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12/04/2005 at 17:14
Hello team 5 don't remember putting my name on a list, but looking forward to your support my number is 11304 not sure what i'm wearing yet(the white looks good no no the black makes me look slim or should it be blue to match my eyes) us blokes like to look good as well you know.

12/04/2005 at 18:14
hi um,
thanks for all your hard work. i will be off computer from tomorrow night got course in horsham till fri, then up to london. Not heard from josie so will just look out for them.

Good luck to all on sunday, BIG THANKS to um and all supporters.Grand Job.
12/04/2005 at 18:56

ello ello ello . .

only coz Beans52 did some of the work for me and asked E V E R so nicely . .

here is Team 7

and coz Wabo asked, here is Team 9

and coz we're the best . . here is Team 6

12/04/2005 at 19:33
Cheers for the pics of team 7

Go 7 go 7

(PS had no mail from anyone, only need cheering and a few Jelly babies though)

Go 7 Go 7 Go 7

M...eldy    pirate
12/04/2005 at 19:40
RFJ .. are you sure !! I thought I had!!

just checked my paperwork and I have all your details ...... either me or you thats the muppet ;-)
12/04/2005 at 19:51
hi number 3. we've got a thread somewhere now.

Any requests?

12/04/2005 at 19:53
hello team 1 i will be fully supporting you all sunday as cara's deputy (ie the brains behind the unit)i'm looking forward to meeting everyone as my time on the forums is limited (you try getting mrs cara off the airwaves)we will be fully laden with supplies including cognac while the flask lasts!that should encourage n/s!!good luck to all mile 17 awaits.
12/04/2005 at 20:16
Team 1 has its own site to now mystic wind come and join us its called Group 1 anyone?

12/04/2005 at 20:23

been digging through my photographs . .

and therefore . . . here is Team 2

12/04/2005 at 20:27
Go Team 6

The best looking supporters on the planet

I am sorry to make you blush....again;-)
12/04/2005 at 20:46
12/04/2005 at 20:46
Thanks Rich - you are a star!

xxx beanz
12/04/2005 at 20:49
er, we seem to have identical quintuplets supporting this year!
12/04/2005 at 20:51
Rich k can you do anything for team 1, you have my piccie from last year support at flm?? i am a technophobe but i do have piccies of the caramac clan on my computer!
12/04/2005 at 20:56


good spot beanz 52!!

Hi Caramac . . I looked at your Team but you're the only one I have a photograph of and you'd look quite lonely . . unless you can mail me a pic of the clan?


here is Team 5

here is Team 6

here is Team 9

here is Team 7

here is Team 2

that should work now!!
12/04/2005 at 21:15
And team 3?? (Only joking, Rich)
12/04/2005 at 21:30
WOW - what busy bees you're been Meerkat and rich. I haven't actually looked at this site for about 3 months properly therefore missed all the organisation going on but huge thanks for all your hard work. (Oh, my previous forum name as Lo Hump). Excellent work - Thank You. x
12/04/2005 at 21:33
I'm supporting team 7 - will have a small supply of the following :- compeeds, paracetamol and ibuprofen, you only have to ask....
M...eldy    pirate
12/04/2005 at 21:33
Fifi !!!!! where have you been .... we nearly got the bus fired up!!
12/04/2005 at 21:36

no we didn't 'Melda . . me and Fifi have had everyfin in control haven't we . .

Meerkat . . I'm wukkin' on it ;)
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