manchester marathon 2015

are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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19/12/2014 at 22:38

Just joined the thread.

Hope everyone's training is going well. Will be my 4th time at Manchester in 2015. Going for a massive PB this time. Then London the week after just for 'fun'. 

20/12/2014 at 13:33

Welcome Gary,

4ht time! great, you can tell us all the good and bad about the race??

What is your P.B and how much are you going to trim/slash off


20/12/2014 at 14:10
Manchester is a great race. Well organised and well supported. You will struggle to find a flatter course. The only 'hill' is a bridge that the train passes under.
My pb is 2:58 done off Ironman tri training. I've focused on just marathon training for Manchester. I'd like to finish in 2:50. Training is suggesting I could well hit this.
Just need to continue and stay injury free.
20/12/2014 at 14:21

Thats a great time! Can't be a lot of people around you if your finishing in 2:50!

looking forward to the race! long way to go in training! week one almost done!

20/12/2014 at 16:41

I never really stopped training after Ironman Wales in September. Had a couple of weeks off then just got running again. No swim or bike. Has been a nice change to have a single focus. 

I guess most will start focused training after xmas. 


20/12/2014 at 16:58
I think most on here have started already.
5 today for me with 4 at MP. All too fast and under 7mm. Will slow down next week.
Yesterday at 13:35

Hi Gary, welcome, My PB is 2:53 and I am going to be looking at around sub 2:50, marathon pace is going to be around 6:22 so we have fairly similar targets.

Just back in from a hilly 14 myself, first 7 fairly steady finishing progressively faster, last mile was 6:15, considering the course profile I was happy with the run, I was not very well on Thursday, so was going to cut it short if I started to feel any worse, but I felt great, really enjoyed the run up into the hills.

Yesterday at 15:14

Managed the first LSR of the plan today.  19k road run with a couple of woods and a water park thrown into the mix.  Im glad i made the distance but i'd be lying if i said it was easy.  Its amazing that after a few easy weeks followed by a holiday your body just seems to forget it was pretty fit only 2 months ago

Hope everyone else enjoys their weekend runs


Yesterday at 15:45
Gary Wolstencroft wrote (see)

Then London the week after just for 'fun'. 

Welcome Gary! Have you joined the strava group? Would be interested to see your training layout. Are you not planning on doing any cycling or swimming during the marathon programme?

Rich - Nice MP training this early, good luck with your long run today.

HillRunner - Good running today and a very strong finish! Glad to hear you're getting over your illness.

Second attempt at back-to-back long training this weekend, went much better this time. 65 mile cycle with the club on Saturday followed by a steady 2 hour/17 mile run today. Weather was absolutely miserable for the run and I've also been struggling with the lurgy so wasn't sure how today would go but after I got out (and got totally soaked) it was fine.

21 days of Marcothon complete, 150 miles in the bag. I saw on facebook yesterday one of the Marcothoners was aiming to run 700 miles this month!! He's almost at 500 miles already!!

Lots of good running going on in the strava page, although I'm still trying to tie together who's who between the two websites. Some are pretty obvious (like me) but others are a little more difficult to work out.

Yesterday at 15:50

Missed you there John, good running. The fitness may disappear pretty quickly but I'm sure it'll be back before you know it!

Yesterday at 16:16

Alan - I'm John Morris on Strava.  The nickname of Johnny Morris became Animal Magic and it just stook as a forum name

Excellent work on the Marcothon - a tough week coming up with xmas day etc adding extra complications!  Ive already been told i cant run at xmas day parkrun so im planning on back to back ones on NYD (some start at 9, others at 10:30)

Yesterday at 18:48

AlanB - My Plan was to get some good run training in up to January. Then I'm going to start my swim and bike training again. I've got two long distance triathlons entered over summer, so need to be in good shape for them. I needed a break from the constant balancing act of training for 3 sports.

I've just joined the 'Manchester Marathon 2015' strava group. 

Yesterday at 19:21

HI folks, thought i would pop in and start reading this thread. This will be my first ever marathon. Iti is local to me, in fact my house is almost on the route itself in Timperley.

I just did a 22km run yesterday, took me a long time (2:40) but i managed it. That was my longest ever run have only done a half before.

Hoping that my training will let me see the finish line in one piece. 

I would be lying if i said i was not scared.

Seen a few comments about where people should stay the night before. So thought i would try to help out here. Stay on the Altrincham to Bury part of the tram line, it will save you having to switch trams on race day. The Altrincham side I know well, so i will mention the stations to look out for below:-

Altrincham - a few hotels here, travel lodge, Cresta Court, The Bowden ( a 10 mins walk the Altrincham station).

Navigation - Cresta Court again.

Timperley - The Pelican

Brooklands - Normanhurst Hotel, Belmore Hotel

Sale - Premier Inn (a little far out), Ambleshurst, Lennox Lea.

Dane Road - none that i am aware of.

Stretford - none that i am aware of being close, all about 1 mile away.

Old Trafford (Cricket Ground) - can get off here and walk to the start of the race.

Trafford Bar - can get off here and walk to the start of the race.

Of course there are other hotels but all the above are close to the tram stations.

Edited: 21/12/2014 at 19:53
Yesterday at 19:53

Hi John, 

Put the training in, be consistent and you will get to the finish. Is it hard? Yes, that's why only a small percentage of the population have completed one. Enjoy the journey.

Further to John's info. The new metro tram line is now open which gives you the option of staying between the airport and Trafford bar stop. Just hop on the tram get off at Trafford Bar stop and walk to the race village.

I'm local to the race also. 

Edited: 21/12/2014 at 19:58
Yesterday at 19:55

Cheers Gary, i just want to get to that finish line and prove i can do it to myself and the people who said i would never make it.

Yesterday at 20:25

Alan- thanks, great going on the challenge. The minimum allowed a day is 3 miles? Gonna call you Ron Hill from now on! well done.

John J- yeah, like Gary says put in the hard work and you'll love it!

John M- Registered with strava? not too clued up on it at the Mo, will try n suss it out after I send this!

Did the planned 10 today and it felt laboured, but was cold and dark 7:30am and took me around 5 miles to get going! 30 miles this week, and week one checked off. 17 to go till race day.

Have a 17 mile beach run next week so should sort the men out from the boys! (me being the boy)... 

Yesterday at 21:04

Thanks John, that's one down  I had to google Johnny Morris to get that joke, before my time

Gary - I just took up cycling in the summer and hoping to incorporate it into my marathon programme to help keep me injury free. I've never made it through a marathon programme un-injured, I break down every time I try to up the mileage. Would be interested to hear how you plan to incorporate the cross training into your plan. At the moment I plan to do 4 days running/2 days cycling with the cycling basically replacing what would be GA runs.

John J - Welcome!  Hopefully the forum will be here to keep you on the straight and narrow. There seems to be an abundance of experience already so hopefully they'll be able to guide you through.

Thanks Rich, I'm just Ron Hill for the month  Back to normality in January! Yeah 3 mile or 25 minute minimum. 17 mile beach run, blimey! That sounds tough, good luck for that!

Yesterday at 21:56

Usual plan was a long ride (3 - 5 hours) on a Wednesday, with some mates (when not in work). I also did weekly watt based turbo sessions. Mostly hard/max efforts of varying times......1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. With varying recoveries........Progressive watt based turbo session e.g. 30 minutes at 180 watts, 30 minutes at 200 watts, 30 minutes at 220 watts.

Include into that hill repeats, using a hill that takes me 6 minutes to climb......Steady state riding for a couple of hours.......I also entered several TT races (10s, 25s and 50s).

Looking back at my plan (which was set for me by a coach) training seems to have alternated between run and bike days. Throw into that double days of training e.g. swim/bike days, swim/run days, swim/gym days.

One thing I am sure of is that cross training has kept my injuries to a minimum. Calf injuries/soreness is my weakness.





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