04/2004 at 07:56
Pezza is on board as a supporter and I've allocated him Wardi and Save Ferris.
21 to 40 of 607 messages
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