Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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23/07/2011 at 07:44
Ola! Hardly running on holiday, mostly relaxing on beach and by the pool. Lack of running has made my achillies worse! Typical.

Kids loving being away. Having a day of net access to check emails etc, then radio silence resumes . Sangria anyone?
25/07/2011 at 09:32

mmmmm sangria!

 running has drawn to a halt here as i have sole charge of the children this week and mr g has not been getting home (from new job) until 9ish ..... so have signed up for early morning bootcamp starting next week.

anyone see all the articles on dean kanazes (sp??) - last week? v impressive. he reckons the first time he ran he just decided he was going to do 30 miles, left the bar he was in and went. and he did it..... think the quote that has stuck with me the most is that he sometimes runs until "every cell in his body hurts". makes me feel like a right prat for my CBA days!

31/07/2011 at 20:33

I am home.  We had a lovely time.  I like going away at the start of the holidays as they are now stretching out in front of me, starting with a week of drama and football clubs for the kids and me having some much needed time to sort.  Hurrah!  Back to running every day and might even get finally to ParkRun at the weekend. I won't run till every cell in my body hurts.  That man is a bit mental.

Those new jobs are tricky things.  Wickett's new one is still proving challenging from a coordinating and balancing point of view.  

Hope everyone is well?

05/08/2011 at 21:03

phew - not been on here for a bit!

tats - 2 month break in running? you're worse than me - i calculated i'veonly done 50 miles since my marathon - bringing my ytd total in at a measly 352..... in my defence there are a lot of bootcamps that count for zero miles.... have a half at the end of september so will try and build up to that.

but - there was some talk of an ultra? i could be persuaded. training starts in earnest when the kids gfo back to school.....

wotsit - agree that man is mental. do not sapire to hurting myself. intriguing that some people have the willpower to push themselves that hard though? when i think of some of my cba runs it seems really pathetic. what made me stop? why does he not have that problem? (and glad you had a good hol - my 2 both seem to have that adam ant white stripe on the nose - tihnk it's from scrunching face up in the sun??)

05/08/2011 at 22:11
Mental, but in a good way... I need to be stronger mentally. I find it too easy to listen to the little voice in my head telling me to stop!

Would be surprised if I have topped 50 miles since the mara. Will have to check! Not using fetch now but I have got Runkeeper for my phone. in the process of building back up now. Maybe an autumn half???

Mmm, wine o'clock again!

05/08/2011 at 22:30
I'm approaching my 5th anniversary of running - Oct 1st. I kind of want to mark it, so am thinking autumn hm as I've left it too late to consider anything bigger or more mental... Wickett reckons I could go for sub 50 min 10k (PB is 53:20) but that sounds hard and horrid. From starting back at work on the 24th I'm definitely going to go back to Foodfocus in a bid to lose the last few lbs that have me slightly short of having list 4st since starting running. That would be a nice way to mark it too

I'm running better since the weather cooled a little and today's run really confirmed how much the temp affects me. In the shade or with a breeze I was comfortable but if either disappeared and the sun hit me I just melted and almost ground to a halt.

Amazed and awed by 'normal' women doing outlaw a couple ov weeks ago. Blows my mind. I had a conversation about the whole inner voice thing with my uncle this week. He's always run and reckons with no training he could still go straight out and do 10m. He has to rationalise that he shouldn't because his knees would be trashed. I, on the other hand, always anticipate that it'll be hard and that I can't really do it and have to rationalise that actually I can and have done it. How do you change that ingrained mindset? It would be ever so useful.

Bedtime. No Wickett tonight, he's in London with work. O shall spread myself across the whole of the bed. Delicious!
07/08/2011 at 07:46

I'm having some problems locating a suitable spring ultra...  but we could always run our own?  The Worcestershire way is 33m, the Sandstone trail is 32m.  Actually, our friends locally have talked about doing the Worcestershire way again next year.  Perhaps we could organise a group trip?

Tatty - is the new house feeling like home now?

08/08/2011 at 12:14

yes it's that inner voice thing. somehow i manage to quiet it while i'm marathon training but as soon as i finish the race (literally the next day) it's there again, telling me i can't do it. i have no idea how you ever sort that out really? i've been doing this for eleven years on and off and still have no idea!

spring ultra thing sounds good. a diy sounds.... interesting! mr g has not even managed to see me running the london marathon when we live a mile from the start - not sure he'd be up for ferrying drinks across the countryside! but who knows - maybe i can use my feminine wiles to persuade him!

did bootcamp this morning - legs are like jelly and back stiff. dorsal raises and lots of sprinting. not sure i should be doing that kind of thing at my age??

09/08/2011 at 09:44

Independent ultra sounds like fun - which month are you thinking? I was thinking of an ultra after the marathon.

Have had a crazy weekend. Was my dads 60th so a weekend of celebrations. All surprises, he had a fabulous time so the hard work was well worth it. He had a heart attack at 35 and a triple heart bypass with several scares since then, so it felt like quite a milestone.

 Am on hols this week and trying to get into a routine with exercise. Am trying to cycle each day in addition to my running (which is not each day!) as a way of building a bit more base fitness. Nothing pacey - just steady as you go riding.

Very impressed that the bootcamp is still going..determined lady

11/08/2011 at 10:05
Ooh, a spring ultra. I could definitely be tempted. Worcestershire isn't too far for me so would be good. Big if, but if I get into VLM, it would be something I would prefer to do afterwards, like Abs says. It would be great to do it as a group

Gladrags- I too admire your discipline! The nearest I get to bootcamp is when I run with the faster group at club and the group leader really pushes me (in a good way!). Speaking of which, I am going back to club tonight but will run with the slower group ( not actually that slow, paces range from 11 min miles right at the back to 9 min miles at the front). It may well hurt. Did 2 miles yesterday and the second mile split was 9.32. So proud of that.

Thanks, Wotsit, the house is really getting there now. The last few weeks have been spent sorting out the things I have been trying to ignore, like the mountain of paperwork in the study, shudder. Will keep putting pics on fb so you can see the progress!
Edited: 11/08/2011 at 10:21
11/08/2011 at 11:25

Oh what a naff run that was today - very little in the legs - 9 miles with 4 walk breaks! The heat was stifling, then heavy wind head on hit hard and then just as i finished a little rain came down which would have been welcomed an hour earlier! 9 miles at 10.14 ave pace which i was happy with just felt rubbish all the way round.

Have been doing more cycling which i do think is helping with fitness but maybe a rest day is needed.

I am looking at my options over the next year. The plan is a HM on 9th Oct and then maybe a bit of XC through the Winter as i go into marathon training. Am contemplating the Guts and Glory Adventure Race in November also. Have found an ultra in Norfolk of 100k next October??????

How was running club Tatty - i am thinking of a return on Monday - have not been since February!!

12/08/2011 at 09:00
Chickened out of club last night - Not quite fit enough just yet either! I know I could do it, but it would take me about a week to recover properly and at this stage I just want to get back into a routine.

Last night I looked at ultra training plans 100k, yeahhhh! The plans I was looking at were for 50 miles, which I have just figured out is 80k. Yikes!

Good running, Abs, those horrid runs always make you stronger even though they feel carp at the time.
13/08/2011 at 18:21

Am feeling very up for doing the ultra - hopefully if i carry on after the Spring marathon I will be in a position to do it in the Autumn. I am not so sure about a Spring ultra considering how hot the marathon was - dont think could run any longer in that heat - October sounds like a plan for me.

The cycling has been coming along - my bike shoes arrived today, though I have sent them back for a bigger size. Purchased with Brians free £50.00 Wiggle voucher. He keeps winning things - is having a very lucky streak. 

Did a 3 x 1m interval session this morning. 8.36 8 44 and 8 55 - clearly the first was too quick or i just got lazy. Was still happy with that as have not done any speed work for ages.

16/08/2011 at 07:48

Morning all

Great intervals Abs.  I reckon in 2 weeks you'll have that perked right back up.  I think it takes a little while of pushing the pace to get your sharpness back and not least to remember how much it hurts and that you just have to suck it up!  Dodgy long runs a bit par for the course round here at the moment too.  Wickett is finding the humidity very hard on his long runs - making him feel tired from the off.

The thing about an ultra, for me, is the difference in mindset.  Its not about speed, just endurance, so if you are hot you slow down, or walk.  Plus lots of the courses are off road, which means a greater chance of being more shaded.  Running on hot tarmac is a killer at the moment - I hate it when you can feel the heat radiating off every surface.

Lucky Brian - well, lucky you I guess!  

Gladrags - at your age?  Piffle.  I keep looking at residential bootcamps, but its ever so hard to justify £1000 for a week when I know I could do it myself, if only I had the time to do it in... suspect that next year's timetable is going to make that an even greater challenge.

Cinema for us today, then swimming lessons.  I'm really enjoying flopping about with the kids and doing things like making new pictures for the kitchen walls.  I could do with another 2 weeks really   Boo to having to go back to work in August!

20/08/2011 at 11:09

I see your theory with the ultra in warmer weather - i guess as there would be no time goal other than to finish, walk breaks would be the norm anyway so weather should not have such an impact as when your heart rate is storming.

Yesterdays run was pretty good, went for a steady 5miles but seemed to fall into a naturally progressive pace. The last 3 miles were between 9 10 and 9 20 and felt reall comfortable - strange! Maybe the extra core and leg strength work i am attempting is paying off.

The Summer hols are flying by arent they, F is loking forward to going back to school as she goes into Juniors. Was quite funny buying school shoes - flowers and butterflies were a big no no apparently as she is with the big girls now .....noooo where has my baby gone

30/08/2011 at 15:23

helloo all - back from a v nice 8 days wih friends in the south of france - they moved out last summer and we had a fab week visiting local places and eating and drinking loads (12 oysters for 5 euros anyone??) - but also chilling out with them and watching the kids master the art of underwater swimming in their pool!

so - sounds like abs is training well? building up to anything? and tatty sounds like you're on the way up? hope wotsit recovers from the tonsilitis soon....

have done absolutely nothing while i was away - first holiday in 4 years when I haven't taken trainers but it was just too hot. might have a gently jog at the weekend, but intend to get fully back in the swing when the kids go back to school. was supposed to do the new forest half with my sis on 24 sept but 90% sure won't now - would just be a painful waste of time

1 small positive is that the redundancy thing is settled. no massive piles of wonga sadly but some at least - and the knowledge that i pushed them as far as i could.

1 bigger positive - my Mum has taken some independent steps! no zimmer frame and no stick. go Mum! she is such an inspiration.

09/09/2011 at 21:20

Long time no post - where have we all gone?

Sounds like a good holiday Gladrags and i think it is a good thing to leave the trainers behind once in a while. Fantastic news about your Mum - sounds like she is making great progress I guess the sunny side of the redundancy is that you have been able to spend more time with her.

Am building to a half on October 9th (if injury stays away). Am not expecting anything fast as pace has dropped right off with longer runs (think it is the extra pounds i confess to carrying!!) but i am holding a decent pace on faster stuff. Did a progression run today progressing in 13min intervals (should have been 15 but short of time!) - 10.03, 9.30, 9.05, 8.24. Was quite pleased with that. The plan is 14M on Sunday all being well, although i need to take J to football at 9.15, so might be a very early one!!

15/09/2011 at 20:46

running sounds good Abs? 14 miles - i wish!

 Am just hauling myself to the gym and running a bit at the mo - fitness and stamina are both way down so have finally conceded that there is no way I can run the new forest half on 25th. what a shame - bet it's beautiful. next year? bootcamp restarts in 2 weeks - i am soooo there!

anyone else around? hellooooooooooo.....

15/09/2011 at 21:11

I am here really, its just that my life is very deeply chaotic at the moment.  I'm doing well this evening as I have actually sat down for longer than it takes to eat a meal.

The new job is not a joy.  I'm being given responsibilities for things that no-one else wants to do way above my pay grade or my experience.  Stupid.  Plus the college timetables are screwed and we're ending up in different rooms from those that the students have been told, at different times or different people are teaching the classes.  Shocking lack of coordination.  Its kind of embarassing now, but at least it is Thursday night and I'm not working tomorrow.  

On that basis I'm barely getting out to run - I just can't find time.  I'm so wound up that running is feeling very hard, with my shoulders up round my ears.  I'm sure llife will settle soon and I can get back into it.

Mind you, a deeply stressy new job is very useful for weight loss.  5lbs last week, another 2 so far this week (though a blip in the middle for a fabulous wedding) and I'm now back as light as I was at Brighton. I'm sure it is going to help when I pick up running again properly. 

How did the early 14 go, Abs?

Hope your Mum is continuing to improve Gladrags.  Congrats on the wonga.  And the moral victory, more importantly.  How are you coping with not working now the kids are back at school?

Nearly time for bed, I think.  Is it nearly half term?

18/09/2011 at 12:30

Wotsit - that sounds really rough? Maybe once the timetable has settled down, things will start to improve? the weight loss is a not unpleasant side effect though?

Not working is odd. Nice to feel on top of life for once (homework is done on time, house is more organised and the to do list is very short), but am not sure my self motivation can cope with this big empty space. Manage to get myself out of the door for runs, but then have huge CBA moments the whole way round

so. need to get self in gear. need an aim. there's a local 10k early November. sounds like a good candidate.....

what's everyone else aiming for?

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