Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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25/10/2011 at 19:42

watch not buggered - its your youthfulness! well done  - do you have a race in mind? I can't remember...

bootcamp is over for a while - the 2 before Christmas include chunks of school holidays so am not going to sign up for those. January bootcamp will be awful weather wise but at least there should be lots of attendees? My aim is to do that one and then maybe have a half marathon mid feb time....

Hope all well elsewhere


26/10/2011 at 16:24
Definitely, watch is surely right!! You're just flying, that's all A good sign. I had one of those runs in Sat when I felt like I was being slow but was actually 9.30 pace. Happy days. I am slowly but surely building up the strength and endurance. Long run is back up to 8.5 and increasing! Did 6 miles of hills yesterday which was very yucky but I am sure I will benefit. Club run tomorrow and my first ever park run on Saturday. Very excited! Not going to run it too fast and then I have a time to beat next time

So so pleased that some semblance of normality is returning. I was very worried And I see some great running going on too, Wotsit. We will definitely have to have another meet-up. Liking Gladrags' idea of a half in the middle in spring. Stafford!!!

29/10/2011 at 14:49

did 9 miles this morning - glorious day here and have empty house for the weekend  () - so made the most of it. everything felt fine except new trainers..... they are the same model i've been running in for the last 10 years (just in purple rather than white.... mmmmmm) and the soles seem really really stiff. I had to take the insoles out to run the last couple of miles as it was hurting so much. will try some other insoles but am a bit cheesed off - might contact asics.

stafford you say? marvellous. what's the date on that one? would be really lovely to meet up with you all.

how was the park run? think i ran past the greenwich one today - might see if i can join them next time...

29/10/2011 at 19:05
25th March. Entries open 7th nov and it is pretty popular. No mad rush, but I would say enter by Jan if you want to do it

Parkrun was pretty good! Was lurged up which wasn't good - the usual old half term cold - so knew it wouldn't be a flier (and just could not push hard, my head was banging!) but pleased all things considered with 30.12. A bit annoyed not to get under th magical 30 mins but hey ho. What I was most pleased with though was my very consistent splits of 9.33 9.47 9.44. I finished 7th lady Based on my PB of 25.28 I would finish 2nd!

Definitely sign up for it. It is fun and i think I may get addicted
31/10/2011 at 08:20

25th March - could work. Quite a slog from here so will enter if some/all of you are doing it but not otherwise? Definitely need a couple of races before the big one....

7th lady is a great achievement! cool! my problem is that normally we're up to our eyeballs getting ready for swimming lessons at that time!! wonder if i can delegate that?!

so after my 9 miler, it's back to nothing this week - my kids have a 2 week half term and i'm in sole charge so no free time. what's everyone else up to?

31/10/2011 at 22:17
2 week half term? Love it!!! Unfortunately back at work so no fun with the small one. Well, I am going to see if I can finish on time tomorrow so we can have some late afternoon fun
02/11/2011 at 18:04

Awesome racing Tatty - fascinated by where you could place if you were properly trying!

 We have a coordination problem with parkrun timings too, as it clashes with football - mind you, now I have returned to my state of single parenting (tosser) I should be able to do all that stuff on alternate weekends, right?  I'm a bit angry - you'll ignore me if I vent and ramble, won't you?

Had a cracking run on Monday - got home early and had paid up childcare till 6, so had a spare 40 mins.  Did 3.5m at 9:30mi - woo hoo!  Getting back to speed felt lovely.

03/11/2011 at 18:21

No way - bloody hell, so thought things were getting back on track - huge hugs to you and the children, hope they are ok? You can rant as much as you need to.

Well done all on the great running and super parkrun result Tatty- you remember that part when i said 'running is good -too good to be true' - well now i have strained a muscle in the back and can hardly walk let alone run. Am quite drugged up today as taking max dose ibuprofen with codeine. I am walking like the hunchback and J is on crutches after a football injury - we are not doing too well in our household.

 So gutted did not get to see you last weekend Wotsit, was a crazy one, cubs, 2 birthday parties and a ball on the Sat night. I hope you had a good stay though i am sure that is a distant memory in light of current events.

Sod running - we need to meet in the middle for a good old p*** up!!!

03/11/2011 at 20:33

bloody hell indeed. so sorry to hear this- please please vent away. p*** up sounds like an excellent idea. where? when? am open to offers!

03/11/2011 at 21:02
Bah, can't do angry faces on my I-pad!!! Unbelievable. Definitely vent on here and definitely need a p**s up!!!

Good to be speedy though. I run well when angry!!

Abs - noooooo!!! Poor you and poor J. Not good. Maybe it might settle in a day or two?

I am parkrunning again on Sat might try a bit harder. I do wonder sometimes how I might do if I could really rack up the training. I usually get to about 30 mpw and then hold it for about 3 weeks and then get ill. Not usually injured, but lurged up! My immune system must be carp. In 2009 when I set PBs at all distances, I only averaged 25 mpw for about 6 weeks. There is surely an atherlete in there I am building up really slowly ATM, following the 10% rule very strictly. Let's see!
10/11/2011 at 14:45

how is everyone? in one piece? been a hectic time on here.....

Thought life ws returning to normality here and then back to turmoil - Mr G very unhappy at work and now been signed off with stress. Gah. Cannot go down this route - am thinking we really need to overhaul the whole thing and move to a less stressy job with a less stressy mortgage......

meanwhile, Mum's treatment has finished! She looks fab and is even talking about playing golf again! and my running seems to be ok.....

was that everyone in on the p*** up idea? some time early 2012?

01/12/2011 at 14:40

Hello all

Gosh - we've all been very busy, I guess?  How did 3 weeks go past?

Gladrags - fab news about your Mum   Am totally thrilled for you.

Hope everyone's running is going well?  Tatty and Abs, I've been stalking you on facebook, and your looks like it is going swimmingly?  Mine was going pretty well... until this week when I've been struck down with a mega-lurgy which, 3 days in, is still all raging temperatures and shivvery feebleness.  My self-esteem is trashed anyway, so you can only imagine how glorious I feel, all filled up with snot.

01/12/2011 at 14:46

Oh - I've returned from the single parenting thing, thankfully.  Baby steps here but appreciating being friends at the very least.  I was doing much better with being strong before I got ill, as now I just want to weep a bit, but that, like so many other things, will pass.

He started a new job today, so I'm hoping that now we've finally hit that particular milestone and source of stress that we might be able to move forward.  Have to admit, my expectation of anything is pretty low and I'm bumbling through with my fingers crossed, being enormously thankful that I have my friends and family around to rely on.  Work is much easier though - all these things in perspective?

How goes Mr G, Gladrags?

02/12/2011 at 18:11

Hoorah - have been checking on this forum for ages and no news! do hope it keeps going - great for motivation when training gets tough! (as well as being generally nice coffee morning type place)

delighted to hear about baby steps in the right direction. hope the new job works out - think if that's right for a bloke, things are easier?

so yes, Mr G still off work. has officially lodged a grievance about his boss. Am trying not to think about it all too much as then I get a bit stressed and we're in a holy mess!!!

Training is going well - have done a few 9 milers quite happily which I think is fine for November. Might try and do 12 before Xmas and then am well placed to start a plan in Jan. Everone else's training seems to be on fire! what races are you all doing?

02/12/2011 at 18:13

sorry, forgot my big news......

 have lost a stone and am now the same weight as when we got married! Hoorah! (just in time to put it all back on over Xmas!)

03/12/2011 at 20:32

Wowee!  That is cracking stuff, well done

Have to admit, weight loss has been the only upside of the recent ongoings here - and my new current joy, the flu.  I'm around the same weight I was when I got married too, though completely differently distributed.  At the moment, I'm so nauseous from all the flu drugs plus the gunk I'm sniffing/coughing (I am delicious, yes) that I'm not really eating and this morning the Wockette pointed out, quite sadly, bless her, that my juicy tummy had disappeared and I'd gone all thin around the middle.  Bizarre.  

Training sounds good - I was up to 8 quite happily before the lurgy hit.  I've got my training partner back on a Friday too, which is fab

I'm hoping the job makes a difference, yes.  I think work weighs heavily for blokes - he's trying to work to compartmentalise it all.  Must be odd having MrG at home all the time?  You've gone from both of you working lots, to neither of you - are you managing to spend some quality time together while the kids are at school?  Or are you setting him to work on all the house DIY jobs?

10/12/2011 at 16:56
Glad things are moving in the right direction Wotsit, not so great about your lurgy - looks like you are having an awful time of it.

Great news on the weight loss girls, I am not where i want to be but definitely getting there. Back in the 10's so i am happier with that. Am going to try and maintain a bit of control over xmas - usually it goes to pot for 2 weeks, am aiming for 2 days.

Have been off work for the last week, had a scare last week and was taken into hospital - collapsed in a car park. Have been very stressed out at work and had what i thought was a panic attack. Got to go back to docs on Wed as blood sugar abnormal too. This has meant an enforced rest from running - my foot was playing up anyway. I think it is a strain at the side but rest does not seem to sort it. I had it when training for Brighton and it is still in the background, it went and has come back.

On a plus, hubby has a new job. He will be teaching at the college in the catering department, starts on 3rd Jan. This is a huge change for us - I have never had him at home in the evenings in the 17 years we have been together - will be very strange.

Hope all works out well for Mr G. He is not tempted to take up running with you?
12/12/2011 at 18:10

Abs - you ok? collapsing sounds bad? abnormal blood sugar resolved now? great news that you'll have him at home in the evenings?

Mr G has taken up cycling -currently doing 40+ miles 2-3 times a week! Group of dads doing it - think it's a mass mid life crisis! He is the lightest I have ever known him..... good stress reliever. hoping that the work situation will resolve soon.

having him at home is.... odd! i had just got a nice little routine and now he's here! we're getting there - both doing our own stuff but also managing some nice couply time for first time in ages....

glad things looking up w. hope lurgy are over soon and then life will resume some shape?

managed an unhappy 11 miler this morning. clothing was all wrong (cold all the way round), fuelling was wrong (one slice toast just not enough) - everything was wrong. bleurgh. by my theory of running, the next run should be great!

12/12/2011 at 19:06

Happy next run Gladrags!

Abs - blimey - that sounds scary.  Any news on the blood sugar?  Hope you're feeling better now.  Look after yourself.

Yes, been very under the weather.  Flu turned into pneumonia, so thats me out of running for a bit!  Struggling with getting out of breath just climbing the stairs or trying to walk round the house and sing at the same time.  The latter is a festive nightmare!  I'm hoping that I'll get the all clear as far as the fluid on my lungs goes tomorrow so I can actually leave the house again (been on house arrest for nearly 2 weeks) and get the last of the christmas shopping finished.

How is everyone else's christmas prep going?

13/12/2011 at 17:49
All clear on the lungs - hoorah!  But still have to take it easy and not go back to work just yet.  I've had a brief trip out, as am allowed to move from one warm place to another now, but the walk to and from the car did make me cough a lot.  Onwards and upwards!
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