manchester marathon 2015

are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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19/10/2014 at 19:39

Pete - it's a swim followed by a run. Like a triathlon without the cycling!

19/10/2014 at 20:39

cool, well done on putting it together.  Do you have anything else planned?



19/10/2014 at 21:11

Not for the time being, though I did enjoy it! This was a very low-key 'welcome' race for new triathlon club members.  

Training wise, this week is more turning up to training sessions, chatting to the slower people at the back and pretending I could zoom to the front if I wanted

Yesterday at 10:44

Well done on the PBs guys. I didn't manage to get a run in at the weekend as I was in London however I did sit opposite Steve Way on the train back to Poole yesterday . I kept it cool..... !

Yesterday at 10:58

Robin - Results have been released   I came 38th - woop!

Yesterday at 11:08
AnimalMagic wrote (see)

Robin - Results have been released   I came 38th - woop!

Nice one

114th out of 299 finishers, not sure how many ran out of the original list of 500 but I'll take that and a new PB of 1:49:05

Yesterday at 12:07

299 ran (or at least finished), the race had an entry limit of 300 according to RunBritain.  Likely its been massaged to make the event seem better organised.  Well done on the PB, well under your 1:50 target

I agree with you though Robin, the event was actually ran pretty well on the day.  basic but well organised.  The chip timing was a nice bonus, as was the free parking.  The medal was actually alright as well and the tech t-shirts also seem ok.

Yesterday at 12:47

Congrats on the PB's, you had a nice morning for it.

I managed 8 miles or so over the weekend and today my back is feeling much better. Think I'll ramp things up a bit this week and see how I get on.

Yesterday at 17:27
Kirsty Cooper wrote (see)

Well done on the PBs guys. I didn't manage to get a run in at the weekend as I was in London however I did sit opposite Steve Way on the train back to Poole yesterday . I kept it cool..... !

He's a legend.  I would be bending his ears back for the entire journey.


Yesterday at 17:52

On the way to Manc marathon last year i was stood behind where Tom + Martin from Marathon Talk were sat on the tram and even though i had listened to every podcast throughout my whole training schedule I didnt say a word to them.  Kicked myself for it afterwards.  Their podcasts got me through quite a few of the long runs.


Edited: 20/10/2014 at 17:52
Yesterday at 18:34

Hi all, just popping in to say hello. Signed Mrs C up for this on the promise that I'd train with her and run it with her (her first marathon, did a half this year, and another 6 years ago, not a runner!). She's aiming for a finish/sub 5 if everything goes well.

So the winter is going to be tough as I've got my own training to do, aiming for a sub 3:15 by autumn, currently 3:35, looking at White Peak in May for a 3:30. 

Lots of double days then!

Today at 09:11

Some great PBs guys, that will lead you into your Manchester plan full of confidence.

My running has been hard going recently, I think it has been due to the change in diet where I am attempting a high fat low carb. It has left me feeling a bit weak during my runs while my body is adapting. I've been at it for 6 weeks now so hopefully that's long enough or if I'm still struggling in a couple of weeks time I will have to go back to a 'normal' diet. This week I plan to start increasing my mileage so I can attack my marathon plan feeling in good shape.

The weather is forecast to be pretty rubbish for the next few days, plenty of win and rain here in Sheffield so will need to wrap up warm 

Today at 09:17

Went out at 5.30 this morning, wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting the tail end of the hurricane to be but I think I was perhaps running off the stiffness from Sunday so I was a little bit slower and taking it easier than usual. It was wet in parts and the odd gust but not the storms we'd been warned of

Easing back into it this week and then building the Long Run back up so that I can hit the marathon plan (excuse the pun) running in mid-December

Trying to focus on pacing for the next few weeks rather than just going out and running so that I can exert a bit more control over my speed and certainly learn to pace the early miles a lot more evenly


Today at 09:38

Quite windy here this morning too, I had forgotten about the hurricane so was quite surprised when I left my house. 

Yesterday I went to a cycling session in the morning, followed by a hill session in the evening. I made a fatal error on my first hill interval, sprinting full out thinking I only had to run 200 metres, when in fact I had to run for 2 minutes. The following 8 reps were painful.. 

I'm impressed you've lasted 6 weeks of struggling through runs carterusm - I've never tried to cut back on carbs, I can't imagine it would go well. I'm incredibly grumpy when hungry. 

Today at 09:54

so glad I am tapering don't fancy running in this wind.  I will probably walk up and down the stairs a couple of times.

Cake    pirate
Today at 12:31

As carter said the weather here is playful  Looks like I'm not going to get away with Worksop this weekend as better half want's to see the mother in law. Chimney white peak's ace if you fancy it there is a really nice chinese buffee in matlock after just near matlock bath's.

Today at 13:06

This will be my first marathon. Only just reached the distance of a half marathon, so this is going to be tough going for me i think. 

Currently working on building a base and doing 10 mile LSR each week before pushing the distance on mid to end of November.


Today at 13:21

Like Chimney, I'm dropping in to say hi as I'm signed up for next year. 4th marathon, this time I will get the time I need....

Hi Carter. My quads are sore.

Today at 14:06

Hi PS - Hope the quads recover quickly ! You will definitely enjoy Manchester, it has PB written all over it for you

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