Rome Marathon 2014

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24/02/2014 at 18:51

MandM: I just do the long runs in a pace that feels comfortable. This has usually been 5.50-6.00 min/km, but I did the last 32 km in 5.30 min/km. I hope this is a sign that my form is improving.  Will try to run the same pace for this 32 km aswell, but there seems to be a snowstorm coming in over Scandinavia thu-fri which may make conditions difficult during the following weekend. 

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25/02/2014 at 11:29

I tends to prescribed to this thought that LSR should not be about pace but how you feel on the day and adjust the pace accordingly, after all you will be on your feet for 3+ hours.

My last two 20 milers were 6:06 and 6:02 (KM) respectively but earlier in Jan I did a local half 1:43:30 so I was confident that sub 3:45 doable but since the injury I have lost all hopes.

Due to personal circumstances I can only do my LSR on Saturday, again it will be how I feel and more importantly if I can get to the end without irritating my shin!

Wish you have best of weather on Sunday.

25/02/2014 at 14:42

I'm a tiny bit worried about my long distance training ahead of next month's race.

My longest runs recently have been 18 and 21 miles over the last six weeks, and running 30+ miles a week, but I don't think I'll have time for another long run before the 23rd. 

This weekend I'm away, then on the 8th I'm doing Milton Keynes half marathon, and the following weekend is only a week before the marathon! Do you think I'll be alright? Should I stick on a few more miles after MK?

I've done one marathon before (Paris last year) and definitely hit the wall and had to walk a bit (came in at 4hr15) but REALLY don't want the same to happen again. I'm much fitter now, just slightly worried that my long distance trainng hasn't been great.

Anyway, enough of all that, who's keen for a drink after the race?

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28/02/2014 at 22:10

Ta-pe-ring! Just back in from my final 32 km/20 miles run so now the hard work is done.

Robin: I would recommend you to take it easy after your HM. With only two weeks to Rome it is not much you can do anyway. I was in the same situation last year when I did the Stockholm HM two weeks before Berlin marathon and I hardly tied my shoes between the races. Did a PB in Berlin anyway.

BTW, I also hit the wall in Paris last spring so I know what you´re talking about. Everything was fine until 32 km when things started to feel a bit uncomfortable. At 35 km all energy was gone and I could barely finish the race. The medics had to assist me after the finish line. And NO, neither do I want it to happen again...

02/03/2014 at 12:03

Robin I’m no expert on in this area so I refrain from commenting, guess what Stockholm has said probably make sense.

oh yes Ta-pe-ring, that started for me since my injury so not much of difference for me to be honest. Anyway like you stockholm i did my final LSR 18 miles, took it easy as i did not want to aggravate the injury, took lots of walk break in the later part of the run. My Shin was in agony after the run but the combination of Ice and medication helped to ease of the pain.

It appears that injury is holding back a bit so I should be able to get across line, the strategy is to start off slow, well very slow indeed and evaluate the situation as the run progresses, unsure if the cobblestones will have any saying on my injury?

Happy tapering guys and best of luck Robin for the MK half.

Stockholm, did the storm played any part in the LSR?



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02/03/2014 at 16:59

MandM: The forecast was changed during the week so the storm never came. 

10/03/2014 at 08:30

Hi All

As we descend towards the big day lets hope that all our long-ish runs are now out of the way without any prob. I did mine over the weekend and managed a respectable 15miler in 2:45, I know its not what I wanted but with the injury I am carrying I was over the moon that I actually managed to run that far without aggravating the injury, time to take it easy.

Anyway all best to all who are running the race and hope you achieve your desired target, do come back and report how you got on, I know I will .

All road leads to Rome!

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12/03/2014 at 19:27

MandM: Nice to hear that your injury is better!

This year's route map has been presented. If I understand things correctly the big change is that the race does not start and finish at the Coliseum but a few hundred meters/yards further on:

It has apparently been a registration record as well with 19061 runners signed up. Given that the track appears to contain some pretty sharp turns I suspect that it may get crowded on parts of the course.

Does anyone know anything about the aid stations and what energy drink they serve? I have only found out that they are by 5 km intervals but nothing about what they serve.

13/03/2014 at 19:17

Race day info finaly online:

31/03/2014 at 13:46


Hope you guys had good race, unlike mine it was shite, finished under 4:20, so pretty annoyed with myself. Anyway it was fantastic to run the rome marathon, had it been dry it might have helped and like SS anticipated it was certainly crowded on parts of the course.

Let us hear all about your experience.


31/03/2014 at 17:35

Did not really have race head on when it came to it so just trotted round and tried to push thoughts about stopping for an espresso half way to the back of my mind...

The local runners really love their club tracksuits - you don't get clumps of clubmates trotting round the VLM expo in Serpies/Wrekin RR/whatever kit but in Rome... and as the OH said, "the blokes are a lot less shy about lycra shorts", yes, the to-the-knee lycra compression gear was quite popular. 

On race day you got a lot of folk taking selfies/pics of their clubmates ... midrace ... let no-one accuse the Italians of not making the most of things.

All the tales about having to queue at the drinks tables while not-enough-volunteers tried to fill cups (CUPS!) with sport drink (Gatorade, which I find very inoffensive - high praise for this type of thing) are true. But I did find a free portaloo en route with loo roll, and another one free courtesy of the fact that it was dirty - me, I went in, cleaned it, used it, being less of a dainty soul...

The cobbles - setts - I was worried I would turn my ankle but had no problems. They weren't big on midrace cleanup though and by the sponge stations it was very soft underfoot

I don't think the lady on the medal was wearing a sports bra tsk. 

Not a great deal of support but obv. pretty scenic.

I would say a nice day out but not the first port of call for PB hunters. Now have THREE bags which are very handy...

04/04/2014 at 17:49
Had a great day for my first marathon, got the bug now!
Although a lot of things went wrong. Let's get them out of the way first. In line for the loo for 30 mins at the start. Finally got in one at 0847 with the race starting at 0850! :-/ Shower-proof jacket was useless so brought a plastic poncho for 5 euro. Choose to throw away half way round as didn't want to carry it anymore. It then chucked it down 3 more times! Watch ran out of battery at mile 23. Stupidly went on a 4 hour walking food tour on the Monday night and visited the Vatican on Tuesday morning, so got the recovery completely wrong but could not want ruin the holiday for the others. People and cars crossing the route all the time.
Now that's done with, here's what made it for me. First and foremost I finished my first ever marathon! Yay! The people I met were amazing. An American called John ( @johndfffff ) who is doing a half every month in different places in the world. An Irishman called Alan who had done a marathon before but not for some time. He had only done 10k in training. Two blokes dressed as centurions, one from Leicester and the other from Nottingham. They were singing The righteous brothers on the way round! I got my nutrition and hydration spot on. Plus, I got that finishers medal! and a bottle of Chablis from my aunt.

Well done to everyone!
04/04/2014 at 20:30

Congratulations Scalesy and good job by MandM and Fido2Dogs as well. I posted in the other Rome marathon thread but in summary I met my goal of a sub 3.40 race (3.38.04 official time) and was pleased with the marathon, although the organization left some things to be desired. But after all it´s Italy so I didn´t expect it to be flawless.

What race plans does everyone have for the rest of the season? I will do the Gothenburg half marathon "Göteborgsvarvet" in may and then Zermatt marathon in the begining of July. Course profile here:

Will be, eh, interesting...

I have chosen Warsaw marathon as my autumn marathon and plan to do the Stockholm HM in september as well. Then some smaller 5 and 10 k´s around here to fill in the gaps between the bigger races mentioned.


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