Beyond #asics262: life after Target 26.2 for sub-3:30 runner Malcolm

What happened to Malcs after the Paris Marathon?

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26/02/2014 at 13:54

This morning I was preparing my toast with butter and marmalade (this was after my run, which included 6 x 400m, started at 5:30am ) and as I reached for the lurpak I heard Ruth's comment, 'if you're having marmalade do you really need butter...?'  So the butter was ditched.  

26/02/2014 at 14:13

Thank you all for your kind comments re my long run. I can report the legs felt good the next day... but I have a bit of a sore throat from all the chatting and breathing cold air!!!  I was out for just under 6hrs Superman!

I am still in awe of the paces you guys run though, It sounds a different world! I love following this thread, you inspire me

26/02/2014 at 15:00

Thank very much Mr Puffy, I recognise DV and ATM.  I'm going to post it on the 2014 thread. I can't find 2013 photos but we were about 40 at the pasta party and about 30 at the Arc.  Some were in both photos but DV had compiled a list with about 70 runners, hopefully we will surpass that this year.

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26/02/2014 at 15:13

Great pictures Mr P. Makes me fancy it next year. I ran Paris as my first marathon in 1986.

Sean - be careful not to overdo things. overuse injuries can creep up very easily.

Minni - You are such a good girl! I had KFC yesterday and then when I got home I ended up having Chicken Kiev and chips!!! Diet of champions. Would have been very nice followed by a slice of madeira cake (damn - I promised Malcs I wouldn't mention it again!!!). I have no idea how I managed my 2 mile reps!

Jen - 31 miles - that's inspiring!!!

PC - 40 at the pasta party. Fantastic. Must have been a great atmosphere?

26/02/2014 at 16:00

DS2 - 1986 ? I bet ATM and DV where there then.

The pasta party is a must but it's only an hour together.  Corcoran's is the place to be, post marathon drinks. I didn't make it last year but hoping to crawl my way there this time.

I love being part of the group and they are a great bunch of people.  Although I only bumped into one person during the race it's very reassuring knowing that you're part of a 'team' instead of 1 person lost in a crowd.  TD had a great big flag so you could spot the supporters far off.

Anyone running Paris then say hello on the Paris 2014 thread, more the merrier. 

26/02/2014 at 16:28

Sorry Malcs, hijacking your thread. Class of 2013. 

26/02/2014 at 16:36

Blimey - busy on here! Can't even keep up with my own thread now!

DS2 - many thanks. I think I maybe went at it a bit harder than I should have but that's probably because it was done in a group and you kind of get pulled along by others.

As Steve pointed out, at those paces I should be able to manage 4 min km pace so at the very least my goal of a sub 20 5K should be achievable. Might need a bit more work to get sub 40 10K but it does seem to be getting within reach.

Great 2 mile rep session from you. February has indeed been an awesome month for you. It's amazing how quickly you can get back into it when at the time it seems like form is a long way off. Really pleased for you!

I'll let that last comment about cake go!

SupermanRuns - ha ha, don't start on the madeira cake again, that was all starting to settle down!

Thanks, yes really pleased with last night. Sounds like you had an excellent set of 400's too! Good thinking taking it easier today - reckon you earned a more relaxed session.

Got my RW mag today - not too much slaphead reflection so I'm pleased with that. I'm also pleased that James got selected to do the 'Help! Sarah is killing me' shot

Angela - I initially read your post as "hopefully get 10 miles in the Jacuzzi" I thought that girl is committed doing low impact training where most people would be laid back with a glass of something  

I was about to say I can't believe you entered yet another marathon but the truth is I'm not the least bit surprised

Good on you though!

PC - ha ha Well it was EASY on the pace but it wasn't an EASY run I can tell you that!

Great to hear you're doing Paris. So you will be at Corcorans then? I was hoping we'd be able to get across at some point but it'll all depend on the schedule.

No problem at all, you certainly aren't hijacking - I love seeing the photos!

chickadeee - yeah Steve seems to do this with most of the interval sessions. It's great on the longer ones because you feel like you're doing 20 x 400's instead of 4 x 2Ks. Hmm, that actually sounds harder but when you're running it doesn't more cake talk!

Sean - blimey, you're a glutton for punishment! No way would I be doing 10 after a 20.  You ran it at just over 8mm pace too!

I think you deserve to be very pleased with that but do be careful!

Martin - many thanks indeed! If you need any more info on Llanelli, ultra running Jenf is a local! 

PS. we went to the Sosban when we were there last week and it was lovely!

Mr P - great snap! Are you in it? 

Minni - I can't possibly eat toast without some kind of fat based lubrication. In Ruth's comment she specifically used the word bread so I'm taking that to mean that toast is fine (even though it probably isn't )

lol I'm glad it isn't just me that hears the voice of Ruth - like Obi Wan Kenobi: "Lose the sauce Luke"

Still can't believe you're up and out at 5:30!

Jen - wow, 6 hours - SIX! I'm rarely on my feet for that long let alone running. Respect!

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26/02/2014 at 17:24


Week11 - Wednesday

Easy Run

6M easy (approx 54 mins)

Nice gentle run today in the sunshine. Legs were clearly tired and despite the nice conditions I was quite happy to get this one finished. 

I'll probably do some more stretching and foam rolling later on as my legs feel a bit sore still from yesterday and Sunday.

Despite this, I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's progression run

Run Summary: 6 miles in 53:25

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26/02/2014 at 17:30

Ok, some more food diaries for Ruth. I've tried to take on some of the recent tweaks you wanted me to make, including having the fruit and yoghurt instead of a teacake once in a while (although yesterday I kinda ended up having both )

FOOD DIARY - Sunday 23-Feb


Large bowl of cereal with some museli
Small glass of water

[20 mile run]

Post run recovery (noon)

500ml Frijj milkshake
Glass of Water

Lunch (1pm)

Tuna roll with lettuce and tomato and a small amount of low fat salad cream
Half slice of madeira cake
Cup of tea

Afternoon Snack (2:30pm)

100g pasta with left over home made turkey, ham & leek sauce, peas and broad beans
Glass of water


4 Sainsburys Taste the Difference sausages with mashed potato, red cabbage, broad beans, peas, carrots and onion gravy
Glass of water
Small Orange


Low fat yoghurt and muesli
Slice of home made madeira cake (DS2's slice )
Cup of tea

Before bed

Mediium bowl of cereal


FOOD DIARY - Monday 24-Feb


70g porridge with handful of raisins and syrup made with 50/50 s/skimmed milk and water
Glass of water

Mid morning

Two slices brown bread toast with marmalade and olive spread
Cup of Tea

Half a banana

[3 mile jog]


Two slices of brown bread with sardines in tomato sauce
Green leaf salad with tomato and cucumber
Low fat yoghurt with some muesli
Glass of water


Cup of tea


Slow cooked chicken and mango casserole with red cabbage, broccoli & roast potatoes
Glass of water


Small piece of madeira cake and custard (I know I shouldn't have but…)
Cup of tea

Before bed

Medium bowl of mixed cereal

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26/02/2014 at 17:33

FOOD DIARY - Tuesday 25-Feb


70g porridge with handful of raisins and syrup made with 50/50 s/skimmed milk and water
Glass of water

Mid morning

Two slices brown bread toast with marmalade and olive spread
Cup of Tea


Left over chicken and mango casserole with mashed potato and garden peas
Spinach, watercress and rocket salad with tomato, cucumber, red pepper and celery
Glass of water

Afternoon (3:30pm)

Teacake (with a tiny bit of butter)
Cup of tea

Pre session snack (6pm)

Chopped fruit (orange, apple and half a banana) with low fat yoghurt

[6M Interval session]

Post session recovery (8:30pm)

250ml Frijj chocolate milkshake

Dinner (9:15 pm)

Baked Salmon fillet with a medium sized baked potato and half a roasted red pepper with cherry tomatoes and garlic
Low fat yoghurt with some muesli
Glass of water

Before bed (11pm)

Medium bowl of mixed cereal

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26/02/2014 at 18:05

Great food diary,  apart from the constant reference to ...... Well, you know what! About to sit down to a chicken stir fry and now I'm really hungry!!

Will do a steady 9 miler later probably about 8:20 pace but if it's slower so be it. So bloody busy at work I just can't get out during the day at the moment. I can't do first thing either because my daughters driver has just had a major op so i'm having to take her to school.,I am so looking forward to the summer!

26/02/2014 at 18:06

Isn't it exciting seeing photos from past Paris marathons?

makes me feel a tad jealous but excited for you all.

26/02/2014 at 18:18

Jumping on in my break quickly!! really enjoyed the progression run today though wonder if I progressed too much? Definitely felt spring had sprung out there though.

my mile paces were: 9:24/ 9:08/ 8:50/ 8:28/ 8:23/ 8:11/ 7:55.  fun session though

decided filling my belly with pasta after was more important than jacuzzi- will maybe do that tomorrow instead

26/02/2014 at 18:53

Angela It was wholly inappropriate of me and lemming like to join the others in mocking your lack parkrun attendance on the morning of your wedding. I wholeheartedly apologise.

Your need to show commitment by adding another marathon to your year was commendable. You are officially insane.  *bows down with resepct*    

Malcs Nice colour additions in your diet, very impressive diaries. What syrup did you use on your porridge? 

26/02/2014 at 19:02

Nice going Angela! Pasta better option than jaccuzzi

I correct what I said early. Didn't have stir fry, had chicken pasta! Lovely!

26/02/2014 at 20:23
Mr Puffy wrote (see)

Ruth may I ask, is it counter productive to have, say, a baked potato every lunchtime in the final week?

 Depends on the filling and.keep the potato small and with a low fat filling  until a couple of days before then increase carbs so  large baked potato with high carb filling such as beans but won't you get bored of a potato every lunch???


Malcs wrote (see)

Ruth - many thanks!

I will happily add in the leafy greens. We quite often buy a leafy salad that has beetroot in it, would that work? Is picked beetroot ok too? I'll get some spinach to add in as well - I really like that raw.

No probs, I'll try and sacrifice my afternoon bread based snacks every once in a while then. I do like fruit and yoghurt. In fact I like all the things you want me to have it's just a matter of getting into the habit of having them - that's what I'm crap at

Re. the fish, we usually have salmon once a week. However, we didn't have it this week. I've fallen out of love with mackerel. Might try sardines. Does tinned tuna count? I love that.

It was me asking about the 2 day carbo load. Specifically I wondered why you wanted me to do two before Spitfire as opposed to 1? Is it simply to try and get as close to a dress rehearsal as possible?

Thanks for the butter vs marg info. I think you're right about when I had jam/maralade on bread - I don't need spread then. However, I couldn't bear toast with just jam. I'd need some spread on that.

Finally, I tried the SIS Go Gel (with caffeine) in today's run and it went down just fine so I'm happy to use that in the race. 


Evening! This thread is amazing. You are all so encouraging of each other, I feel like I want to go out an run 10miles every time I finish reading through all the posts!!!

Tinned tuna is not oily as the canning process takes oil out (but not in other fish such as tinned salmon, mackerel or sardines). Fresh Tuna is oily but is in the lower end when comparing it to trout, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

Salads with beetroot in them are mighty fine (even if prickled) and well done for getting extra colour in but try and continue this even post Paris!

You can get a way with toast, butter and jam but at other times ....

I always suggest to people that they start with a 1 day load, if manage this no problem and if I think it would be useful to do a 2 day load  then you  should have no problems upping to this. 

I rarely ask anyone to carb load for three days any more as in practice runners tell me they start to feel heavy and performance wise I think a structured two day load with proper taper (which I don't have to worry about because you have Steve) does the job just as well but often people need to play around with the  1-3 day carb load  (suggest one 1 day only  if very well trained certainly sub 3 at least ).

Feel it is all starting to come together for you!

Diet is starting to look good!!!

26/02/2014 at 20:24

Minni -  glad you hear my voice when the fridge door opens!!!

26/02/2014 at 20:34

We had macaroni cheese...Rob (birthday boy) put parmesan on his!

Good runs all round today, except for me, resting today

I am in the photo Malcs, look carefully

This thread is like osmosis...I haven't had pie at lunchtime for ages now, and I'm subconsciously "thinking what would Ruth say?"  every time I make a food choice.

oh if you are going to Corcorans best start savng now, it was nearly a fiver a pint back in 2009!

26/02/2014 at 21:47

DS2 - wow, 9 at 8:20! Don't think I could have done that today. Hope it went well!

Totally agree re. the photos.

Angela - top progression run there. Definitely earned the pasta!

SupermanRuns - usually we are Tate and Lyle but Silver Spoon must have been cheaper the day Mrs Malcs went to Sainsburys so I have that now. It's a 680g bottle so it'll last forever

My in-laws have a Maple version of the Tate and Lyle which is awesome. Haven't managed to find it here yet

Are you a porridge and syrup man?

Ruth - many thanks for the info. Good to know I haven't strayed into yellow card territory.

Earlier last week you said you might be able to find me a bit more food if I posted some more diaries so I'm guessing that wasn't possible - was it the cake that scuppered my chances?

Mr P - lol, I see you now Or at least part of you I'll have no problem spotting you in London now!

If it's a fiver a pint in Corcorans then I'll only need £2.50

26/02/2014 at 23:52

Angela - You need to have your honeymoon in the Middle East, as Lakeland have stores all over there to, I'm sure your hubby will love that.

Malcs - Looking at those photos, you can almost smell the champers, exciting.

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