Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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31/03/2012 at 22:13

Full of cold here, so little running this end of the week, but gloriously it is now the holidays and the kids are off to Grandma's tomorrow afternoon to stay for the week.  Yes, really.  The whole week.  Well, until Friday lunchtime when we join them, but I'm not complaining   Am very much looking forward to just rocking in from work and not having to run around after anyone.  And being able to run when I want because there are no students and therefore no set times for anything at work.  Marvellous.

Tatty - I am so sorry, that is really sad news.  Not that it goes any way towards helping, but you have a big fertility bounceback after a miscarriage and lots of people (including me, when I had the small boy) get pregnant straight after having one.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you.  Its a hard time, so I'm glad to hear you have run. God knows how I would have survived this year without being able to get out running.

Yes, muscles have memory.  Don't forget that a) you have been ill b) your body has had a trauma and c) so has your mind.  Be gentle on yourself for a bit.  I have been so stressed recently that my running has been doubly hard, just running with the addition of an already high heart rate and tense shoulders.  It does make a huge difference.

Don't start me off about London congestion

Abs - my favourite places as a supporter are around canary wharf, where it almost doubles back on itself, so you can whip across and see runners at mile 15 and 19?  Something like that... its a long time!  I always love the embankment supporters.  They've done a lotfor my morale in that home straight.

 Gladrags - I sense a spring full of PBs

01/04/2012 at 20:56


did something a bit daft tihs morning. forgot to take my daily meds before going to kingston (I usually double the dose for runs over 13 mlies) - so was worried about how i would cope from the beginning. (meds are steroids as have a dodgy adrenal gland)

i thought it was lack of motivation when i kept stopping to walk - but actually, at the end of the race i was very unwell. some kind soul encouraged me to jog the last half mile - aren't runners great. but i was really disorientated by the end. actually could not speak to her other than to grint "thanks" - everything ached and my head was spinning.

somehow managed to drive home and then have spent the afternoon in bed being ill.

if this is solely due to not taking meds then ok -chalk it up to experience. but not a good last long run before VLM.....

going to take it easy for a couple of days to get bakc to full strength. then i need some confidence building activities for the next 3 weeks...... thoughts?

sorry v self focused - brilliant running Abs - fingers crossed for Brighton. and well done Tatty - we all have to start somewhere?

losing kids for a week sounds good. we are all trouping up to cheshire for easter weekend - if only i could opt out!

03/04/2012 at 16:36
Oh dear, Gladrags Hope you're OK now - sounds pretty serious? It does sound absolutely like it was due to no meds and you have been going great guns of late, so try not to worry...easy for me me to say, I know! Maybe get out and do something shorter and faster for confidence?

Thank you, Wotsit, you are always so sensible. And kind I know I am my own worst enemy when it comes to things like this. I am sure that half of the problem with my fertility is stressing about it! We do now have a nice few days away though - off to Bulgaria tomorrow (child free!!!) so perhaps that might help
04/04/2012 at 09:58

Hope you have a lovely weekend Tatty - think a weekend focusing on coupley things is good for the soul! We have one planned in early May and I can't wait!

Taper plan is now radically different from in previous years - this is all about getting my confidence back and making sure I'm on tip top form to do this. Aiming for a 90 minute enjoyable run this weekend to remind me why I do this!

Everyone ok? Abs - what's the latest?

07/04/2012 at 18:34
Hope the run went well Gladrags - sorry you had such a nasty experience at the race, but def sounds like the meds - def not your training. You are doing fab

Some time away Tatty sounds like exactly what you need. Hope you get to have some chill time and a bit of head space. Thinking of you lots.

I am still hanging in there. The run last weekend was a disaster but think it was a day too soon. The physio manipulated my rotated pelvis back and i stupidly ran the next day instead of waiting. Was a very uncomfortable 16m and destroyed my confidence for doing another 10. Feel a bit better this week and am just going to go with it and see what happens. Can feel the calf but praying that it holds.

Heading off to a camp on Monday so will not be able to check in here but will try and post on FB.
07/04/2012 at 18:34
ooh did not get the silly error message when i posted
07/04/2012 at 20:47

I even got a notification that you had! Hurrah!

Tatty - have a wonderful time away

Abs- have fun camping?  Hope your weather is better than ours.

We are watching Man vs Food.  Hysterical!

08/04/2012 at 18:54

afternoon ladies! - am a much happier gladrags today. I ran a very happy 12 miler - actually felt at the end of it that I could do it again without too many issues  - was fully dosed up this time and everything felt fine.

Abs - I do think it's a double-edged thing, being an experienced marathoner? knowing the enormity of what you're trying to do means that self-doubt is far worse than when we were shiny novices? i have always spouted to people that long distance running is at least 50% mental, but had not realised quite how true that was until recently.

I have had some bad runs recently. dwelling on them really impacted my self confidence. try looking back over your entire training diary - we have some serious miles banked here which cannot be eroded by a few dodgy runs. we. can. do. this. [determined emoticon]

and happy easter! - hope everyone had a chocolate laden day!

08/04/2012 at 19:54
never truer words spoken Gladrags - we so can and we will.

Glad you had a good run, that is a nice feeling when you know you could go on for so much more. I am going to just chill about it now. I will turn up, do my best and enjoy it. I cant let my anxieties ruin the week away for the children - that would be so unfair. Apart from this setback, my training has gone better than ever, so should hopefully carry me through on the day.

Jacob is doing the mini mile as well on Sunday - i am a bit gutted that i wont see him do it. but glad he is taking part.

So much chocolate in this house...loads of the stuff. I always think it will last months but it never does!!!!!
11/04/2012 at 10:54

ooohhhh - getting excited Abs? Saw your number on facebook - all very real now? What's the weather forecast - bit cooler than last year hopefully? think chocolate is actually a required taper food?

 sounds like a great idea to build a holiday around the marathon? lots of great things to do for kids in brighton - are you down there already? have lost track!!

all good here - had big package arrive from the Royal Marsden yesterday- t-shirts and these cardboard clapper things for the kids to shake - everyone v excited (M less so about the t-shirt as it is enromous and he doesn't fancy copying his sister and wearing it as a dress with leggings!!)

11/04/2012 at 18:18
Yes is very real now. I am down in Hastings at the moment - very very hilly!! We will drive down to Brighton Sunday morning. Niggles all ok apart from the new one (the right foot) think it is stiffness and will be ok - them hills probably. Why does something always start to hurt race week.

ooh bet the kids will have a fab time supporting. Is ur link on FB, will def sponsor you. Also what is ur race number?
12/04/2012 at 11:24

am rubbish with FB links!!! it's if you did want to sponsor me..... are you raising money this year if so will need your link thing too?

 think a  taper woudln't be a taper without some phatom aches and pains?! there's someone on the support group 1 thread who has sudden shin pain - realistically it is very unlikely to be something disastrous at this stage? Bit of TLC for your foot and hopefully it will recover? i always seem to go through lots of ibuprofen gel in the last few days - massaging it into all those twinges!

hoping to run home tonight - 7 miles - and then it can be 3 or 4 milers from then on in  - are you running any more Abs or is that it? cannot believe that it is suddenly so close? think my new job has helped kill some of the dead time in the last month that normally has me all jittery....

12/04/2012 at 21:11

Oooh - I am so excited for you both   And not a tiny bit gutted that you're both getting such glorious cool weather.  It is SO unfair! (*stomps feet a bit*) It does undoubtedly mean that you both have to blow away last years' marathon times so I can entriely put my performance down to the high temps and ride on your coat tails, yes?

Its the first Worcester marathon here on Sunday and a mate is running it.  He only discovered about gels and actually drinking when running after his longest 24m run.  Numpty.

12/04/2012 at 22:05
Ooh, it is getting close now for you, Gladrags and Abs. I am very excited for you both I have a good feeling about this year!

Lots of chocolate available in my house but I am not eating it. The scales say I am not allowed!! On the positive side, I have been running twice this week and it hurts a bit less now

Bulgaria was fun. Lots of red wine, cheese and warm weather. Back to reality now though and work on Monday. Suppose that is ne good thing about not doing Brighton this year - I cannot imagine having to work the day after a marathon, not least because our place has loads of stairs...
13/04/2012 at 09:23

glad you had a good break Tatty - sounds great!

managed to run about 4.5 miles towards home last night when i got caught in heavy rain. decided to plough on as i'd have to on the 22nd.... but then these enormous hailstones came down so decided enough was enough! phoned d to come and get me - and he was about a hundred yards away! He'd seen the black sky and had jumped in the car with the kids.  - was a very grateful (if rather bedraggled) Gladrags!

Where's Abs? Hopefully managing to keep her mind off it somewhere?

am reeeeeeeally hoping that this cooler weather holds. and to be honest - if it rains, that is not a disaster for me - my second best marathon and half times were both achieved in heavy rain..... (wotsit - am completely happy for you to claim my time as yours - this forum has been a major parft in me carrying on with all this nonsense!!)

16/04/2012 at 11:56
Sorry, was not easy to post on anything from a caravan and then my phone stopped working for Facebook as changing contracts -not ideal when away from home.

Glad you had a good break Tatty - definitely what you needed.

Wotsit - without a doubt you would have been quicker yesterday - last year the weather was horrific for marathon running. It was great yesterday aside from the windy miles but they didnt last long and were soon forgotten.

Was definitely the dream race for me, ran the first mile in about 10.10 and then was running between 8.55 and 9.10 until about mile 20. I was aware i was going quicker than planned but whenever i pulled back my pace just picked up naturally. Panicked a little at halfway when i saw i had gone under 2hrs and thought i had overcooked it and was gonna suffer big time. Tried to slow a bit but didnt seem to be when looking at the mile splits. Mile 15-17 were hard as i had seen my family and thought i wouldnt again until mile 25ish. Found that demoralising but luckily they had hopped to mile 18. A few whoops from the kids put a spring in my step and gave me strength for a few more miles until about mile 21-22. Hit 20miles at about 9.05 ave pace and had a minute advantage on sub 4. At mile 22 pace had dropped to about 9.15-9.20 and could feel calf tightening quite a bit and panicked it might go. Eased off and took a couple of walk breaks over the final 4miles. Sub 4 was never a goal as did not even enter my head as a possibility so was happy to listen to body and finish in one piece. Also, this was the first marathon where i have not suffered sloshy belly and felt sick. I took a high five gel every 20mins with water - did not take sports drinks at all this time apart from 250ml 1hr before starting. Hubby is not even sulking that he has been chicked by 10mins, haha! AND THE ROAD TO HELL BETWEEN 20-23 IS STILL HELL!! The wall has come down and been replaced by a gantry saying 'The Road to Hell' - how apt!

Am getting excited about standing on the other side of the fence on Sunday - have every belief you are going to have a great race Gladrags , fingers crossed for good weather.
16/04/2012 at 12:52

Wonderful, awe inspiring stuff Abs - well done you

16/04/2012 at 12:59
Thank you - cant tell a whole story on FB and naturally you girls have to have the full story
16/04/2012 at 12:59
so much easier that the updates come through again!
16/04/2012 at 21:57

absolutely amazing stuff Abs - inspirational! Am v impressed by the idea that you were telling yourself to slow down but kept reverting to 9m miling! brilliant. - did you allow yourself a little blub at the line?

are you enjoying a nice rest now? aches and pains and black toenails or still floating on air?

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