London 2008

Sub 3:30 Anyone

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15/04/2008 at 16:07
I didnt say it was easy......, but after about 5 mins everything was starting to wotk again where it should and became quite pleasant......., now posting on 2009 thread..... with New Forest or Abingdon later in the year.
15/04/2008 at 18:29

Cheeky 4.4 tonight, got carried away legs felt good so went too fast, only fractionally slower than a tempo run for me .  Thats never happened before! maybe it gets easier LOL

Could someone post link to 2009 forum pls..................

I guess GFA don't have to do on-line ballot? worried about missing out by presuming that..........

15/04/2008 at 19:24
18/04/2008 at 22:21

Well done to you all.

 I managed to get round in 3:25:13

I was pushing for sub 3:20 but I hit the wall around 21-22 miles.

The last 4 - 5 miles were a killer.

Thanks 2 you all for all the support.

21/04/2008 at 15:43

Wow - awsome stuff and fab tales, even those who didnt get their heart's desire! My feedback is delayed because after london we went straight to stanstead and flew out to Tuscany on Monday morning - for proper recovery with lots of lovely cheap wine and warm sunshine

I've put my report on the site already, in brief -  I started on Green line and actually got there on time, although the place was very crowded already.  But having disposed of my baggage while it was sunny - it did cloud over and I was getting cold before we all started off - I spotted smiffie in the loo queue (I was in another queue - recognised the sox and of course the name emblazoned on vest).  I was in pen 3 - near the back where it was packed to overflowing!!  Started fine (after the shuffling) and maintained a comfortable and careful 8mm pace to halfway.  Felt really good.  Wasnt bothered by rain, thought it was funny as we were really drenched! In fact I generally enjoyed myself and was feeling really good until that 24 mile tunnel.  In there the gremlins got into my head (and legs) and I succumbed to tiredness, heaviness and - walking... .  Then I knew that 3.30 wasnt going to happen, so carried on walking until we emerged and the crowd gee'd me up again!  Bl**dy Big Ben didnt motivate me and wouldnt get any closer for ages ! Yes I was running very slowly and feeling miserable.  BUT once I saw the finish, I perked up for a nice photo shot finish , even though my time was 3:35.  Once over the line - I felt fine and I even managed to stretch before bunging on clothes and wondering off to find family and friends. 

I will be back.  CT you're an inspiration, I will attempt to follow your footsteps, although I'm not going to try for such a fab time - just want to beat that 3:30.

AA - yes it's me, c'mon - you must be there next year! 

21/04/2008 at 20:59
LOL Albee, is my running top subtle  Knee Highs were brill and legs recovered way quicker this year.....  got them to support my dodgy calf's................

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