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are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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Today at 15:48

Afternoon everyone,
Managed Paddock Half in windy conditions in 1.32.37. I think I lost a minute in the last four miles from a combination of stomach trouble, the weather and tired legs.
Overall happy with the level of effort. Pace seems to suggest bang on for 3.15 and this time lines with a recent parkrun @20min. I'll get another parkrun and some more speed as I like to feel more comfortable running faster.
Good luck everyone.

Today at 16:02
ssc wrote (see)

Sorry to suddenly jump on the thread but am also doing Manchester and was simply having a read through. I am also gutted about the Kinvaras. I have been through about 7-8 pairs of the original ones. Very light and flexible.  And now? Big, bulky and a completely different trainer that is just a run of the mill shoe. Have used Skechers Go Run which are nice but give blisters and Mizuno Hitogami - ok but seem quite firm. Why oh why do companies mess round with a winning formula?!  Have looked at Adios Boost but yet to try. Interested to know if others have found good replacements.

Yeah it's extremely frustrating, they spend years creating and perfecting a successful pair of trainers with great reviews and then completely change it?! It's like they are for a completely different style of foot now. I had about 10mm of side-to-side movement inside the new version. I tried the Adios Boost trainers as well, they were really nice and snug and pretty comfortable but I thought the Boston Boosts just gave that little bit more cushioning and support so that's why I went for them.

Great running everyone, most appear to be making the most of the last hard weekend before the taper starts. 23 miles for me this morning, weather wasn't too bad actually, was wet but the wind held of until later towards the end of the run. 2hrs31 including a tempo section from miles 14-20. 82 miles for the week, my biggest yet. Looking forward to the reduced miles but not the paranoia and fear that comes with it!!

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Today at 16:09

Reading your posts, I started to doubt whether my 17 miler was sufficient for the last LSR before Manchester but then told myself off since (a) I have done 2x20 and 1x22, (b) I was really pleased with my run and (c) I am getting on a bit, and really don't want to get injured at this stage.

I was going to ask what panics most marathoners have during the taper period, but probably not a good idea ...

Today at 16:23

Will be doing a mini taper of only a week and a half as I missed nearly a month with a calf strain, have done two weeks of full training with mid 40 miles last week and 51 this week.  Aiming originally for a 3:15, two months ago had a comfortable half in 1:39:06, PB is 1:26:20. Today's run was a 21 mile effort with every third at MP, these turned out to be: 7.26, 7.31, 7,41, 7,30, 7.41, 7.40, 7.30. Miles in between were slower than hoped for with pace being on average somewhere in region of 8.30 pace.  Weather was v wet and windy. Not quite sure what the run tells me, MP seems ok but other miles seem slow, is 3:15 still possible?

Today at 16:41

Thanks Alibali, I'm sure you are right there. It must have been the remnants of whatever virus it was for sure. 

Have had a pretty good training week and a good MP workout on Thursday. Left me drained though and wasn't able to complete my long run yesterday so left it to this evening's going to be a slog but will be relieved when it's done. Roll on taper time! I'll almost feel like celebrating later on! 

Today at 17:37

A very wet 22m @ 7:50 ave for me this morning but as there was no wind it was quite enjoyable. First bit of chafing due to the wet weather though . Achilles did begin to feel a bit sore from 18 onwards so will be having a few rest days and hoping it's nothing major. 

Runs of 22x1, 20x3, 18x1, 17x1, 16x3 & 13.1x3 in the legs, lets hope its enough for a great run come race day. 

Some good miles had by all once again it seems, especially considering the weather in most places was rather wet.  

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Today at 18:05

SSc, missing a month of training is obviously a tough one and i would not like to say how that will impact you. maybe the best option for you would be to try negative splits?

Sally, the "demons" will tell you that you are tired and not good enough and by next week your runs will be sluggish. but that's taper


Today at 18:15

Hi Coop mate, I have added you to the list.

    • AlanB:               PB - 3:09:45  Target - 2:42:00 (ish)
    • AnimalMagic:     PB - 3:32:36  Target - 3:20:00
    • CarterUSM:        PB - 3:36:41  Target - 3:25:00
    • saintjason:         PB - 2:57:15  Target - 2:59:59
    • AliBali123:         PB - 3:59:29  Target - 3:59:59
    • Sorequads:        PB - 3:05:59  Target - 2:59:xx
    • SeanFitz:          PB - 3:39:30  Target - 3:19:00 
    • Iansi:                PB - 3:39:18  Target - 3:29:59
    • McCarthyC:       PB - 4:13:26  Target - 2:59:59
    • John Jenks8:     PB - N/A       Target - 4:44:59
    • CeejayD:           PB - N/A       Target - 5:00:00 ish
    • Runningtap:       PB - 4:11:45  Target  - 3:30:00
    • Sally Boulton 2  PB - N/A        Target - 4:29:59  
    • RRR                 PB - 4:14:16   Target - 3:59:59
    • runaround          PB - 2:53::32 Target - 2:59:59
    • Legend777        PB - 4:31::54  Target - 4:14:59
    • Gary Wolst.       PB - 2:58:27   Target - 2:50
    • Peter Holt          PB - 3:44:19   Target - 3.34.59
    • Stan                 PB - 3:03:34   Target - 2:59:59 
    • EdO2015          PB - 3:24.48    Target - 3:15:00
    • Bigeater            PB- 4.35.29.  Target: 3.44.59
    • Just Coop Going PB: 4:15      Target: 3:59:00
Today at 18:46

Well done everyone on long and wet runs. I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself with a bit of a cold, so debated missing today. Weather look dry but windy, so in the end I went for it 20.3M with the final mile being the wettest and windiest I have ever experienced! Sympathy for those who contended with 20M of that filth!

Over the last 16 weeks I've done (rounding to nearest mile):

1 x 23, 1 x 22, 3 x 21, 2 x 20, 2 x 19 and 1 x 18. Pleasing, but yet I feel unprepared for the final few miles! I hope that the biggest difference to my previous sub 3 attemp will be that 6:50 ish miles feels so much easier, and I have more to offer after 20M. 

Stay healthy, fit and sharp during the taper everyone. Staying away from the fridge might be my biggest mental challenge!

Today at 18:53

Thanks Pete! 

Today at 19:07

Out of interest, does anybody know how many people are expected to run?

Today at 19:14

Hi! Please could you add my times to the list?

my PB is 3:40:20 and target is 3:29:30

Today at 20:02

20.15 completed, ran the first 13 with a friend slightly faster than I wanted but very enjoyable although struggled later in the wind once he left! 58.80 miles for the week which my highest ever and now shattered. 

Could I also be added please? PB is 3:15:37 and sub 3:15 would be a sensible target to hit. So glad that last run is out of the way. Well done everyone it was foul out there today! 

Today at 20:59

Sorequads - thats some cracking mileage.  well done   108 miles from your top 5 runs, thats impressive.

Redjeep - there was a conversation a couple of pages back and it was estimated somewhere in the region of 8-9k including the relay runners.  As for how many it will actually be, i dont think anyone knows.

WJH - well done hitting your top mileage in the final week.


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Today at 20:59
Redjeep wrote (see)

Out of interest, does anybody know how many people are expected to run?

They said from memory that 12 have applied, but usually they get 1/4 drop out due to injury, lack of training, weather, cant be bothered. So they expect around 9,000.

I hope to come at least 8,999th, so i can say i wasnt last.

FORMAT POLICE - *makes a siren noise*

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Today at 21:02

JJ - There isnt a chance in hell you will be anywhere near the back.  A mate of mine who ran a 45:xx 10k ran manchester with little training and ran 5:08.  There are loads of people who are slower than him that also dont train much and their times will be slower than that.  You have put the hard work in an im positive you will be closer to 4:30 than you will to 5.

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