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02/03/2014 at 13:18

Hi Red, was good to see you this morning and catch-up. Hope the post race refreshments went down ok. Wednesday I am picking Mrs B up from Leeds Bradford Airport at 7.30. So unless you can start at 5.30 I'm snookered. 

03/03/2014 at 13:12

Hi Brian, I thought I might manage to leave work early but I cant so will have to miss intervals.

Proposed plans for this week -

8-9 miles tonight - 9 min pace or quicker if I can. Running with Jeremy who wants a 'slow' run so his slow should be my MP?

Wednesday - Intervals

Thursday possible club run/ distance TBC (Medium or short depending on route)

Saturday - Parkrun

Sunday - long run 18 miles will try and slow pace down with the aim of upping the pace for last 3?

Peco catering was a success, apparently the best spread of the season!

03/03/2014 at 15:50

Hi Red, Congrats on the catering!!!

Not to worry on the intervals front. I'm sure having had a go already you will be closer to the mark this time. Silly question.... do you have your garmin set to lap pace as opposed to current pace? If you have it set to lap pace and hit the lap button before every hard segment, I can't see how/why you could go wrong?

Great idea running with a bloke who is quicker than you. Test him. Tell him the pace you want to the second, and if he fails, poke him in the eye! Or maybe the hip

Sunday - yes make a conscious effort to make it progressive. Give yourself a reasonable chance by setting off slowly. Think of it as a 3 stage run, something like:

5M easy (maybe 10-10:30m/m), 8M moderate (9:15-9:45), 5M ~ MP (8:50-9:15).

This is only a suggestion. You might want to split it differently, according to the loops/route you have planned. Try and ensure you (at least) finish on a flat bit as your target race is flat. 


09/03/2014 at 13:46

Miles run this week 36.5 and it's been a funny week.

Monday 8 with Jez - 9 min pace. Was hoping for a bit quicker but tank a bit empty. He let me decide pace and apparently enjoyed "gentle" pace - that's when my foot could have gone in the hip.

Wednesday didnt run, didn't do intervals, chickened out. Bottled it.

Thursday 6 miles club run - good to be back and pace was good, apart from me not restarting my watch in the middle - 1st two miles 9 min pace up hill. Middle bit missing but I did push it., Last two miles 8.30 pace. Obviously there were regrouping stops but it felt like a good run.

Saturday Park run - 1 mile warm up at 10 min pace and then a PB! 25.46 Last PB was end Nover bet and closest Ive come to improving it was end Jan. Frank was pacing someone that I didn't want to beat me so the green eyed monster came out. Didn't realise I'd PB'd until I finished. Bit of a much need boost.

Today 18.5 miles - empty tank at the end so no turbo finish. Started off 3 miles bang on 10 min pace - next 3 are a bit quicker and then the rest are pretty much 10. - 10.2 Pace. Ran out of water as I wasn't expecting it to be as warm. Had over mapped the route so walked 1+ miles home. Yesterday's Parkrun will have had an effect and I won't be Park running the day before the marathon.Last weeks long run was a much better run - felt better and there was something left in the tank but then this marathon training is a roller coaster. Lady I was running with got second wind for last 5 miles but it wasnt happening for me.

this week - not fully decided. Can't really fit in club sessions which is a bit disappointing as I do think they help. Depending on knee I might run tomorrow evening. Can't run Tuesday as Im away with work. Run Wednesday after PM session. Thursday got Physio but will do some sort of run. Long run on Saturday, 20 miles 

Hope you were happy with yesterday's Dent time - you were tempted by the 8 mile warm up or Parkrun starter!

11/03/2014 at 11:57

That's a decent week all told. Congrats on the 5k pb..... I think the mini taper would've helped there. Just try and keep the miles ticking by. It's not always easy fitting in the training, life does tend to get in the way from time to time. Try and do one session of faster running, ideally the intervals but whatever suits/you can fit in at the time.

My Dent run was a success in that I didn't end up limping. My knee held true, but to be honest, I didn't push the pace.

This week and next week should ideally be your biggest weeks, and longest runs. 

16/03/2014 at 11:32

Miles run - 36. I missed one of the runs I had planned.

8 miles Monday with Jez. 8 miles on Thursday and 20 miles yesterday.

I enjoy the weekday runs, the long run was torture and I nearly gave  up after 10 miles. But I did 20 miles, non stop and very slow 10+ min miles. It didn't feel as if there was anything left to posh the pace towards the end. But when I get home I feel fine so maybe it's all in the mind.

this week should be a better week.

Monday - 8 miles with Jez - he said he will pace me to do 8.3 min miles. I want the average to be sub 9 min miles. Some splits are always quicker but average pace is always 9 min miles.

run Wednesday - not sure what to do pace wise and distance

club run Thursday, Parkrun on Saturday and last long on Sunday.

Is there any point at this stage doing track/intervals. What's the best approach at this stage?

17/03/2014 at 09:03

RED, Another good week and well done getting the 20 miler in. These are the most beneficial runs mentally as well as physically. It's always a battle with the CNBA fairies, and you saw them off good and proper.

I certainly wouldn't recommend you going on the track at this stage, but with 4 weeks to go, one or two faster sessions wouldn't go amiss. I'm fine with todays run, but be prepared to feel a little leggy after your effort on Saturday. Wednesday or Thursday (whichever suits you best) I would suggest you do some 5k paced running. Something like 8x3mins with 60s recovery, or 6x4mins with 90s recovery. Maybe use the path round the cricket field at Roberts Park?

Let me know when and where you plan to do the session, as I think I could join you on Thursday but have a mtg Wednesday at 7:45pm.

17/03/2014 at 09:10

I'm talking bo****ks again. I can't make Thursday either! 

23/03/2014 at 14:26

Miles run this week, a lot.

Monday 7.8 still 9 min average but we were talking I reckon if I'd shut up it would have been average sub 9 min miles. Anyway it was quicker than the previous week.

Wednesday - I bottled the 5k interval laps as I don't know what I'm doing and I get in a state about it. However I did run 5.5 miles at 10k race pace. The first 3 splits bang on 8.4 min miles last two splits were quicker with last mile nearly 8 min mile, nearly! I don't know why I get in a state about the interval, structured stuff but I do.

Thursday - club run. I wanted an easy plod after the previous night but it was a bit harder as it featured Carr Lane a few other drags that I have been known to inflict on people when I'm leading. It's the decent that's the problem. knees not happy 6.7 miles at varying paces slow fast slow fast.

Saturday Parkrun was on the slow side but my legs have done a lot this week. It felt comfortable and if I'd seen someone I wanted to beat it might have been better. 26.37 on my watch

Today - just short of 21 miles. Haven't a clue what pace as my watch died at 6 miles and I didn't have company until a further 10 miles. The pace for the last 3-4 was 10 minute ish. My legs were sore and as usual I gave into the 'woe is me, tired legs' so plodded on Rather than attempt to up the pace. 

So that's a lot of miles and I'm still walking, just about. 44 miles, most I've run since last year.

this week? Probably better to rest tomorrow night? Club on Tuesday and squeeze in 10 miles before PM on Wednesday. I'm away with work on Thursday which is a pain. I would like to do Parkrun on Saturday as I should have rested legs and have thought of adding on my long run so I can have a lie in next Sunday when the clocks go back, or is that cheating. Physiologically I feel better if I don't stop on the long runs and for the past 2/3 Ive done non stop. If i do Parkrun it's timing it to arrive at the start in time and the getting away quickly after wards. I know I should do it the other way round 15 miles and the. Parkrun but it will be a slow one and that will annoy me!

Still a bad week for an old lady!

24/03/2014 at 15:44

RED, Rest if you can tonight. You have deserved it. Nothing wrong with your progressive 5.5M on Wed, that was a really good tempo run!

Your plan for this week sounds good. Cut volume slightly only this week, (should be down to 80% of your normal average weekly mileage). Combining parkrun with long run is fine. But make sure your long run is no further than 16miles.

I go on holiday for a week on Saturday, so won't be on-line. So next week cut volume again. Try and keep the faster stuff in but just less miles. 2nd week out should be down to 60% of your normal mileage. So if you've been averaging 34 miles per week, next week should be down to about 21. Long run of about 9 or 10miles.

So could be something like Mon 3M, Tues 4M, Thurs 4M, Sat 10M incl. parkrun 

You will start to feel pretty good within next week, but don't make the BIG mistake of running further and/or faster. Allow the muscles to recover.

24/03/2014 at 17:56

I'm resting tonight - surprisingly tired today!  I was thinking 16-17 on Saturday. Wasn't sure about next week but 3-4 shorter runs sound ok, assuming some of them should have a bit of speed?

Have a good holiday!

25/03/2014 at 14:01

The general concensus on marathon tapers is for the last 3 weeks to go something like 80%, 60% and 33% of your normal weekly volume. But try and keep the effort/intensity the same. So for instance where you might normally run 4M @ 9m/m, keep the pace the same but decrease the volume - so this run might become 3M @ 9m/m.

The secret to Saturday is that it shouldn't feel too hard, and it certainly shouldn't wipe you out. So maybe don't be too hard and fast with the target miles, probably better to run to a time that is reasonably comfortable to you, mentally as well as physically. I think what I'm trying to say is that you have completed the hard work, Saturdays run should be more enjoyable than your other long runs. If this means that you run for 2 hours and this amounts to 12 miles, so be it.

What I try to do in the last 1 or 2 long runs is build in some "errands". Go visit people that you haven't seen for a while. This takes the pressure off of miles, pace etc etc. I've visited aunties, had a cup of tea, run to the swimming baths had a swim and then continued. I've also purposefully dropped the car off somewhere and then run to pick it up! Another good one is getting dropped off, or get the train out and run back. Try and do something a little different to your other long runs. A lot to be said for novelty value.  

06/04/2014 at 14:27

Hi Brian - hope you have had a good week away?

last week finished with a combi Parkrun/long run 16 miles. Wouldn't do it again as I ran out of steam at the end. Lesson learnt. I had no intention of pushing it at Parkrun but on the second lap I saw someone I didn't want to beat me so I went a bit quicker. So each lap was quicker which is how it should be but 9 miles later I was tired. The runs earlier in the week were a mixed bag - bad club run as I needed up with newbie at the back who was very inexperienced. Good 9.3 mile run following day. Faster second half. Think I've conditioned myself to running slowly on the canal because as soon as I came off I started to run faster

4 miles on Monday Club run. Pushed it and splits all sub 9. Thursday 6.3 miles again all 10k splits. 3.75 miles yesterday gentle trot - and today 10.5 good run but slower than I hoped as it was conversation pace but last miles were a bit quicker than earlier ones.

So it's done, can't undo what's done, can't redo what I didn't do so 'what will be will be'. left Achilles isn't brilliant, knee is grumpy again other than that I'm fine.

was planning gentle trot on Tuesday and Thursday - 3 miles just to keep legs ticking over

08/04/2014 at 07:53

Hi RED, relax now you are almost there. 2 runs of ~ 30mins sounds pretty good to me. Plenty of stretching, drink, carbs and sleep. You might find that you feel a little lethargic. This is normal as the muscles are recovering and taking on fuel/fluid.

What is your bib number?

08/04/2014 at 16:56

I'm number 23900 ....its my lucky number!

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