Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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26/01/2012 at 17:52

having bad time. family tragedy (not my Mum/dad/sis) - in desperately sad circumstances. i keep writing a more detailed post and thn deleting it - i can't post yet as am not sure who knows what and don't want any leaks into real life.

2012 not looking like it will be brighter than 2011 after all.

26/01/2012 at 23:06
Gladrags - oh no, you and the family have been through so much already. You know you can DM any of us if u need to chat, vent etc. Sending huge hugs xxx
30/01/2012 at 08:41

Sorry about the cryptic message the other day - the news really floored me last week. I have spent the weekend with my family and we have talked the whole thing through, so we are all ready to face the world this week.

My 36 year old cousin committed suicide last week. He had been mentally ill for some time but we thought he had it under control. From our perspective he wa happily married with 2 young children, so it caught us all off balance.

Such a tricky thing. The stigma of mental illness is already meaning that not all of the family are being told the whole truth.

The funeral is next week - my main aim is not to be a gibbering wreck as that won't help anyone (not even me).

Running very handy at times like these - long run on Friday helped me sort through a lot of stuff.

01/02/2012 at 19:08

Blimey Gladrags - how horrible for you all.  Mental illness is sadly one of those things that it is very easy to hide from a lot of people of very easy to go down hill very fast.  I deal with a lot of students in precarious positions and the rate of change floors me.  Glad the running is helping, but don't forget that you are allowed to gibber somewhat at a funeral.  The opportunity for an outpouring of grief is very cathartic.

Will be back for garmin questions, just got to pick up the wockette from brownies...

01/02/2012 at 19:19

the rate of change. oh yes. caught everyone out - even the medical professionals who saw him a few days earlier......

am swinging wildly between loving and hating the garmin. i did some good intervals and likes it telling me how fast i went, but on long runs the speed seems horrifically slow.

 must go - small children demanding attention.

01/02/2012 at 20:06

So, kids in bed, now to answer the questions.

1) No, you can't take out slow bits.  Thats cheating.   Though if I was going to get a drink, I think I'd stop it altogether.

2) Yes, often very strange readings.  I stopped looking at the elevation after one run where I thought I'd done a huge amount of climbing and someone else I was with had less than half that number.  If you download it to the garmin software or to garmin online it does sometimes even it out?

3) Yes.  Especially the interval sets.  I had a programme that beeps every 5 mins, so I can do 5 slow, 5 med, 5 fast and repeat.  I use that a lot.  And a beep @ 15mins one too, useful for progression runs.  They're pretty simple to create.  Just make sure you don't put 'and end' at the end of the run if you aren't utterlyu sure you'll have made it home by then as there is nothing quite as irritating as having to restart the damn thing when its decided that you should be having a cup of tea, so has stopped.

I think both you and Abs are going to have fabulous years of racing!  And as for Tatty and her ultra, well, I am very impressed.

As for me, I've picked up another bug, so am taking it easy and Wickett is away with work this week, so I have little choice.  But we're all off to centre parcs on Friday, for some much needed family fun time.  Think of us as we whoooooosh down those water slides!

02/02/2012 at 17:42

thank you so much.... will def try and create some interval programmes - have never really done any before but it turns out to be quite good fun which is great news from the motivational point of  view...

finished the january bootcamp today - in subzero conditions on a very windy Blackheath - first time I have ever worn hat and gloves for training. once we got going it was actually fine and (big drunmroll) - I beat my time trial record with 1m42 for the lap. Apparently the fastest women's time is 1m39 so reckon I'll have a crack at that in the summer!

Center Parcs sounds good - my kids are always on about going - family relaxation sounds like v good idea - hope you all have fun (and that your bug clears up soon)

long run tomorrow - am thinking of running to dartford and getting the train back.......

05/02/2012 at 18:13

just surfacing here - full morning of sledging meant we have all had a v lazy afternoon watching movies...all good.

great run on friday - skipped the dartford run in favour of driving out into kent and running round a reservoir. v beautiful and bang on 13 miles - perfect! am contemplating running the same route in the other direction this week....

06/02/2012 at 19:53

Fabulous running!  What a good idea - I think its so easy to get jaded with the same old routes. 

What is happening work wise with with you and Mr G now?

Def recommend center parcs.  Kids had a blast - as did we.  We tend not to do too much of the extras you pay for, so the price of the accomodation is pretty much all you cover.  I think we spent £100 extra, on dinner out, bowling, ice skating and sandwiches today.  Otherwise we brought and cooked stuff and swam, cycled, played in the many parks and collapsed!  Even more to do in the warmer months, where you don't have snow and freezing fog to contend with.  And I ran and felt good.  And am going to have to ramp up over the next  7 weeks, given that I have to do 2 x 10k laps at the Lightening Run at least.  If not 3.  Hey ho!

13/02/2012 at 18:12

the Lightening Run??

mr g oes tchnically have a job but hasn't worked for over 3 months now. The children are the only ones with proper schedules in this house - a fact that they are becoming aware of and whinging about... hopefully d's job will be sorted one way or another soon as v difficult to plan stuff in this limbo state. i have been applying but no joy yet.

so cold down here - i managed to squeeze 12 miles in on Sat afternoon - I was aiming for 14, but hadn't planned on the temperature dropping so much further as the sun went down, and headed back.

we're skiing next week - looking forward to that - hopefully that will be the change of scene that i need to remotivate me...

16/02/2012 at 20:49

Mmm... the Lightening Run is a 12hr race, run in laps of 10k.  I'm doing it in a team of 5 girls, Wickett is doing it on his own.  Frankly I'm considering lurking around a corner and tripping him up around the 11 hour mark, given the current state of play here. 

My running is on the up this week - got in 18m over 4 runs.  Onwards and upwards next week, I hope.  Normally its harder to run when the kids are on holiday, but going away has helped.  I need to be up to 10m before the race, which is looking much more likely now.  My hip is aching though... suspect being in strange beds hasn't helped!

 Gosh - job thing must be very stressful in itself?

27/02/2012 at 12:26

scarface here!

honestly - I was just getting back into the whole skiing lark again and enjoying a really nice morning with mr g, when some lunatic wiped me out. he then skied off while some other kindly french people stopped and patched me up.

face feels far worse than it looks - I guess that's better than the other way around! Stitches come out on Wed so will wait until then to run. training plan has me down for a 9 miler and then 15 on friday - sems rather ott?

sounds like everyone is running great guns at the moment? lightening run sounds like good fun wotsit? great idea to do it in a relay - you can laugh at those doing it solo when they start to flag??

28/02/2012 at 14:01
Oh and I really will be laughing too! And enjoying overtaking people up the hills!

Poor you! There are some serious tossers about. How lovely to run off after he's injured you.

I'm just typing from the salon, having my hair done in preparation for my weekend away in London with Wickett. We've even agreed to leave the running kit at home in favour of spending Sunday morning having a lovely lie in with the papers followed by a cooked breakfast.

Running is going well, hampered a bit by a touch of insomnia this week and a trapped nerve in my toes. Did 7m comfortably on Sunday so am building up to be comfortable at about 10m before the race. Just need to stay healthy...

Heal fast gladrags.
04/03/2012 at 14:20
Hope you are feeling better Gladrags - that is disgusting behaviour - to injury someone and just walk away - agree with Wotsit, tossers!! Hope you have got back into your running ok. These marathons are coming round too quick this year aren't they? Only 6 weeks today until Brighton. I have Cambridge half next Sunday. I think i have sub 2 in me, whether it happens on the day is another matter.

Weight loss has definitely gone in the right direction - lost a stone this year and over 2% BF. Am at my lightest since the first year of high school so very very happy. Think that has helped my running.

How was the London weekend Wotsit?, hope it did you both the world of good? Hard to find that quality time sometimes isn't it. We did the London thing a couple of weeks ago. Brian's late xmas pressie was a meal at Joel Robouchon - it was amazing, a world away from the normality of Pizza Express.

Went to the TCR show yesterday, was great to hear Chrissie Wellington speak and I met Helen Jenkins - how tiny do these women look in real life though!

Where is Tatty?

04/03/2012 at 20:22

tossers indeed! cheek now looks fine (which is good) but feels very lumpy and my teeth are still numb (which is not)..... running is actually fine - great news.

cannot believe how quickly the races are coming round..... i have entered a 15 miler at the end of March - just aiming to run a steady pace and get used to running with other people again. sub 2 sounds great Abs - smash it! lighter than 1st year High School???? I'd need to lose another 2 stone for that!!!!!

plans this week? my LSR will be 18 miles.

 and i will be starting my new job on wed - mixed emotions..... going to  buy self some new clothes tomorrow so feel sharper!

09/03/2012 at 18:46
Glad cheek is improving, hope toothies are now feeling better.

No super long run this weekend, will do the half on Sunday and then go for 19-20 next week. Think i will decide on marathon pace after the half as i have no idea.

Remember i was very heavy at high school. Am now 10st2, I was nearly 11st last year at Brighton so very pleased. Have been following the Fit Naturally off the shelf plans - brilliant. Have so much more energy for eating better.

How did the new job go????
09/03/2012 at 20:07

new job - so far so good! everyone is very friendly which took me by surprise - was used to no one speaking to me in my old job!! so once i have figures out what i'm supposed to be doing, it might work out nicely....

having severe mojo issues..... looked back at previous marathon plans and I'm doing ok - just feel like I'm not - and am struggling. 18 miler lined up for the weekend. am abandoning garmin for the time being as think that may be part of problem. am going to think miles not minutes for this one...

which half Abs? I;m thinking of the Kingston breakfast run on 1 april - have done it twice before and it's 16 miles which is a good yardstick 3 weeks out.

 right - dinner - time for a glass of fizz.....

11/03/2012 at 16:36
Was Cambridge Half - i did 1.55.50ish. Was a good course, little bottlenecked in places but once on the second lap, it was fine. felt strong throughout and managed to reel people in in the last mile which was nice. First mile 9.48, last mile - 8.32, averaged at 8.49 so very chuffed. Approached as a progressive run, did 7 miles hard side of steady, then a 40min hard threshold, then hung on til the end. Bit peaved as was chip timing and they took splits about 5 times, but confirmed time as gun time. Hopefully when results are up will be adjusted.

Glad job is going well, colleagues should be nice - how horrible to work somewhere and be ignored. I would not cope with that, am way too sensitive.

Kingston sounds good, is 2 weeks before brighton so prob a bit close to join you. Dont stress about training, sure it is going much better than you think. I look forward to cheering you on. Will be there again, though hopping to different places.
12/03/2012 at 20:06

woohoo Abs! I did think about you yesterday but forgot to log in last night and then have been at work today  - fabulous news - think you are definitely getting alittle speedy for us more mature ladeeeez! (sorry am unfairly lumping wotsit and tatty in with me!) like the way you approached it.

am doing a 17-18 miler tomorrow, will tollow your example and try and split it up a bit - first half very easy i reckon and then take it from there.....

15/03/2012 at 20:44

I am so very impressed and not a little jealous of Abs' fab racing.  Have you come down from it yet? 

I've been googling Fit Naturally - that looks interesting.  Has it been empowering having someone else set up your diet plan?  My weight is going in the other direction at the moment, given that a) I'm not running very much because my foot is playing up and I'm working too many hours to be very well able to fit it in and b) I'm enjoying a glass of wine/gin most evenings, as well as chocolate.  And cake. But my stress levels are ever so high, which makes my heart rate crazy high, which must mean my metabolism is sky high too, right?

And collapse.

 Sorry if I keep missing you posting - my email thing isn't emailing me when someone has posted any more and its ever so confusing!

Hope the long run went well Gladrags?

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