Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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09/09/2011 at 21:20

Long time no post - where have we all gone?

Sounds like a good holiday Gladrags and i think it is a good thing to leave the trainers behind once in a while. Fantastic news about your Mum - sounds like she is making great progress I guess the sunny side of the redundancy is that you have been able to spend more time with her.

Am building to a half on October 9th (if injury stays away). Am not expecting anything fast as pace has dropped right off with longer runs (think it is the extra pounds i confess to carrying!!) but i am holding a decent pace on faster stuff. Did a progression run today progressing in 13min intervals (should have been 15 but short of time!) - 10.03, 9.30, 9.05, 8.24. Was quite pleased with that. The plan is 14M on Sunday all being well, although i need to take J to football at 9.15, so might be a very early one!!

15/09/2011 at 20:46

running sounds good Abs? 14 miles - i wish!

 Am just hauling myself to the gym and running a bit at the mo - fitness and stamina are both way down so have finally conceded that there is no way I can run the new forest half on 25th. what a shame - bet it's beautiful. next year? bootcamp restarts in 2 weeks - i am soooo there!

anyone else around? hellooooooooooo.....

15/09/2011 at 21:11

I am here really, its just that my life is very deeply chaotic at the moment.  I'm doing well this evening as I have actually sat down for longer than it takes to eat a meal.

The new job is not a joy.  I'm being given responsibilities for things that no-one else wants to do way above my pay grade or my experience.  Stupid.  Plus the college timetables are screwed and we're ending up in different rooms from those that the students have been told, at different times or different people are teaching the classes.  Shocking lack of coordination.  Its kind of embarassing now, but at least it is Thursday night and I'm not working tomorrow.  

On that basis I'm barely getting out to run - I just can't find time.  I'm so wound up that running is feeling very hard, with my shoulders up round my ears.  I'm sure llife will settle soon and I can get back into it.

Mind you, a deeply stressy new job is very useful for weight loss.  5lbs last week, another 2 so far this week (though a blip in the middle for a fabulous wedding) and I'm now back as light as I was at Brighton. I'm sure it is going to help when I pick up running again properly. 

How did the early 14 go, Abs?

Hope your Mum is continuing to improve Gladrags.  Congrats on the wonga.  And the moral victory, more importantly.  How are you coping with not working now the kids are back at school?

Nearly time for bed, I think.  Is it nearly half term?

18/09/2011 at 12:30

Wotsit - that sounds really rough? Maybe once the timetable has settled down, things will start to improve? the weight loss is a not unpleasant side effect though?

Not working is odd. Nice to feel on top of life for once (homework is done on time, house is more organised and the to do list is very short), but am not sure my self motivation can cope with this big empty space. Manage to get myself out of the door for runs, but then have huge CBA moments the whole way round

so. need to get self in gear. need an aim. there's a local 10k early November. sounds like a good candidate.....

what's everyone else aiming for?

18/09/2011 at 15:53

Hope it settles down soon Wotsit, is horrible when you get left with the c*** at work - sure you are doing a fab job with it though. Yay to weight loss - i am now trying hard to lose a bit. I am about 5lb over Brighton (and even that was heavy for where i want to be)

Have you an idea what you would like to do next Gladrags, job wise - are you still thinking of teacher training? 10k sounds like a good plan to focus.

Am still hoping to do the half in 3 weeks - I did my longest run today since Brighton - 13.12 miles. Was fine, no major problems, the odd twinge but i will feel it more tomorrow. My ankle is fine when i run, then sore the next day then fine again the next day when i run - strange!! My knees seemed to have cleared themsleves up though - i find they tend to adapt. Am definitely not as fit as when i got 2 01, so will have to really open the pain cupboard to have a crack at sub 2. Will give it a go though and see.

London results in the next few weeks isnt it - i completely forgot until this morning. Have entered Brighton but you cant quite beat that feeling of running up the mall.

21/09/2011 at 15:00

am also in the ballot - I just live so close to the start, it would be rude not to try! Mixed feelings though - not sure if I have another 26.2 in me?

well done on aiming for the half Abs? Think you don't have to get a pb to feel you've done well? could just be a stepping stone to kick off this new season?

yes - still thinking about techer training, but yet to do anything about it. Must make some calls to at least shadow teachers in local schools. that can be my admin for tomorrow!

admin for today has been trying to track down piano lessons for kids. the school can't do them and M is desperate to start despite our current lack of piano!!) - i have 2 options so far -both hideously expensive!

24/09/2011 at 13:00

Think that is it Gladrags - just kicking things off again - mind you todays run felt more like finishing me off - did 15miles at just under 10mm pace and was hard work by the end. Only myself to blame really as had no bananas or crumpets so ran with just an energy drink - guess that will do it eh!! Is 2 weeks until the half so am unsure what to run next weekend  - when i got a pb, i did a 16 the week before but i have not got that in me, so will prob go for 8.

Piano lessons are so expensive arent they - my friends child takes them but my children seem to swing more for violin and recorder which can easily be supported within school. Mind you the other acticities and clubs etc are not equally as cheap.

10th wedding anniversary tomorrow so off to Cley Windmill near Norfolk for the night - am very excited.

25/09/2011 at 19:47

Happy Anniversary Abs & Bri   Hope you've had a fabulous day

We have a lovely piano teacher for the Wockette, but unfortunately are struggling wildly to fit in actually seeing her this term.  I'm struggling to fit in much at all.  <sigh>

Abs - am most impressed by your running.  15m is fabulous!  Which HM is it?  Can't believe you'd think about 16m a week before a HM.  Def 8m, I think.

Wickett is supposedlydoing Chester mara in 2 weeks time but is struggling with tendonitis and questioning whether it is worth doing it at all, knowing he won't get the time he really wanted (sub 3.15) though he might get 3.30 ish.  It is hard to hold off on going "3.30?  I would kill for that!"  But such is life.

I've managed to get out and run a bit more this week and am feeling a touch less stressy but still sleeping really badly.  I need not to be woken by my internal monologue at 3am.  Even going out with my sisters last night didn't help, so bed at 2am, awake at 5am... am not at my best today....

26/09/2011 at 21:22
Helloooooooo! Can relate to the work stress thing - hence have not been on here much, hmph. Hope things settle down for you soon, Wotsit, it's not a good feeling, especially in combination with not sleeping. I get that internal monologue thing, usually before I go to sleep, hence I don't get to sleep until rather late. Still, the running is getting going a bit, not quite the long runs of earler in the year but better than nothing. Definitely helps with the stress. I have been chickening out and not going when I am tired but I went tonight and felt loads better. It was only 3 miles but still felt really good. Note to self, must run more, must run more...

Gladrags - yay, definitely teach! I do love it, even if it is blimming hard work at times. More often than not I end the day feeling like I love my job. The kids really make me smile.

Abs, happy anniversary! How lovely to go away - the pics on FB look beautiful. Great going on the running too, here's hoping for a good HM. Maybe, just maybe it could be time for the sub 2???

29/09/2011 at 16:15

we're 10 years in Feb Abs! You must have been a child bride?  - hope Norfolk was fun.

piano lessons started on Tuesday - not cheap but they are both realy keen so feel the need to act. they are on the waiting list to do piano at school - will be cheaper and easier so am hoping they get in soon!

got the london rejection mag today. anyone else? am not too bothered really. am just now mulling over whether i really want to do a marathon next year.... did you all enter brighton again?

am bootcamping again. it was the timed run this morning - i was the fastest in the group which is baaad as have no one to pace myself against. i knew i'd gone too slowly when i had the strengt to sprint the last bit.... 1m59 when my best is 1m42....... ho hum. it was very warm.....

and finally (!) - Mum has moved up to be near us for her treatment. Lovely having her so close - took them for lunch in greenwich park today. shame it's only for 6 weeks - the kids would love to see more of her.......

29/09/2011 at 22:26

I was 24 when i got married, it has flown by though tbh - life certainly doesnt hang around. Had an amazing weekend, the windmill was lovely - so nice to escape and have some chill time. Saw 2 children the entire weekend - most odd.

Great news on having your mum close by, lovely for all of you and am sure it will be a tremendous support to her throughout her treatment. Lunch in Greenwich park sounds nice.

 Not too fussed about London rejection as my mate is also doing Brighton so wont have a hard decision to make. I am already planning on running it ' Brian style' - no watch to pace myself, just go by feel. I think i will do that next week for my half - set the watch to 1 field - distance display, run by feel, record splits in background and have a surprise at the end. Now do I have that much willpower????

How long will this bootcamp last - are you still doing early morning starts Gladrags?

F was 8 today - my baby is growing up so quickly. She had a lovely day and the puffle cake is nearly gone - i was quietly impressed with my attempts, good practice for my little teashop that i have my lottery winning heart set on opening.

02/10/2011 at 10:25

Opted for the 8M and not 16 - was a decent steady pace of 9.28mm - felt very hot out there though and i was dripping when i got home.

Had a good shopping day with F yesterday - she had a bit of birthday money to spend, though i did subsidise rather a lot - but as i would have to buy winter boots anyway thought may as well go for the ones she fell in love with.

A day of shopping and housework ahead - how bleek!!

08/10/2011 at 12:58
09/10/2011 at 07:26


I am in absolute shock mate and am sending huge hugs to all of you. I know you have been having troubles at work but this is a double whammy that I am sure no-one as well as you saw coming. Do you think is possibly a male wobble, a sort of early mid life thing - he left his job too didnt he as decided am so so sorry you are faced with this and clearl at a very bad time.

You know we are all here for you and it looks like you have lots of support. Life throws some crap at times eh.

Hope the alcolhol was flowing nicely last night

09/10/2011 at 08:16
Oh Wotsit, I am so sorry Really can't believe for the life of me what he thinks he's playing at! Huge, huge hugs xxxxxxxx

Good luck today, Abs, you will be fab.
15/10/2011 at 19:57
Wotsit - have emailed
17/10/2011 at 21:20

definitely a midlife wobble.....

had one the other day - was thinking that a few more carefree days like in my late twenties would be nice.... but those days are over - only took me a few seconds to twig that one and carry on as normal.

ahem. have signed up for a gold bond place. london 2012 (!) - for the royal marsden charity as they have done so much for my Mum..... nearly blubbed when the woman phoned up to offer me a place and strong possibilty I will blub all the way round - but as long as I raise the £2k, I don't care....

19/10/2011 at 19:56

I shall be there, offering sponsorship money.  I think its a very different beast to running it for the experience, or for a good time.  Have to admit, I've considered taking up a charity place this year and doing it as a fundraising thing.  I'm just not sure I should commit the time... so tricky.

Don't we all have those little wobbles about our lives and the ways they've shaped up now and again?  I think the question is what you do with that realisation, not that you have them.

So - onwards and upwards.  I'm OK and we are getting back to normality, maybe.  

23/10/2011 at 18:41

Delighted to hear  normality is returning.

  We do all have wobbles in our lives - if we can all work together to overcome them then the sky is the limit. really wish you both the best. you deserve it.

take a charity place! let's run it together! can offer you a bed the night before?

24/10/2011 at 19:56

Glad to hear things are getting sorted Wotsit - life likes to throw little tests eh. I agree, is completely normal to have wobbles in all aspects of our lives - though a little more of the dull would be nicer sometimes. Go for it with the charity spot - i will come and hold the flat coke.

How is the bootcamp Gladrags - are you still doing it?

I have been running  a little too well lately, which means injury is no doubt round the corner!! My 10miler was 93 mins on Saturday - i almost felt like adding another 5k as know i could have got a HM PB - was strange as only felt like i was pushing the pace for the last 3 miles. Today i did 4 x 5mins aiming for 8.15 - 8.30 pace and did one of them in 7.43. Others between 8 and 8.20 and it was windy! Maybe my watch is buggered - i think i might map my route online too later in the week to check.

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