Lucozade Sport - I think I'll pass

I am giving up on this isotonic drink

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14/03/2003 at 21:07
I have been trying to get myself used to Lucozade for the past 6 weeks taking it with me, made up from powder, in two 500 ml bottles. I think I am about to give up on it though because a] I think it tastes awful and more importantly b] it wreaks havoc with my body - giving me stomach ache and even post-run headaches.

Do other runners have problems with Lucozade Sport, and if so, have they found good alternatives that they'll be using during the FLM? Or do some runners (even those expecting to be on their feet for 4 hours +) just manage on water?
14/03/2003 at 21:59
I used lucozade sport last year, and have been using it this year too. I had a problem a few week ago, when I made the mistake of washing my energy gels down with it. That gave me bad stomach cramps for hours after.
However, Now I mainly just drink lucozade sport. got through 2 pouches of it and a bit of water on my 20 miler today with no probs. Ate energy bar half way round. I have heard of many people though who do suffer probs with it. I suppose its a matter of finding what suits you, after all this time luc sport obviously doesnt. I'm no expert , but you'll need some source of extra energy on the day. have you tried gels? High5 are good, and I like the taste, also their energy bars are nice.
Good luck and I hope you find something to suit. and all the best for 13/04
14/03/2003 at 22:00
I dilute mine half and half wih water
14/03/2003 at 22:17
OMM, i can't stand the taste of lucozade sport. I use SIS gels, not bad taste/consistency. You don't have to worry about how much water to have with them either.
14/03/2003 at 22:51
It makes me hurl. The only time I kept it down was when I drank some on a training run and was close to home so when I realised it was sitting like a boulder in my tum I was able to go home and pour a couple of litres on top of it.

I have yet to find an isotonic drink that I can cope with, whether running or not.

I plan to carb up well in advance, drink water, and eat a few Opal Fruits and Werthers Caramels. Not ideal and I'll probably smack into the wall, but I'll take my chance.
14/03/2003 at 23:50
Dont think its a good idea to dilute it. This will probably take away any benefits it has, it does say on the powder that iy wont be isotonic if you dont mix it as per instructions

I have recently tried the original Squeexy Gels from Leppin and they work very well for me - so I will be takinh them round London with me and also Cranleigh 21 this weekend for a final 'trial run'
14/03/2003 at 23:52
gary, it willbe fluid
I barely drink a litre a day
14/03/2003 at 23:52
Anyone tried the Lucozade tablets, small enough to carry a few whilst running, I just started using these a few races ago and they work for me.

14/03/2003 at 23:54
I had one at Reading

wasnt sick
how do you take them, and how often????
14/03/2003 at 23:58
Personally about every 4.5 miles suits me and also cover the half and marthon distances quite well. I just pop them in my mouth and crunch away, dont rinse them down at all.

15/03/2003 at 11:25
i have a friend who carries aroung 26 jelly babies on the marathon one a mile , swears by it . i find lucozade really good but thin i have a sweet tooth
15/03/2003 at 12:10

I think diluting an isotonic drink should be fine since we are supposed to drink water as well anyway so it gets diluted anyway.
15/03/2003 at 12:26
I have been using LSport diluted, half and half water, but yes it really gave me tummy cramps when I drank it neat. I also have found that SIS gels are excellent, and don't taste too rank. Everything I have read over these last few months really point to the same thing, which is you must experiment beforet the big day, and find out what works for you. You can order them in from their website I think.
15/03/2003 at 19:53
I get through quantities of Dextrasol/Dextrose tablets - available from any chemist for about 45p a pack. I can't get on with gels - I hate the consistency and the taste and they cost an arm and a leg. I've also sometimes had problems with Lucozade Sport - when I took too much at Silverstone - but I swear these dextrose tablets are great. You don't need water, they give an immediate hit and are easy to crunch and swallow. Highly recommended.
15/03/2003 at 20:06
Thanks guys for all your feedback/suggestions on this. It's much appreciated :-)

Mighty Bunzoola - thanks for your idea. I think I may give that a try. How regularly do you take them? One every water station? Alternate ones? Or only in the latter stages. I have a feeling these dextrose tabs might suit me....but I'm running out of time to experiment!

Like the jelly babies idea, too.
15/03/2003 at 21:31
hate lucozade....hate water stations even more...really throw my rhythm taking a 1.8 litre platypus pack and some food...haven't decided yet....used to do chocolate/jam sandwich.....bit of a long run ritual, but recently got into gels...was really surprised how ok they are...don't get on with sweet stuff usually.....might try the dextrose....vanilla gels taste like baileys ;)
16/03/2003 at 12:45
OMM, I like jelly babies as well but find on runs over 17/18 miles I need the SIS gels as well. I usually have 4 jelly babies every 30/40 min, which at 10min/mile pace works out the same as Tubs' friend!!
16/03/2003 at 13:05
I had a bit of a stomach upset in the last 4 miles of my 20-milers yesterday - it was a close run thing to get home. Not sure if it was the
Lucozade Sport or the Weetabix I ate before. Does anyone have any suggestions what I could eat as a pre long run meal to avoid having
this happen again
16/03/2003 at 13:07
It's pretty individual I think Susan. If the weetabix have been OK for ages and this was the first time with Lucozade sport then I'd be inclined to blame the LS.

Personally I have porridge and honey, others have scrambled egg on toast, and various other combinations involving bananas etc.
16/03/2003 at 15:55
Has anyone tried Hypostop? An energy gel given to diabetics to bring up sugar levels.

I have been given a couple to try and they seem to work for me.

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