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09/02/2007 at 00:09

When David Walliams swam the Chanel he described himself as being 'Fit but Fat'. This is exactly what marathon training seems to do to me. I eat for energy and the long runs / high miles but there always seems to be a bit that ends up as fat.
09/02/2007 at 09:03
Goodbye knee high boots - see you after the marathon sometime!

Also, I think a lot could be down to the season. I know I find it easier to eat 'lighter' in the summer months.
09/02/2007 at 09:13
That is a good point Artemis. When I look back over my previous attempts to get fit I had no problem going out on my bike or running during the summer months and eating more healthily but as soon as winter started I would have an urge to eat more and I would want to have a big plate of sausage casserole and mashed potatoes (with plenty of butter!) rather than a salad. I try to blame this on evolution rather than my lack of will power i.e. we as a species are programmed to eat more and hence store fat for the lean times of winter.
09/02/2007 at 09:17
A few years ago I trained for a marathon and did far less running than I'm doing now, but also did two BodyPump sessions a week. And that time I DID lose weight, so rapidly that I concluded that the training must be making me produce a melting-away hormone.

I haven't done BodyPump or any other resistance work for almost 3 years now, but haven't lost the shoulders and upper arms it gave me :o)
09/02/2007 at 10:53
Vel, i agree, i think the weight training definatley kept my weight down before xmas. That's why i've started again.2 Body Pump like you.
09/02/2007 at 10:58
(But despite the extra pound or two I'm running MUCH better now that I'm not wearing my legs out doing squillions of squats twice a week, and my legs are in better shape from running than they ever were from BodyPump!)
09/02/2007 at 11:04
I know what you mean. I did lower my weights for the squats etc to save my legs but it keeps my top half good too. (can't stand trying to find time to do weights, it's easier for me to just do the class and get it over with!).
09/02/2007 at 11:06
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping that the last few days depression would pass but today i definatly feel like giving up totally.Perhaps i have over trained and reached burn out, although this is my 5th marathon, so i should know what i am doing.The last time i felt like this i found out i was pregnant (this after the LM)oh no i hope not!!!!!
09/02/2007 at 11:13
Better get the test done Lou!!!!!!
09/02/2007 at 11:21
Crikey - now there's a worry! I've been busy putting my extreme tiredness down to training...

Nah, can't be.... (she says, hopefully)
09/02/2007 at 13:47
I hope I'm not pregnant!!!!!
09/02/2007 at 13:53
You'll be worth millions if you are GM!! a ha
09/02/2007 at 13:57
Fingers crossed then!!!
The Green One    pirate
09/02/2007 at 15:55
If you are training hard but are not losing weight then perhaps one thing to look at is whether you are exercising enough at a heart rate that's optimum for burning fat.

Look at your schedule and make sure you are varing your run pace so that you have runs at 60-65% max heart rate as well as 80-85% for cardio. I know you burn more calories overall when training in the cardio zone but as a percentage, you burn less fat calories. I think even bumping up to 70% makes a difference.

A Heart Rate monitor would obviously help in this.
09/02/2007 at 16:03
Yes you are right and i do have a heart rate monitor but i dont know how it works, so i just use the watch to wake me up in the morning...pointless really
09/02/2007 at 16:06
I use a HR monitor and stick to the training rates (as much as possible). I think because we train more ridgidly during marathon training, we expect to see a difference in weight. I certainly don't train half as hard as i did when i stuck to the gym with no running.
09/02/2007 at 19:07
I am definately heavier since i upped the miles. I can still fit into my size 12 jeans, even though i now weigh more than i have done for 2 years. However, i can see the difference in my physique. I hate getting on the scales, and did so this morning, just to check, and immediately wished i hadnt. I am drinking loads more fluids as well, as i am constantly thirsty...probably indicative of an increasing in blood volume.

I am regularly starving in the night, but try and appease it with a drink.......

Would be interested to see what my body fat % is though.........
09/02/2007 at 22:09
70-75% of max heart rate is supposed to be the best for fat burning. try doing morning run before eating if you can, if you eat before running your blood sugar rises, which means inslin is realeased to control the sugar. the down side of this is that insulin blocks fat burning, hence we all struggle to burn off fat. if you cannot run without food, leave 2 hours so that your insulin level has fallen, or take fuel with you, and begin eating on the run after half an hour, then the sugar you take on board is burnt as you run without the insulin peak. i am training for long distance/ultras, and since my twice weekly long runs were upped to 14/16 miles, i want to eat like a piggie!(and the weight has stayed the same but muscle has def increased. keep the faith, measure the fat, forget the scales!
10/02/2007 at 09:34
Hi Pete,

Wow very informative and encouraging, i have to say that it has been great chatting to everyone this week and realising that what i am going through is normal.Thus waking up this morning with renewed hope and enthusiasm. Keep the faith...thats my moto for the day.
10/02/2007 at 11:55
Keep the faith, measure the fat, forget the scales...Love it!!
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