London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters

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19/04/2012 at 14:17
Just been to the Expo for a pickup. I can confirm the Percy Pigs are now in safe custody .

The banners are there too but I couldn't carry them as well as the stuff - if they're still there when I go tomorrow I'll get them then.

Anyone still dropping off stuff - can you clearly label it as Runners' World as the Fetchies are also using the RW stand as a drop off point.
19/04/2012 at 15:11

Hi RR - I'll see if I can manage the banners when I go after work tonight, ideally I want them for first thing on Sunday when I get there at 8am. Bearing in mind I usually don't register the fact that there are two 8's in the day on a weekend!!!!!

Will be at the Expo about half five ish I reckon hope you left me some stuff lol!!!! Are the stands any good this year? I quite fancy a bit of retail therapy too........... 

19/04/2012 at 15:17
@RR - thanks for the note about labelling it as Runners World - we don't want the fetchies stealing our jaffa cakes
19/04/2012 at 15:19
RW have come good and will deliver £25 of bananas and oranges to us on Sunday morning
19/04/2012 at 15:32
No gin or fizz though  lol!!!!!!
19/04/2012 at 15:33
SBH can you check your email please.  I have a question I kind of need an answer to.
19/04/2012 at 15:37
Done and answered  x
19/04/2012 at 15:40
19/04/2012 at 20:14
And another couple  just last minute hiccups .... people only think this thing runs like clockwork, we're paddling away hard in the background
19/04/2012 at 20:19

£25 of fruit?  Is that all? For all the publicity they are getting??? I thought they'd cover the cost of helium and balloons at least.

19/04/2012 at 20:30

Not a flipping chance Soupy.  I had to ask twice for the £25 of froot.  The helium comes free courtesy of a generous forumite or we'd never afford it. 

And that is why viewers we ask for donations of cash or goodies, otherwise it falls on those who have given up their time to support to also use their own cash to feed you all.   and also why we ask those who have had support in the past to get on the other side of the fence for at least one year and give something back.

Blimey, I'm sounding like I do when I am RD at parkrun, people see me with that megaphone and know they're in for a race briefing which includes at least 4 reminders about the running to volunteering ratio!

19/04/2012 at 20:34
yep I dont' think everyone appreciate how much personal expense and hard work goes into mudchute, and it's a lot better organised than it used to be

19/04/2012 at 20:36

Giggling at veggie pigs and getting quite excited too. Managed a post mara run of my own this morning and came home and started piling up goodies and made our big Group 6 sign.  I may need carrier donkey....

First aid kit is ready for action, may I remind everyone: no accidents until I get there please!! Wibbling about an earlier departure....not sure as I need to see a few peeps first to bask in my own post mara glory for 15 seconds..

Please can someone sort the weather out. We may need a tent!

19/04/2012 at 20:37
SBH and I are just apprentices of Barlos this year.  He's given us a lot of help
19/04/2012 at 20:46
Well you are both doing very well TP! The marvels of technology, imagine organising sans internet but then there wouldn't have been a forum......weird.....
19/04/2012 at 20:58
Please can you upload your pictures to - it keeps everything neat and tidy.

See you on the blue start, in the rain. Don't forget your bin bags and shower caps !!
19/04/2012 at 21:04
Sorry, why would we be uploading photos there?  That's not meant to be rude but I would never upload photos to a site where I didn't know the 'owner'
19/04/2012 at 21:09
dont forget the kY
19/04/2012 at 21:11
Mick, if  you'd said earlier I could have got some from work. 
Iron Pingu    pirate
19/04/2012 at 21:22

Hi guys, I said I'd drop off Jelly Babies and plastic bags.  Earlier in the threads I'm sure someone said cash would be preferable.  Tbh, cash is easier for me as I'm trying to travel light so unless Jelly Babies and plastic bags would be preferred, I'll drop off some cash instead.... thoughts?

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