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Today at 13:59
Ha...amazing reading the unknown link you both have. I live in Shrewsbury and go and watch the Shrews on the odd occasion. Sadly going down. I love the honesty of lower league football, so far removed from the money/greed that surrounds the premiership. Thanks for all your advice it's been great. As I said I will have a Union Jack buff around my head, a black shirt with Ant on it...thousands there but you never know. The wife will be waving a large Union Jack at set you may spot her getting into an unseemly scuffle with the locals.
Today at 14:21

I'll keep an eye out for you Anthony. I'm impressed you know what you'll be wearing this far out. I'll be taking a selection of stuff to Madrid, and make my mind up on the morning of the race

Today at 14:36

Not far away from me then Anthony just up the A49.

Will look out for the Union Jack as I suspect we will be fairly close at times. I have number 10977 and I think these are an indication of the pens we are in related to the time you put on the entry form.

Today at 14:41

I think I'm 10497 or something near that in which case we'll be starting near each other.

Today at 14:56
Gulp...I am 8136! I have been training in the same kit...blimey I sound a complete control freak!
Today at 15:15

This thread has become very busy - nerves?

Today at 15:27
That's just what my partner said Bob when I told her.

I also did some time in the Coronation Gardens end before moving into the westside and then main stand. Roffey was a real old school rugged leftback, who as you said, would occasionally lash in a 30 yard thunderbolt. I also liked the cultured Bobby Fisher on the other side. I met Laurie's brother once and was glad to read they had put up one of those blue plaques in his memory. Sadly died in a car crash on the outskirts of Madrid, as I'm sure you well know.

Running and the Orient, we could probably talk non-stop about these two things on a trip to Mars and back! If I'd known before I'd have got a couple of running singlets based on the late 70s braces kit
Today at 15:35
+1 to Anthony re your comments about lower league football. I must admit that I've gone off football a bit over the years for exactly the reasons you mention.
Remember seeing an awful Os side go down 0-1 at Gay Meadow. The best thing about the day was a good lunchtime session knocking back pints of Banks Bitter in a nice pub in the town centre.

Going back to Sunday, is anyone going to / has started carb loading? I'm starting tomorrow although don't want to overdo it and feel heavy and lethargic on Sunday morning.
Today at 15:48

I've started, or at least I've switched the make-up of my diet to have more carbs in it. I don't tend to eat more food, just push the type of foods I eat more towards carbs. I'm also drinking slightly more during the day but other than that I try to keep it the same volumes.

Today at 16:18

Any suggestions? Getting a bit fed up with pasta, especially as its the brown variety. Just been packing my case. Taking my marathon shoes and my Garmin on the plane just in case. 

Bobby Fisher was indeed a quality footballer. The retro kit would have been great. I suppose you'd have been Joe Mayo from your description Neil. I'm probably more Tony Grealish although I am very well trimmed for Sunday. Your recollections of the 2-1 victory over Bristol Rovers were very accurate. That's the thing about supporting Orient, you never forget a victory! Tony Pulis came on as sub for Rovers that day.

Nothe, you probably wonder what the hell we're going on about! Just be thankful that we've only just discovered our shared passion!

Today at 18:44
How funny Neil, I'm a massive O's fan! Season ticket holder in the south stand. Seen many away games this year. Still hoping for promotion via the play off!

Really looking forward to Sunday. PB of 3.35 but going to aim for 4.00.
Today at 18:50

I've spent 57 years thinking I was the only Orient fan around and all of a sudden they are popping up all over the place!  You must sit where I used to stand Christopher.

Looks like Orient are finally going into Europe!

Today at 18:55
Bloody hell Christopher, now there's three of us all on the same thread. Absolutely incredible. As I said to Bob in a previous post, I'd have got some singlets run up based on the old braces kit (don't know if you remember that?). We could've ran as an unofficial LOFC team! Leyton Orient Harriers or something similar! It's been a very good season to be following the club on the road. How do you see the play offs? I'm a bit worried we've shot our bolt.

Bob, re the carb loading, as well as pasta I'll be having a few sweet potatoes and brown rice. I'll also be having some bread (wholemeal), but not masses. Its not something I usually keep in the house but sometimes get some in before a half marathon. Very good call to take your running shoes and Garmin on the plane.

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