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28/03/2011 at 22:35
Tbh I went to post a reply last night (the usual 8 paragraph mumblings) then lost it. Dinner then called or is that kids called for dinner so did not get back. Having said that, have not run anyway. I will in the morning but am feeling a wee bit nervous.

Evening class - yuk! Sure you will love it, sort of. Hope next few days go ok.
Wise decision on the pace - sure there is little to gain now we are so close.

Run planned for the morning, fingers crossed!
29/03/2011 at 08:14

what a glorious morning!

am going to settle straight into my new role by joining some Mums from school at a gym class - coffee beforehand, natch! but might add on a shortish run afterwards, depending on how hard body conditioning turns out to be....

evening class sounds awful? did you get any choice?

29/03/2011 at 13:28

body conditioning turned out to be a bit too aerobics-y for my liking. am just not coordinated and felt like an elephant amongst the crowd of graceful yummy Mummies who have clearly been doing the class for yonks..... the core bit at the end was very good but won't be going back.... still- lots of other classes to try!

so anyway - no running - will save that for tomorrow. left shin has been feeling a bit tight so might keep it gentle...

29/03/2011 at 18:35

Ooh i know the types of classes you mean, prefer something a bit more strength based. Not the shins - you were doing v well without niggles. A few gentle runs sounds wise. Liking the sound of the pre workout coffee though

I did just over 5 this morning, shins were fine, tightness behind knees below hams which i look forward to having massaged out tomorrow. Felt surprisingly fresh, chugging along at approx 9 30 pace. Did not feel that pace, so lots to be said for a few days off. Think i must replicate the previous 3 days before the marathon.

Zipvit delivery arrived today followed by a 10% discount email - grrrrrrr! Nevermind, I have my banana gels.

Hubby now appears to have a groin strain as well as a hernia - he is not remotely worried, very strange

29/03/2011 at 19:02

I think he's getting in his excuses early, so when he gets chicked he can say 'well, I did have a hernia, and a groin strain, so I wasn't really trying...'

Yummy Mummy exercises classes are inherently evil.  Better to go for some core stuff to complement running.  Poor old Alibugs knackered her achillies doing zumba and still isn't back running, after 3+ months

 Evening class was kind of a choice.  Its the same course that I teach in the daytime, just condensed.  I could pass teaching it over to someone else, but it would take hours of me training them up in what to do and teach and how the system for marking works, for which I wouldn't be paid.  So better to just teach it, given that I've already done all the prep.

Well done on the speedy run - how fab to be feeling lovely and strong.

31/03/2011 at 10:21

All quiet on the western...

Did a second 20 on Sunday - walked and struggled, had hand on 'phone at 17 to call for a lift, saw a downhill stretch and somehow plodded on to 20...  oddest thing was still ended up in 3hrs 24 so must have really banged out the first bit as I must have walked for at least 10 mins on and off.. good stamina practice I suppose...

 WARNING!  Never ever try Power Bar Blackberry and Caffeine gel - a clear winner for "the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted in my life"...  (although given the last 3 miles, perhaps it worked?)...

Finally felt really good last night - did a 7 miler with a mate and when we parted I ended up doing an extra mile as I was just enjoying it... seems sooooo long since I've had that feeling, and very welcome it was too. Run last night also seems to have eased the tendon problem under my right foot arch and the mysterious coccyx pain I'd had since Sunday...

You lot must be getting excited/nervous now...   Just starting to try to think thorugh my logisitic for the 17th now - no decent hotels available but train a little tricky to Blackheath in morning from here...  all good fun though...

Good luck with the final week and a half paranoia!!! 

31/03/2011 at 12:53

Firm paranoia here.  I have pressure behind my ears, which is worrying me.  And that tweaky ankle from ages ago has reappeared.  Is it nearly race time?

Well done on the long run Gooner, storming!  Wickett, who has an iron stomach, can't cope with Powerbar gels.  Not even when they were free at Ironman Germany.  We have a large number stashed away, but we're never going to use them.

I'm slightly yielding under the weight of stuff i should be doing today.  So much that we'll be doing McD's for tea, eaten in the car.  Excellent parenting.  

Quick run for me this morning, followed by much stretching.  Priorities.

31/03/2011 at 19:47

Glad the aches and pains are easing RHG - a good run after a hard one - that appears to be the way! Will give the Powerbars a miss, though my caffeine is not exactly tasty but it does generally stay put!

Loads of paranoia here too. Tendons in ankles hurt, shins hurt, knees are sore, hamstrings tight. Bellybutton is sore, eyebrow inflamed. Sports massage was wonderful though, 1 hr of bliss! All aches seem to subside though, i did run for 8.2m this morning - not a normal mid week distance but as i missed last weeks 12, decided to go a bit further than the 7 i planned for this weekend but do a few days earlier to allow longer for recovery. Will now do 5-6 on Sunday and a couple of 4's next week - ticking over now.

My hubbyhas the most bizarre approach to training. He decided go for a run today. His theory was that if nothing went pop when running really fast he would probably be ok - so a week before marathon he decides to knock out a few miles with a dodgy groin as fast as he can. Is he starting to sound like your personal trainer Gladrags?

Nothing wrong with emergency McD's Wotsit - keeps many a parent sane! We have a ritual whenever we go on holiday we go for Egg Bacon McMuffins on the way (usually always works out in the morning)

01/04/2011 at 09:04

I think Wotsit has made all parents on here feel normal!!  We all do it from time to time - kids grin from ear to ear and I think it takes more than one portion of McD's fries to stunt your growth!!!

Anyone else get them the fruit bag for pud to ease the conscience? 

01/04/2011 at 17:08

I bought milkshake and we shared it, then they had bananas at home before bed.  My kids never find McD's actually fill them up.  I enjoyed my half of the milkshake a lot.  Perhaps too much... and the fries.  Mmmm.  I must be a bit salt depleted because I was craving salty stuff like mad yesterday.

Glad I'm not the only one very paranoid.  My ears are still bothering me a bit and I'm currently worrying that they're going to make me feel dizzy.

The weather looks promising though.  Currently saying cloudy and max of 12 deg.  Tip top!  Please let there also be no wind.

Hope Brian is in one piece? Nutter!

01/04/2011 at 18:34

think brian should definitely consider a career as a personal trainer with david lloyd!!! hope he survived?

everyone is sounding very on track? the last minute twinges are exactly per the script.

didn't manage my lsr today as m has tonsilitis (so that makes them even stevens at 3 bouts each this winter ) - but have plenty of free time to fit one in next week

think completely ok to resort to mcd's occasionally? if only to teach them that the toy is rubbish and the food not that great??! but yes  personally, the fries do sound pretty appealing!!

off out to the theatre tonight. hope not too warm - dark room and comfy chair combo likely to make me very sleepy.........

01/04/2011 at 21:49

Last minute twinges - yes, convincing myself that my inner thigh hurts (NEVER have problems there!!). Taking Vitamin C like it's going out of fashion, washing my hands every five minutes and avoiding people who look even remotely snuffly like bubonic plague. But apart from that, I am feeling good. Bashed out a cheeky 5K in 25.57 last night.  Completely unintentional and it felt like I was flying. Rest day today, then 8 on Sunday, followed by a very lazy week (maybe a couple of 3-4 milers but that's it). And eating - let's not forget that...

Hope Brian survived!

RHG - great running. You are going to smash 4.30!

12 degrees would be very nice indeed. That is the perfect running temp.

01/04/2011 at 21:50
Gladrags - hope the poorliness goes away soon. Yuck. We've just got over chickenpox - he's just scabby now!
02/04/2011 at 07:39
F is coughing. Would it be bad parenting to pack her off to grandma for the week? Lol!
02/04/2011 at 07:55
No.  Totally reasonable.  I'm considering moving out for the next week
02/04/2011 at 18:44

well - my first week as a stay at home mummy has been the middle aged equivalent of freshers week - have definitely exceeded my alcohol quota!!! like to think that all my gymming and running has offset it, but not really convinced!?

m seems brighter today - fingers crossed he'll be ok for school on monday. might manage a short run tomorrow but we have a day planned with friends so to get a full lsr in i'd have to get up at 6ish and do it then. not looking very appealing? think will aim for 20ish on monday and then do a 12 miler at the end of the week when my parents are babysitting... then I'm into my traditional pre-taper taper for 2 weeks (max run in lanzarote is 40 minutes as it's too hot - even at 6am...) and back for 2 weeks before my race.

how are you all doing? taper madness is clearly in full flow - but are you all a leeetle bit excitde too? thinking of what mihgt happen???? (am excited for you all!)

03/04/2011 at 14:38

This may be cheeky but Im raising funds for NSPCC while running the marathon.

Everyone knows on here all the hard work we put into training so if you
can please sponsor alittle or alot it would mean so much to me & NSPCC.

Im short of my NSPCC target so please copy & paste the link below.

Thank you so much to those who do & Happy running.

03/04/2011 at 15:54

Hi Paul - best of luck with the marathon and fundraising.

Gladrags - you do girl - freshers week eh! Do i dare ask what food you are living on? lol! Glad M is perking up. There appears to be a lot of lurgie about. I have some sniffles trying to surface - they can stay right away! F does not appear to be coughing as much so she can stay at home afterall.

Happy Mothers Day ladies - F presented me with a menu that she created so i could choose my breakfast in bed. Peanut butter on toast was the clear winner, above biscuits with chocolate spread, eggs or tomato on toast! And even a Star Bar on the tray.

7miles this morning - not particularly easy tbh - my pelvis started to hurt. Was ok on my last 20 and has been fine for weeks but a bad day today. Pace was 9 48- i am still in a dilemma about my pace for next week.  Sometimes 9 45 i could on forever with, sometimes 10 30 is a killer? I have got lardy lately which is not going to do me any favours but will tackle that after the marathon now.

Restaurant is booked for 6 30 for 8 of us (i think  - i will call to double check as correspondence has been by email) Are we all still ok for that?

How are you enjoying your proper taper RHG?

03/04/2011 at 19:58

Paul - nice of you to drop in.  Good luck with your fundraising - I don't fancy the challenge of raising £2k in 2 weeks.  Perhaps baking some cakes might be more successful than asking strangers?

Gladrags - 2nd week is harder.  Time to start writing lists of things to accomplish. Before your holiday, that is.  Then tear up the lists  

20 miles?  That sounds like a long way.  I'm glad that I don't have to do any more of those.  Ish.

Yes, excitement, more nerves though.  Still plagued by self doubt.  I'm driving Wickett slowly mad.

Abs - yikes to pelvis.  Thats the taper kicking you though.  Bet it'll be fine on the big day.  Pop some ibuprofen in your race belt, just in case?  What about aiming for negative splits on the day?  Start with a slow mile, then aim for 10:10 to half way, then 10 ish, then 9:30 for the end?  Your first 20 and your 18m runs were around 10mi pace, so that should be really comfortable, right?  Then just hold on for grim death.

 I'm great at this, when its not me.  You should look at your a), b) and c) goals.  Pace to hit a) with picking up the last miles, b) with running a steady pace, c) with drifting a bit at the end?

I've eaten so much today I don't need to eat for the rest of the week.  Nice to be looked after but crikey.

03/04/2011 at 19:59
Oooh and yes to restaurant timing.  Aiming to be in Brighton at lunchtime to scope everything out.  Are you going to the expo?
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