My First Marathon

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19/08/2005 at 19:29
Cheers Pete, really encouraging to here what a good time you got, I'm aiming for around 4h30 well i guess anytime will be nice actually.

Got some shoes today as well awesome, went for a 20min run to start breaking them in a bit, went to a proper shoe shop where they looked at the "biomechanics" of my feet so I have correct support in all areas. So I think I'm good to go, devise my training plan and I'm away.

Have started work on a website as well to base all my fundraising activities around, it's a little while from completion but when it's ready I'll let people know

Thanks so much everyone so far, you been real helpful
20/08/2005 at 11:29
If you are new to running and going to participate in the london marathon i need recruits to take part in my dissertation. In exchange we're offering free osteopathic treatment. See message in london marathon forum or email me to find out details. Thanks, Rach
21/08/2005 at 20:36
Have really enjoyed reading this thread as loads of good advice.

Harry, a running partner would be great, if only for the longer runs, especially in the rain! You might be a bit fast for me though...

I'm just moving to Wilbraham Road on the other side of the Parkway so fairly local to Fallowfield and Chorlton. Aparrently there's a friendly running club in/around Chorlton who go out a couple of times per week.

A general question...

I've got a pair of running shoes which really suit me so I bought another pair of the same. Only thing is, how often do you alternate pairs as I don't want to be breaking the other pair in when I'm doing the longer runs but don't want two very worn pairs of shoes come April. Any advice?
22/08/2005 at 17:26
Depends when you start training. I'm a bit of a shoe whore, and have about 4-6 pairs on the go at any time, including xc ones. (Mrs D is convinced there's an Asics octopus under the bed).
If you're training now, I'd alternate the two all the time, this allows them to dry off between runs. I usually buy a new pair 4 months/16 weeks before the marathon, and use them for 2 runs a week max, so that by marathon time, you know they are 'run in' but not knackered.

In your case, perhaps use 1 pair for the majority of runs, using the second pair for maybe the odd long run, and short recovery, as the marathon approaches, then start to use the 'new' pair more.
Usual guidance is 500 miles for each pair of shoes, with 35 weeks to the marathon (at a guess) thats only about 30 miles per week, so you'll probably need a new pair before then anyway.

(BTW I usually get 6-700 miles out of mine)

Good luck
23/08/2005 at 14:31
I agree with Dustin. I'd aim to run the marathon in a pair that's done 200-400 miles so you know they are worn in but not worn out (if that makes any sense!).

Good luck,
23/08/2005 at 19:50
Hey Bex,

Yeah that sounds really cool, I live in Moseley Road, and am returning the weekend of 16th september any time after that and I'll always be up for a training session. Think I might be purchasing a waterproof running jacket though hehe

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