manchester marathon 2015

are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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Today at 09:19
Last little run done just now in bright, cool but slightly breezy condition here in East Manchester. Nice and steady but picked pace up in last mile just as a gentle reminder of what's to come.

I'm up for a post race beer, has anywhere been officially designated RW Manc Mara thread pub? I'll have Mrs SJ and mini SJ in tow so won't be allowed inside most likely.. The Trafford is the big home supporters pub right? With the big outdoor area?

I hope you all smash your targets and bask in the glory. All the best and enjoy it (if you can). See you on the other side...
Today at 09:21
Oh and I will be loitering sheepishly near the 3 hour start area looking distinctly like my avatar and wearing a green, red and white Sale Harriers vest. Don't be shy and my name really is Jason.. I'll leave my name on my bib !
Today at 09:43

After taking inspiration from the forum since the start of the year its time for a first post as myself and 10 other club runners from Troon Tortoises start the journey south,I am a Stockport boy and a county fan so almost a home marathon for myself,good luck everyone the trainings done now its a case of just getting on with it and enjoy the experience

Today at 09:46

I hope to be there.  Unfortunately I have had another f'in cold the last few days but made a big recovery last night, however, I still have a dry cough (but not persistent).  hopefully will go by tomorrow but if not I am planning on jogging around.

what is everybody's thoughts on this, will I be okay to run with a bit of a cough?

ultimately I think any scope for a fast run is gone as I have not been out for any kind of run for a week now.


Today at 10:05
Any tips to deal with the nerves? Barely slept last night!
Today at 10:23

Wythenshawe Parkrun done as a last run. Steady effort with a few 30s - 60s stride outs.

Good to put a face to a name Animal.

Try to keep off your feet today.

I'll have my Trafford AC vest on - White with a blue/yellow diagonal stripe.I'm number 10695.

See you in the race village.

Today at 10:36

Morning all. I'm feeling surprisingly calm this morning. Just taken the mutts up for a walk in the Peak District and it was effin freezing and blowing a gale ! Just about to pack my stuff and head off to the train station from Sheffield. Have a good run everyone and enjoy yourselves. Don't be shit and don't go off too fast !

Today at 10:37

Parkrun at Delamere forest for me with wife and mother law enjoying themselves too. Beautiful morning for it and absolutely stunning location. Had to have a word with myself and keep it easy. A la Gary, did a few strides in the middle mile. Getting excited now!

Pete, I would follow the usual running rule: if you feel everything (all symptoms) is above the neck, then you're fine to run, if it is below the neck (ie chest) then be very wary. Sorry if this is the case - I can imagine it would be very hard to make that decision at this stage. 

Keep cool and calm today everyone!

Today at 10:39

Just about to head off for Manchester from east coast ...

never read forums in my life b4 but glad found this one as it has kept me 100% motivated and got me where I am... Not sure where that is but will find out tomorrow.

Plan is just start with 4 mile pacers in site ish then probably catch one up by halfway then stay with them till 20 miles ( hopefully !!!) then let the fun begin !!! Whatever happens it will be a massive achievement as 12 months ago I couldn't run a mile without pulling up injured with a dodgy calf.

again thanks for all the inspiration it has helped load 


Today at 10:41

Good to meet you too Gary.  parkrun for me too, a leisurely 27:xx.  sore left knee which is rather random but sure it will clear, not too worried.

7291 for me (red), will have a beige jumper on before the start and will be up at the meeting place posted a couple of pages back.

SJ - i think a lot of people are doing there own thing as families/friends will be around and people are going back home if local or hotels if not so i dont think there is a definitive meeting place.  Ill be in the Bishops Blaize until around 2pm personally so if i meet you before the start ill look out for you.

Today at 11:17
Ah fair do's Animal. I guess I might well just hobble off back to the car as well if I'm honest.. Depending how well im walking/feeling after the race.
Today at 11:57
I'm nearly in Manchester now! Also thanks to everyone on the thread. It has been a tough year for my training and you've all kept me going. Hope to see some of you in the morning. I'll be in navy and white Oxford Uni Triathlon kit!

I hope you're feeling better tomorrow Pete.
Today at 13:43
Good luck to you all. Hope the weather is good for you.
Today at 15:04
Just spotted someone out in a Balloch to Clydebank t-shirt at St Peters Square, that wasn't you bigeater was it?
Today at 16:24
Just catching up on the last few days of posting. Sat on a train Manchester bound a bundle of nerves - been to visit the loo about 6 times in 90 minutes!!

Everyone's comments have cheered me up no end - Ali: ditto - I'm shitting it too!!

Caz - OMG you've done the WDW marathon weekend - I am so jealous and all being well I'll get to do it in 2016. We're all big Disney fans in our family - debates of favourite Space Mountain coasters erupt all the time: think mine is Anaheim

Good luck one and all! I'll be wearing my club t shirt which is a sick/Korma colour with the word 'Bilsthorpe' on the back which looks like it's been drawn by a child ('cos it has!!), loitering around the 4 hour pacers before slinking off to the bay behind. Kershaw is on the back and Amy on the front.

Thanks to everyone on the thread - loads of motivation and a goldmine of useful info over the last few months.

Once again - good luck - lets smash it!! Oh Stockport: not far now

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