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are you planning running or have run this marathon, tell your experiences

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14/09/2014 at 21:22

Good work with the 10k Bigeater!  Your current training sounds similar to mine, half way through training for Lancaster half on 2nd November although the other half is pressuring me to swap it for Conwy on 23rd Nov so that i can go to a halloween party on the 1st Nov   i really want to get a sub 1:40 under my belt which should be quite comfortable but Conwy has a huge hill/small mountain around mile 8 which could just finish me off.

My plan had a 21k long run today but im still feeling the effects of the Salford 10k race last weekend which i put all out effort into collecting a 56 second PB (43:13) but its meant i havent done any of the scheduled runs this week at pace although ive still managed 45k in total.  Back on with the plan proper tomorrow.


15/09/2014 at 10:50

Fantastic 10k time at Salford animal. A 56 second pb is outstanding. Stick with Lancaster, I know you will get grieve from the other half but that sub 1.40 needs itched and I like Lancaster, was there in the summer.;-)

16/09/2014 at 13:01

Right no backing out now, I've paid my entry fee today before it jumps up by a fiver in the next week or so. Bring on that winter training

Yesterday at 11:47

I'm debating entering before the prices go up on the expectation that i get knocked back from London.

Running has become a chore this week, my legs just really aren't in the mood at all.

Yesterday at 11:51

There are usually discount vouchers and codes in the local papers for Manchester, I've entered in Dec/Jan in the last couple of years and still managed to get a reduced price, I think it's normally aimed at the post-Christmas fitness resolution brigade or where they are trying to maintain momentum/interest

There are additional places this year, not sure whether they're expecting a surge in entries or perhaps hoping that the 2 man and 4 man team events will be more popular

I half wish I'd entered the English HM in Warrington this weekend as opposed to waiting for Arley Hall but we had originally planned to attend the Ramsbottom Music Festival and a hangover/half marathon are not a heady combination

Yesterday at 12:17

Robin - Agreed there is normally a 10% off voucher in the messenger which would negate the price increase.  I think the numbers will go up from last year, they are pushing the "marathon of the year" award they won and hoping that will drive up numbers.  Its a few years now since the baggage debacle and i think more runners will give it a chance and we will see it grow.  not sure the relay numbers will be up though, most of the complaints from last year were from the relay guys and girls, it sounded like a complete shambles with runners not knowing where the cross-over points were and numerous reports of runners running way too long or not long enough by quite some distance.

Arley half.... you could be waiting a long time for that to ever happen.  I had a good running battle with those buggers!

Yesterday at 12:18

Rockinrockyrobin - I've PMd you.

Yesterday at 12:23
AnimalMagic wrote (see)


Arley half.... you could be waiting a long time for that to ever happen.  I had a good running battle with those buggers!

Yes, had my reservations with the 2 cancellations this year and now merging it with my intended race at Capesthorne. Tatton in Nov 2012 and Capesthorne in Nov 2013 went OK via the same organisers, I think the plan would be to do Lancaster on 2nd November, if Capesthorne fell through again so as not to waste the training

I think both the Messenger and Evening News had vouchers last year

Yesterday at 12:35

Yeah i'm doing Lancaster, it was my replacement for Capesthorne.  It annoyed me they were still advertising it on the site and still taking entries through sportssoft but when i spoke to Capesthorne hall themselves they told me the event had been cancelled some time ago.  I got in touch with sportssoft and they refunded all my cash and took the entry link off their site so nobody can enter any longer.  it was a minor victory but still annoying they are messing people around with Arley.  I looked into their companies house trading records and they are now on the 3rd iteration of MyTriathlon (2+3) Ltd with the first closing down due to unpaid revenue IIRC.  Complete bunch of crooks and need to be avoided.  They have cancelled quite a few events at the last minute including some triathlon ones last year.

I agree capesthorne was good last year but even then they advertised chip timing then after i queried them on that when it didnt arrive in the post they removed the line for their website saying it was chip timed and alas on the day it was manual, which isn't great for £26 (+£5 parking!)

I would contact Arley if i were you, but i would very much expect you will be told there is no event happening that day.


Today at 13:37

Iansi - well done fella, a good winter of training and a PB is yours !

RRR/AM - from what I remember from last year, a couple of weeks before the race itself, the organizers said that there were about 8,000 runners but on the actually day I seem to recall there were only about 5,000 ? How many are they trying to attract for next year ? 

Today at 13:58

Carter - I think they reckoned on 7000 taking part this year (not sure whether that's all runners or just those doing the full race)

The launch of the 2015 race in July talked about 12500 places but I'm not sure again whether that includes all entrants for the 2 person/4 person teams too

The initial figures factor in a figure of people who will enter but not appear on the start line for whatever reason, injury, lack of training, travel problems etc, I can't remember whether this is 10% or something along those line

AM - Panicking a bit about Arley, I e-mailed them about Capesthorne last year when a chip failed to appear and it was based on low entries, financially it's not cost effective to chip time a race of under 1000 runners apparently.

E-mailed again this year with a lack of a November date for Capesthorne and got a reply when entries were re-launched for Arley III to state that there would only be 1 race

Just realised I can't do Lancaster anyway as we've pencilled a birthday party for my daughter which has already caused ructions as it's derby day


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