manchester marathon 2015

are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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Yesterday at 13:53

JJ - Don't stress, as I tell myself there will always be people faster than myself, doing more miles in training and having run more marathons than me, likewise there will be the other extreme of first-timers and I'll be somewhere in the middle.

There are genuinely people who sign up and turn up at the race thinking they can just run a marathon and not having/barely trained. You will be surprised at the number of people you pass, particularly as you're heading back up Brooklands Road toward the station and they are still limping along toward the roundabout

There are plenty of drop-outs at halfway although that may include those people who are running a "half" but using the course for practice or those who are not hitting the time they want and who want a DNF rather than a poor (in their opinion) time

When I did my first, I'd entered a few halves that other parents from school or friends were doing and it seemed a natural progression although nobody else seemed to think the same and I ended up training for it and running it alone

After all the effort and training you've put in, you've got to try and do your best to "enjoy" the race-day experience, not just with the other athletes, the crowd or in my case running around parts of your old stomping ground and probably past most of the pubs where I misspent my youth!

It would be lovely to run the full race but if I end up having a similar race to previous years I wouldn't be devastated, it's great to turn into the finish and hear the people cheering your name, complete strangers who have egged you on through the streets of Trafford and then once you've crossed the line (and barely glanced at the clock but stopped your wristwatch) one of the stewards hangs the big dinner plate medal round your neck and you're farmed off into the finisher's pen to collect a well deserved drink and a banana, your finisher's t-shirt and the "goodie bag" which consisted of a number of products for ailments I hope I'm far too young to encounter just yet 

Yesterday at 15:47

Hi Zonda, I am in same boat as you as I am only able to fit in 3 training days a week and panicking its not gonna be enough as its my first marathon and I guess its the fear of the un known,

Looking at your plan I am doing slightly more miles a week but only end up doing 20 x2 and one 22 mile before I start reducing 2 weeks before.

This weather also worries me to be able to get the long runs in.

I really struggled on a 8 mile run last night as pace was really slow but didn't seem to be able to increase pace at all... got 10K run tomorrow and then the 15 miles on Saturday to look forward too.

Yesterday at 15:54

JJ -  running is just your own personal battle and you set your own targets which you know are a challenge.

I have set a sub 4 hour and it worries the hell out of me as I have never at this stage ran over 14 miles !

I too am excited but have so many questions on how the hell the race is going to pan out and just hope I go over sub 4 hours

Yesterday at 16:36

Question for the local runners- I'm getting the train to Manchester and staying in travelodge Salford quays, do I just get the train into Manchester Piccadilly or is there a better station to buy a through ticket too? Thanks in advance. 

Edited: 28/01/2015 at 16:37
Yesterday at 16:57

Bigeater - The nearest mainline station I guess is Deansgate but I think you could get a train to Piccadilly and then either taxi it or get an Eccles bound tram and get off at the nearest tram stop on that line (Salford Quays or Anchorage)

If you've not got a load of luggage and it's a nice day, you could walk across the city centre and take in some of the sites


Yesterday at 18:09

JJ thanks for the link.

Zonda I concur with Magic.  Those long runs look light and that would be my first thing to address.


Yesterday at 18:17

Big, you can get a tram from deansgate station and Piccadilly.  I mention deansgate because (depending on where you are coming into the city from) many trains stop there.  then get the tram to Salford quays as robin has already suggested.  they are every 10 minutes to Salford and will cost about £2 (from memory). taxis at the station are all black cabs and will cost you much more. 

Yesterday at 18:26

Hi Big, having said that it is 2.6 mile walk from the tram stop to the travel lodge. you'd be better off getting a Joe (taxi in non-mancunian) or even a bus from Piccadilly bus station. If you get a bus the number 250 stops pretty much outside the hotel on its way to the Trafford centre.

Yesterday at 19:12

Appreciate everyone's input. Will now do 4 runs a week Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and a long run on a Sunday. I have 9 long Sunday runs Till my tapering begins planning 16, 17, 17.5, 18,19, 13.1 half marathon race, 19,20, 20.


Yesterday at 20:27

I think i would agree with Pete, get a taxi, no stress and is 5-10 mins and will cost you max £8 to £10 to the door.

Yesterday at 21:14

RRR,Pete and JJ thanks for info.  Think taxi best bet, going to be me, wife and 2 kids so bus fares would probably add up to taxi fair. Getting train from Glasgow-Manchester so just wasn't sure of best station closest to travelodge Salford quays? 

Edited: 28/01/2015 at 21:58
Yesterday at 22:39

Definately best with taxi if bringing the family. Get settled in to the hotel, then once in there maybe go to the Lowry Shopping Centre (not huge but ok, it is an outlet place), Imperial War Museum, walk around Media City (BBC buildings there), Old Trafford football ground or even go back in to Manchester for some great shopping once you have dropped all your bags off, and then grab something nice to eat, for you PASTA lol.


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