Lucozade Sport Super Six: Wotsit (sub-4:30)

Follow Wotsit as she embarks on her sub-4:30 FLM campaign (Mentor: Nick Anderson)

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16/04/2012 at 22:53
I did not blub..more went into shock. major chicken waddle but no black toenails. do have a sore toe though.

6 more sleeps for you
17/04/2012 at 07:37

starting to get nervous now - collecting my no tomorrow after work.....

chicken waddle sounds good?! marathon recovery has definitely improvedf over the years here (famous last words!!) but walking seems to become this weird shuffle for a couple of days afterwards!!

weather here is foul this morning - overcast, cold, windy and now raining quite heavily - am thinking i should invest in a cheap cagoule i can wear til the very last minute......

17/04/2012 at 19:16

Mate of mine from work did Worcester marathon at the weekend and his post marathon walk was great comedy.  Didn't help that our Monday monring meeting is on the 4th floor... we have ramps to get up, but I'll admit to not telling him how much less fun it was going to be to get down again!

Sorry for the brief post, which was from work yesterday.  Made my point though - you are fab!  

Am delighted that we got the whole 9 yards - feel very special   Agree with Gladrags that 'slipping' back to 9mi is brilliant stuff and really shows how far your running has come this year.  What is next then?

Ooooh... Gladrags.... not long to go!  How is the madness?

18/04/2012 at 07:20

Yes Abs - what's next? Have you ever officially done a sub 2 half (apart from as the first part of your marathon!!) - maybe that's one to go for? Now that you is a champion and all!!

madness in full flow here! strange dreams, inabilty to concentrate at work, obsession with weather forecast....... am going to collect my no tonight - not sure ifhaving it in my greasy little hands will make it better or worse!

Number is 51518 - as usual they claim there will be some live tracking thing on the vlm website on the day - let's hope it works this time????

(weather outlook is damp and about 12 degrees - could be worse....)

23/04/2012 at 09:56

weeelllll.... 4h38! not quite the sub 4h30 that this thread was aiming for, but spot on what I was aiming for for this race. Aim was to achieve a post kids PB and to beat the 4h40 barrier, and I did that.

saw loads of friends on the way around which really helped pass the time. Did look out for you near mile 13 and 22 Abs but no joy? Loads of people were shouting "Gladrags" at mile 21/22 - I kept on looking round hoping one of them was you but didn't spot you?

Nothing too severe pain wise at the moment - some sore toes and a stiff back. Have managed to put normal boots on this morning though which is a post marathon first - am normally in birkenstocks for the first week or so!

will post race report later!

23/04/2012 at 19:24
Yay well done...brilliant result. how are the legs today? i was looking for you but must have missed you at 13. struggled to see anyone with the crowds...was gutted to miss you but glad you had a good race. seemed more crowded this year.
look forward to the full race report xx
24/04/2012 at 15:42

struggle to find our liuttle thread amongst all the usual post London noise! Personally think the course was spot on 26.2 miles and the finishers t-shirt and organisation generally were ok -but am in the minority

The race itself was bang on for me. All my miles were between 10 and 11 minutes and there was never a point when I needed to walk or felt ill. The temperature was perfect and my fuelling worked out to be spot on as well.

First 5 miles were done at 10mm which I knew was too fast - but reckon that my self control was working ok - everyone around was flying past me in those first few miles.... the Cutty Sark at mile 6 seemed to slow me down properly and I started churning out the 10m30 miles that I was aiming for.

I took Abs' tip and stuck to gels and water. Gels at miles 5,9,13,17 and 21 and a few sips of water at every station (with the rest of the bottle being used to wash face  and douse sweatband)

I went through half way in 2h16 which again I knew was slightly fast - knew I wasn't on for a 4h32 - but it gave me the very best chance of bashing through the 4h40 that has been my sticking point for 2 years.

The RW 17 mile guys were fabulous - handed me my opened bag as I rocked up at mile 17 and gave me some hugs and cheers!

I just felt fine the whole way round - definitely had a spring in my step at mile 22 and again in the Mall. I ran a very different race from normal though - previously I have been quite chatty whereas this one was all inside me - no chatting to other runners at all. That seemed right for me this time - just focusing on my own needs and ignoring everyone else.

For all the speed running by everyone else at the start, there was an awful lot of walking around me from about mile 20! Parts of the course are so narrow - it got very irritating towards the end - along the Embankment it felt like I was the only person still trying to run!

I feel very very lucky. While I had some solid preparation work behind me (months of 12 milers) - the real marathon training itself did not go to plan and Sunday was really anyone's guess what would happen. That it should turn out to be the smoothest, easiest marathon (and so far smoothest, easiest recovery) of my career is amazing.

SOme pics are coming up now - some of me waving and looking very happy - exactly as I remember the day.

26/04/2012 at 11:42

oh no - it's happening..... am starting to wonder if I couldn't have gone a little bit faster...... have promised no more London marathons so the 2013 ballot is out.

the one I did last year is mid May and accepts on the day entries.......

is that enough time to recover and do myself justice?

26/04/2012 at 20:09

Dangerous talk!  You could well do brilliantly there - I know a lot of people who did Stratford marathon after London relative misery and have been much more successful.  It all depends on your recovery.  What about playing it by ear, to some extent and heading for a 13m run 2 weeks out and seeing how you feel?  If that goes well then sign up.  If it feels hard then don't.

Lovely marathon story by the way.  I'm loving the idea of it all being so easy!  I aspire to a marathon without the need to walk.  To be honest, it all feels a long time ago now.  But tomorrow I shall have a go at 7m, then build back to 10-12m slowly.  Next spring, you never know   I'm hoping that next year will be calmer and I might get to do another marathon...

27/04/2012 at 21:09

dangerous talk indeed! the whole marathon experience was so other worldy it was very strange. for the first time ever, i felt completely separate from everything going on around me. i was in my own little  bubble apart from brief interactions with spectators. When I crossed the finish line it was very...... flat. no one was chatty. no one seemed happy. everyone was on auto pilot. i dunno. am delighted to have achieved everything i have done. i just feel there is more?

may try a run this weekend. see how i go.

spring marathon next year? applying monday??

27/04/2012 at 21:17
just checked my dates. 2 weeks out is this weekend. going to aim for a 12 miler on sunday and see how i feel..........
27/04/2012 at 21:35
Bummer. appears my last post didnt post.
sounds like u had an amazing race, respect for wanting to go again. my legs have only just agreed to running again, had a very slow recovery. go for the 12 and see how you go, agree you probably have more in you.
my friend did london and is itching to do another. she did not run her race as helped a stranger who struggled from 3miles. although elated to finish first marathon, think she needs to run her own race to feel content.
Will def be entering ballot but will also look for an alternative. will be interested to hear milton keynes feedback on sunday. dont really have any immediate race plans w
keep at it wotsit, hope things are calming down for you.

having caps lock issue as u prob noticed lol.
28/04/2012 at 16:59
Which is the may friend is thinking if another.
28/04/2012 at 17:26

it's so tricky this marathon lark, isn't it? i honestly felt ok on sunday with the concept that this was my last marathon. i ran the race pretty much as planned, and yet now i want to do it all again but BETTER!

the may one is halstead - near braintree in essex. v well organised club run with lots of water stations and you can get your own drinks delivered round the course. does have a few hills but is not crowded at all. mostly running by yourselves on beautiful country roads, but well supported near the pubs en route. 4h40 meant that i was coming in in the last 20% of runners but that was ok -just meant the showers were all empty by the time i got back to the leisure centre!!

there is a london ultra in october/november - 50km from central london out to richmond......

milton keynes? not sure about that one - ran a half in stevenage once and the scenery is all so grey?

29/04/2012 at 18:02

How did it go Gladrags?

 I coordinated rain and timings badly on Friday and only did 5, thinking I was going to be late for lunch with my Mum... who then got caught up and was an hour late for me!  Could have bloomin well done my 7 after all However, the 5 was dead comfortable, so I should take it away as a total positive.  

Wickett ran in the howling gales today, but I'm waiting for tomorrow's sunshine.  What a wimp!

29/04/2012 at 21:10

weather too foul here to do any outside running today - wimps together eh??

 did 4 miles of intervals at the gym and that went very well - legs and toes all seem fine and i really felt like i had a spring in my step. am not working tomorrow so will run 10-12 and take it from there. i definitely feel there is a core fitness which needs to be capitalised on soon - if not another marathon then definitely a half....

dead comfortable 5 sounds promising? do you have anything lined up?

30/04/2012 at 11:36

I don't, but I think I really should.  Obviously I've put a ballot entry in.  You have to, don't you?

I'm definately going to do an autumn HM and might think about cracking sub-2 in the spring.  I am finding that when I push my speed, my lungs are still giving me a tiny bit of grief and I don't know whether that is about my fitness or a hang over from the pneumonia, so I've gone gently on it.  I think this might be a good time to start pushing more, as my workload comes down.

I should, really, have a look about for the odd 10k, to get my mind back into races.  Had a lovely calm weekend at home, things are looking up and I am feeling much less anxious and stressed about all things.  Long may it continue!

Gladrags - I agree entriely about needing to capitalise on the strength.  What is the worst that can happen?

30/04/2012 at 19:10

have managed to sit on hands and not enter the ballot yet.... am assuming it will be full by now.

i did the 12 miles. had a really good run on such a beautiful day. left the garmin at home, but felt quite bouncy and fast. no major aches. a few minor niggles, but they passed pretty quickly.

so - the marathon may still be on. but will only do it if conditions are ok (ie not too hot and not too wet). feel quite excited at the prospect though.

i do think you have to have an event in mind to keep the training up? i can quite happily churn out 3 milers but to do more, I do need a specific goal. think a summer 10k could well be the thing for you? maybe the training would help relieve some of the stress too?

30/04/2012 at 20:15
Yay go gladrags....for about 5secs, i pondered joining you.

did enter ballot. it is closed now. Fills quicker each year.

great running girls. def sounds wise to keep an eye on chest wotsut. a relapse wld not be good. glad life is calmer now too.
01/05/2012 at 15:03
only 5 secs?? felt sure i would garner some support on here!! is your friend interested? always nice to have someone to chat to beforehand (especially in a room where everyone else is aiming for 3 hours!!!!)
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