London Vs Boston

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01/04/2005 at 17:25
Who thinks LM is given too much attention. I thought that the Boston was the 'elite runners' marathon, so why is it barely mentioned here? Nobody wants to watch the Barnsley By- pass road race (made that up) when the Tour de France is on. I hate watching the LM on tele. Hour upon painful hour of watching people dressed up in stupid costumes. Yawn.

Surely a race where almost the whole field is class runners is better viewing? I saw it on Eurosport a few years ago. It's even got nicer scenery.

What do you think of Boston. Come on, let 'er rip!
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 17:29
Well as this is the London Marathon thread it wouldn't be posted here anyway. Try events!
01/04/2005 at 17:32
Well, aren't you clever. The computer asked for a topic, but they didn't have a 'Boston Marathon' drop down. This was the closest. What is your opinion RF?
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 17:35
Televisions have an off button!!
And the BBC focus mostly on the elite runners anyway barring the few celebrities.

Have neither watched nor been part of Boston so cant compare but London is better than the TV portray
01/04/2005 at 17:41
Don't get me wrong, I would love to do the London marathon. I've only just started up again, so didn't have time to prepare, or else I would have entered. I only watch the highlights program in the evening anyway. Appreciate your comments RF.
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 17:44
No problem Angel
Get training and you will be spot on to enjoy it next year in all its atmospheric glory.
Better still come and support us mere mortals and absorb some of the emotion. Will make you appreciate the whole day not what you see on the tv. the best bits they never show!
01/04/2005 at 17:48
The thing that might put some off is that the US treats foreigners as criminals these days. You have to get fingerprinted when you go in.

From the elite point of view, does anywhere have a stronger field than London this year?
01/04/2005 at 17:48
Isn't it really oversubscribed? I was gutted at being turned down for the GNR. It was the race which got me back into running. My whole year was going to be based around preparing for it. Booked time off work and everything. Guess I'll just have to go biking around Corsica instead.

Believe it or not, going to watch never occured to me. Where are the best places to go?
01/04/2005 at 17:51
I wouldn't like it, but would still go. Much like the thing with Thailand. The number 1 place in the world I'd like to visit is Chiang Mai. I just have a fear that someone will hide drugs in my bag and I will be executed over it. Maybe not a fear- more of a strong concern. Still no reason not to do it though.

ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 17:52
there are lots of good view points depends on how early you get there and if you want to take in a few of the sights as well. But anywhere along the embankment or on the corner as we turn into the mall is good as is Tower Bridge. but you would need to get there quite early to get a good spot at the front.
Come along and support me I dont have many supporters on the course I live too far away. My number is 36696 and I will be the idiot covered in Mr men figures and carrying a cuddly Mr Tickle
01/04/2005 at 18:02
I hate your kind. Running is meant to be serious, head down stuff! Mr flippin Tickle indeed. I shave my head to save seconds.

I will look out for you, so long as you look out for me. I will be the 125, 075 th person you see, 8th row back, behind the tall bloke.
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 18:14
Ok will wave!
And I am serious. I intend to try and run it next year in a Mr Men costume for my charity!! Cant get more serious than that!

Want to join me?
01/04/2005 at 18:42
Do you mean next year? If so, then sure. Just give me an e-mail nearer the time & we'll meet up.
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 18:44
Well I would need to train carrying an extra stone so yes next year. Have your email address now saved in my address book and a note made in my calendar for December!!
01/04/2005 at 18:53
Great. I will enter. 100% positive about that.

I am carrying 4 stone too much. It makes a difference. It used to be that I could go as fast as I wanted. All that happened was I slowed. Now I feel strain.

I have developed a sort of minimum movement running style. Really believe I can cut the times down when I lose it. Maybe a 2:30 marathon. Certainly sub 3. Would be 5-6 hours right now.
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 18:56
Well that is where I am right now so no shame in that. And would be that next year too if I am carrying all the extra weight of the costume too.
Just read your profile and doing a triathlon appeals to me too! Which marathon are you doing in September?
01/04/2005 at 19:07
The Kent coastal on September 4th. Just booked a room (making a few days of it) only meters from the start. Will be my first ever marathon. Already did a 1/2 in Feb (Wokingham). Runner number 387 if you want to have a laugh at the pics. The one with my jacket off is all happy and optimistic. The others are near the end. That is me dazed and confused. Just fell apart at mile 11.

Haven't done a triathlon yet. Could have done one in '87, but got talked out of it. I don't know about you, but I always think about the death bed scene (perhaps not ALWAYS), where I think about regrets. (My Grandad says he wishes he had gone to Italy in peace time.) I can't have that. I don't think I will regret the failures and mistakes. It's not trying that will do me.
ImRio    pirate
01/04/2005 at 19:11
I have a mission to try anything I really fancy at least once.
I ran last years marathon because I wanted to do it before I was 40.
Now I am always setting myself challenges. Running and work related and personal. Spent my childhood and early adulthood being told I couldn't. am now out to prove that I can. bring on the world!!
01/04/2005 at 19:16
kinda into the same way of thinking as u the angel of death,i run off rd my self in the mountains where the views r wicked.the 1 reason i dont rip into the lm is the money it raises 4 charity,everyone 2 there own i suppose.
01/04/2005 at 19:20
I can relate to that. Wasn't so much being told I can't- rather not getting support. My dad died when I was young and mum had her own stuff to deal with, so I'm not bitter or anything.

Did you know, there was a psyche profile done to determine what background would most likely produce a strong minded, independant thinking, balanced personality.

The group that came out on top wasn't having both parents, or divorced parents, etc.

It was a male, whose father died when he was 9.

There are loads of famous people who fit this profile. Hitler was one. I'm probably not QUITE as committed as he was though. No dodgy 'tash either :)
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