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12/03/2008 at 23:47
RFJ -  So sorry ...  Take care of yourself now, get rest when you can... make yourself stop even when you think there's loads a stuff to sort which I'm sure there will be.     
13/03/2008 at 07:05

RFJ - Sorry to hear your sad news. You have had a tough time but have managed to keep strong and keep running so you have my admiration.

JD- Well done on the Hull 20. I'm expecting big things from you on the 13th April.

 Sorry to hear about all the various injuries. I've had 3 weeks out but managed 14 miles on Sunday so am still hopeful of running London although it won't be anywhere near the 3:15 I was training for.

13/03/2008 at 08:20

BOTF - This happens with my 405 occasionally - Trying the "soft re-boot" always works for me:

  "Press MODE and RESET together, release just the RESET button and continue to hold the MODE. Now press the POWER-ON still holding the Mode button.This boots up the Forerunner into an 'erase all?' menu."Select No

Hope this works for you.

6 Recovery miles for me last night - average 9mm pace, not easy to keep that slow but I feel the beneift afterwards. 

13/03/2008 at 08:50
God Bless RFJ.
13/03/2008 at 10:33

Thanks CT, I found something similar on the Garmin website after I posted and it sorted it out

Sore and stiff today - it's like I'd never run 13 miles before!

13/03/2008 at 22:20

Thanks for all your kind words, they are so helpful, thanks.

Drove home today, was hard but gald to be home, then went to club as wanted to run.

9m with 1200, 800, 400 x 2 in the middle at club (4:49, 3:09, 1:31, 4:49, 3:12, 1:30).

Good running all (rest well those on the bench).

14/03/2008 at 07:33

Haven't posted for ages, but I've regularly been catching up with you all. Great to see all the usual faces still here.

 RFJ - read your posts all the way through and have been thinking of you and praying for your Mum. At least she's at peace now. You've been remarkable.

Swayer - great to see you back in training again and keeping your injuries at bay.

CG - What's been your problem missing 3 weeks of training?

Smiffie - thanks for your email. Kick up the backside to stop being a voyeur and come back and post to you all!! Would be lovely to meet up again on Green start!

My training's not going too badly, but after my 3.29.46 in Berlin last year the motivation has dwindled a bit - I know I can't hit the dizzy heights of 3.15.

I ran 1.32.50 in Wokingham and felt great, then had a crap 1.35.06 in Reading and felt rubbish.

My dog is also due to have puppies any day now and I'm not sleeping and can't find the effort to continue training. Every run is now a chore! This will be my 10th marathon and I was ready to drop out yesterday - I've got to try and attempt 20 miles today cos I don't know when else I wil fit it in. I've done 2x20 and 2x18 so far.

Well done to everyone else. And I promise I'll pop in more!

14/03/2008 at 07:44
Great to see you posting AA, some good HM times there and good trg.
14/03/2008 at 09:11

Morning Team

RFJ - Good rep times there, especially in the middle of a 9 mile run.

AA - Good to hear from you.  Hope your 20m today does not turn out to be the chore you envisage. The more pain we cope with on long training runs means the more we can handle on 13th April

Track session for me last night, was not looking forward to it as was windy and legs still tired.  4 x 1500m with 2 minutes recovery.  Surprised myself a bit with times (6:05, 6:04, 6:03 & 6:02) - legs were tired but the mid told them to run on and they duly obliged.

14/03/2008 at 11:48

RFJ - please accept my sympathies too.  Take it steady - even when something like that is expected it still has a greater impact than you expect and is very sad.  Glad that you are able to run and get your respite in such a positive way (that only us runners can understand).

Have done 1 session of 'aqua -jogging' - its not easy, especially because you know it looks stupid too and I only managed 25 minutes, sooo boring!  Will try again tonight for a longer time.  Have progressed to 'sitting' calf raises & dips using yellow pages and weight on knees.  Walking better, can go upstairs no problem - but still cant go downstairs normally yet. On the positive side my 'masseur' - who I wont see till Weds was really positive and has said he'll get me fitter than before!!!


14/03/2008 at 11:50

AA I ran Reading aswell, though not a fast as you, so don't be so down.  Sounds like more important things at the moment

14/03/2008 at 12:29

RFJ - have been thinking of you and your mum since Sunday.  I know you said these forums help, so please feel free to 'use us' as you wish. 

RFJ I drove past you on my way home (sorry dont want to sound like I am taking the mickey or anything - I did fly off as had a footie game to get to) and you looked to have a comfortable running style.  My friend finished the same time as you - yellow vest - Barton AC but she looked knackered, so well done.

CG - thanks. I am feeling confident at the mo.  My stomach is my only concern.  I have come to the conclusion that Lucozade has a bad effect on me.  Even if I do a short run I end up in the bushes.  At EH20 I just sipped water at the stations and I never had a problem.  I am thinking of just sipping water in London, not carrying my own drink and relying on jelly babies.  Any comments on a 'not very pleasant' subject?

14/03/2008 at 12:49

Thanks JD, very kind of you, and thanks all for the comments.

I think that you friend was just behind me (ellen or elien I think on her vest). as for jelly babies... was given some at the last water station, had to spit them out as went all gluppy in my mouth...... what works for one dosent alway work for others.....

Just backed up yesterdays run with a 10m, no way was i going to do a long one, so that wont happen this week, but have got a 10k on sunday so some speed, so will make a change.

15/03/2008 at 12:41

Albee - Good luck with the recovery - Nice to have the encouragement from the masseur - hold him to his word

Speedy recovery to all on the bench.

How's the traning going on all?

8 steady miles for me this morning, felt ok @ 7:50mm.  Taking it easy for the rest of the day so ready for LR in the morning.

15/03/2008 at 12:43

RJF - Sorry to hear your sad news, take care and stay safe.

I have had a number of injuries this year and now thing are looking much better, I will be at Blackheath on the 13 April and have now identified what has been causing the problems that I have been having.

I think a sub 3:30 is now out of my reach because of some training that I have missed, will be running between 15m - 20m on Sunday morning. 

15/03/2008 at 13:06
AA -   Yes I've had a 'down' week due to work , but its over and I feel good again            did you see my post about cycling to the Mad Stad last Sat to watch Royals v M City ?           56 miles on bike there  and back instead of a 20 mile run.   
  • This week I've cut down , my body said enough (not muscularj ust general stress ) . I now feel great agin for having a 'light' week and looking foward to 1/2 marathon in th eForest of Dean tomorrow.  Its good to let your legs completely recovery sometimes . The last bit of training I did was a warm up session in the gym on Thursday .
  • I was just going on a 5 mile warm up run just now and its just started tipping down after a  mild spring like morning .    .... still I will still go after the rugby ...  . I had dug two rows of allotment does that count as crosstraining ?  
  • On the subject of energy drinks  I use the Aldi 'explosade  drinks on my longer runs . Same formulation as Lucozade sport  but only 1.79  for  6 x 500 ml .   Ginger bears for me ! (see earlier post !)  Just sorting out my transport from Streatham (daughters house) S London to Black heath for the start .  
15/03/2008 at 15:10

Great to hear from you AA. Looks like you have your hands full at the moment. Great1/2 mara runs. I was at Reading and managed to get under the 3 secs. Happy as training is sporadic at best.

Keep your head up RFJ. Your doing an amazing job!

Drk. Anything thats not sitting down MUST count as cross training....please!!!  Looks like is all smooth and control in camp CT.

Did my 20 this morning. First run since the 21 last Sunday as knee has been a real pain on all fronts. First 11 miles felt good. Lots of hills which I worked hard at. Last 9 miles were a real trial and the legs felt so tired. Can really tell that I have missed the mid week interval runs. Completedi n 2:47 so not too happy. Good news is the knee hurts but not as much so the plan is now to get th mid week runs in and cut back on the long ones. Probably aim for 16-18 next weekend.

Keep running

15/03/2008 at 16:47

Thanks for all your welcome backs!!

Drk - I was there - 1st time I've seen them win all season - felt great!!! I share the season ticket with Mr AA -(whose in Swayers camp as a Leeds fan!) and we take our son. Hey, we had a good start today at Liverpool, but too much too early by the looks...

I managed my 20 miles yesterday - albeit on a treadmill - still counts though, I hope, and is great mental training. Legs feel fine today. But it was bloody boring!

Swayer - well done on your 20. All the hard runing at the end of the long runs is what gives us strength during the marathon. It hurts - but we know we'll get there and finish.

CT, you don't half put the mileage in - I'm just jealous. Good luck with the long one tomorrow

No sign of the puppies yet - but think it'll be in next night or so...

15/03/2008 at 17:31

At least you have seen Reading win, Would love to see Fulham win (even on the TV.......) we have the blue half tomorrow, no same old probaly and champoinship football next season (we might win a few more games then)......

Rest day today, then Eastleigh 10K tomorrow, so no long run this week.

Good 20s Swayer and AA, Swayer, your 2:47 beats anything I have produced yet, well done.

16/03/2008 at 10:31
This morning 16.02m @ 8:42 pace in 2:19:22 in very wet conditions.
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