Anyone else out there have a place for 2006?

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25/04/2006 at 21:38
Hi Kate yes it is very strange how we only remember the good bits I hated it from 8 mile to 20 and then quite enjoyed it as I knew I was going to finish. It was my fourth one and am thinking I would like to do it again! Mad or what. Next time my ambition is to do training and marathon injury free!!
26/04/2006 at 17:27
Kate / am i last.. hello! sorry i lost you, i did 4:58 so really really pleased! you did great too! in fact everyone did! i made a point of saying hello to lots of PHAB people, at times it was more a gasp and wavecos i was having trouble speaking, but yes, if you were tapped on the shoulder and greeted with a hello Phab it was me! :-)

my ankle really hurts now... it was twinging last saturday but i convinced myself i was paranoid... hmmm... it were'nt in my head pbviously!

i really did not like 18 - 23, but you know what... i'd do it again in a heartbeat and i'm not ashamed to say i sobbed when i got my medal... i was welling up getting my photo done then say the boyfriend and we both lost it! right pair of bawling wreaks!!

well done everyone... we are marathon runners... bring on '07!

bec x
26/04/2006 at 17:44
Anyone for Cardiff on 15th October?
26/04/2006 at 20:42
Yes Crazy bee, i will do it again in a heart beat too and can't wait for next year!!!

i wish i had met you crazy bee, what happened, i thought you were going to meet up on race day
along with bugbabe and diane??

you did brilliantly 4.58 is great!!

i did 6.40, had so much muscular pain at the back of my thigh from 9 miles and struggled to get to the end, i power walked most of it!!!
26/04/2006 at 20:43
15th of october is my birthday, dean!!

already doing GNR is anyone doing that???
26/04/2006 at 20:54
Yes I am doing the GNR. Did it last year 1st ever half.
27/04/2006 at 06:12
Yes I am doing the GNR too
27/04/2006 at 08:05
yes doing GNR 7th one I think. Still trying to do it in under 2 hours but fail every year!
27/04/2006 at 12:00
Hiya - Yes to GNR - will be my 5th I think.

Everyone seems really pleased with their runs which is good and looking forward to next years FLM. Its addictive!!!

27/04/2006 at 15:56
Hi everyone,

Just popped on to say well done to you all on sunday. What a fantastic day it was, and im already looking forward to next year!!
I managed to get round in 3hrs 43mins and although this was more than the predicted 3.30 i am still over the moon with my first marathon.
Im in for the GNR so maybe meet up with some of you there.
Is there a thread started up for the GNR yet??
27/04/2006 at 16:41
i don't there is thread for gnr yet, john, well done on ur time, that was fantastic, am looking 4ward to next year too and can't wait!!
28/04/2006 at 20:00
Go to events and you will find a thread for the GNR 2006.

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