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27/04/2006 at 10:07
Does anyone know when all the runners times are to be published? I read last weekend that the Daily Mail was doing a special supplement today (27th) Bought today's edition, but no supplement.
27/04/2006 at 10:28
I heard it was the Evening Standard, not the Daily Mail that's doing a supplement today. I was going to buy it as a momento of my first marathon.

You can look all the times up on the London Marathon website though:

It gives you your position overall, in your gender, and age groups, but doesn't say out of how many people, so I was hoping to find that out in the paper.
27/04/2006 at 10:47
I have contacted the Daily Mail. On page 81 of todays edition it says there is a 24 page colour FLM special supplement which you can send off for. The cost is £1.50 and will be sent out within 28 days.
27/04/2006 at 10:50
It IS in the ES today!
27/04/2006 at 12:15
Anyone know if the daily mail supplement is the same as the ES one? I've got an order in with ES so trying to decide if it is worth sending off for the mail's one? I think one owns the other thought so I expect they are identical?
27/04/2006 at 15:25
I just bought the ES one - 32 pages just listing all the runners and their times and a couple of articles.

Has anyone read the article by Justin Cartwright in it? Why does he have to sound so miserable and put such a downer on a fantastic and memorable day?

I think the London Marathon is an amazing event in so many ways, from the effort and enthusiasm of the supporters to the fundraising and commitment of the runners. We shouldn't have to put up with some tabloid couch-potato cynic raining on our soggy parade! ;¬)
27/04/2006 at 15:39
I will have to pay for the supplement as we don't get "The Evening Standard" here in Wales :-(
27/04/2006 at 16:20
Darrell, I picked up a form at the Expo from evening standard to order copies, but basically it just said please send me x number of copies of the Evening Standard published on Thursday 27th April, and they charge £2 each including P&P. I reckon then if you contacted them by email or phone and asked for this then they would post them out to you.
Hope this helps
27/04/2006 at 16:27
I sooooo want to make a witty comment about newspaper supplements not being needed if you have a healthy, balanced diet...........
27/04/2006 at 16:36
Thanks FB.
27/04/2006 at 18:18
Fleabag - a couple of years ago I got the ES and DM supplememnts. They had different covers but were essentially the same.
28/04/2006 at 01:12
It's not very interesting other than having your name in print (if you finished, Ms Goody...)
28/04/2006 at 06:33
Does anyone have the phone number and address to send for a copy of the supplement, and who to make cheque payable to.
28/04/2006 at 08:53
Didn't manage to get a copy of the Mail yesterday as Tesco had sold out. Can I still send off for the supplement? Does any one who got the paper have any details?
28/04/2006 at 09:20
Here's the Daily Mail article:

The Daily Mail is a media partner of the Flora London Marathon and we have produced a fantastic 32-page, full-colour supplement recording every runner's personal time and place in the race. It is the ultimate memento of the day. For your copy, send your name and address with a cheque (made payable to 'Daily Mail') for £1.50 for each copy ordered to:

Marathon Supplement,
P.O. Box 2006,
GU11 9WB.

All orders will be sent out within 28 days of receipt of applications.

28/04/2006 at 09:52
Thanks Octopus
28/04/2006 at 09:56
Thanks for the info Darrell.
28/04/2006 at 10:46
Does anyone know if there's details anywhere of folks that started but didn't finish?

(Surely some of them would like there splits for the bits they did do... and it would be interesting to see numbers)
28/04/2006 at 10:53

You are welcome.
30/04/2006 at 12:19
I've got some spares of the Evening Standard supplement is anyone wants one.
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