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15/04/2014 at 14:34


15/04/2014 at 19:40

My number has just arrived for the Milton Keynes Marathon, all very real now. Inspired by the running on Sunday by you all so am determined to achieve this. Last long run was Sunday - 20 miles in 3hrs 23 minutes. Did get a few comments from passers by that marathon was in London!

15/04/2014 at 20:42



My first Marathon on Sunday , and nothing could have prepared me for the wall of noise that greeted us all the way round .I still get goose bumps thinking about the support .

15/04/2014 at 21:16

Fitforfourty - totally agree, it was absolutely amazing!!  The tower bridge especially  

Pipski - LOVE those t-shirts. Should have done something similar for my parents

Mem - how are you feeling? ready for the taper?  

And I think I need an intervention. Just looked at the MK page and realised the entries are still open!!! 

15/04/2014 at 21:33

 congratulations team!!  A brilliant days result at London.

Thank you so much Rachel and Pipski for sharing all the ups and downs of a marathon training plan. You have both been absolute stars.

Angela...what can I say... You have given SO much to this thread!  Thank you.

OOOH YES! I have the same medal as Mo! thank for that Fitforfourty.

Nicole you will go far! well done girl! (Get a good coach).

15/04/2014 at 23:12

Memsahibr: snap 762 looks quite cute having my name on it.

Yesterday at 08:06
Thanks Jenf! Still on an amazing high from Sunday, am so happy still! Also from the day after the marathon, already planning my next races and yesterday watching other runners with envy, itching to get out there again (unfortunately need my feet to heal up first!) I reckon I'm seriously addicted now

Although I didn't get my ideal time on the day, the more I think about the achievement the happier I am! I held it together on the day, ran sensibly, and am just over the moon with my medal. Looking at my running app I literally ran an extra mile (27.3) and can see from that I did do the 26.2 in 3h57 so I know I can do it! The stat I'm most happy with is the one from the VLM results which says in the last 7.2k I passed 1463 runners and was only passed by 30!! So although I felt like death I was still strong

Well my dream is to get to Boston and for that I need to achieve under 3h55m, so I need to get another 13 minutes off! Next time I will a)make sure I put down a finish time that will get me in a faster start pen, to hopefully avoid a lot of the congestion and weaving, and b)train a harder marathon plan, throwing in some 22/23 mile long runs. Can see that my actual mara pace needs to be faster in order to account for possible extra mileage on the day.

Angela would you say that another marathon (maybe Edinburgh, Paris or Manchester) might be faster/less congested than London or are they all a bit like that? I guess wasn't prepared for being stuck below pace for quite a few sections (was expecting it first few miles but ironically it only seemed to get bad from mile 3 when the starts merged together)

Have taken the week off work and totally pampering myself. Yesterday was a wonderful spa day with my 14yo daughter - bliss! This morning a much needed sports massage

WELL DONE again to all VLMers - so proud we all did it! And all the very best of luck to those of you still preparing for Edinburgh and others, I am so jealous of you all!

Ps Pipski I love your kids' T shirts, so cute!
Yesterday at 08:40

Rachel - physically feel really good. Had a minor twinge in my right knee on Monday after long run but think that was linked more to the long distance driving over the weekend. Sort of looking forward to taper but suspect am going to find doing less odd.

Booktrunk - 779 and does look good with name on.  Just got to work out how to get loopy chip thing onto shoe. I suppose it does indicate they don't expect us to get feet wet unlike at Leicester half with flooded underpasses.


Yesterday at 11:11

Hello all,,, quick post... Marathon fitness takes years to build up, and it also takes weeks to recover from your race paced marathon you did on Sunday.  Rachel, Mk is too soon unless you are prepared to take it significantly slower than Sunday.

nicole.  Manchester was perfect.  After the first couple of miles, really nowhere near as congested as London.  I think Paris is worse.  No idea about Edinburgh.  It's good to look for marathons that aren't the big city races as these are more full of people who didn't put in the training, therefore you have to face things like people stoppoing to walk in mile 1!

pipski, I saw those t-shirts and wanted to buy one but thought it might be bad luck as I don't have any children yet.

i will try to stick around on here as much as  I can the next few weeks for those doing MK ans Edinburgh, if u have any questions, but I do have my wedding very soon, so as you can imagine, am a bit consumed with getting that sorted x

Yesterday at 13:04

I considered the half at MK, briefly, and then realised I have a 10k the weekend will focus on that.

Yesterday at 19:27
Thanks for advice Angela and all the best for your wedding plans - so exciting!

Looks like I may need to get back training ASAP as have booked an appt to get a totally marathon inspired tattoo on my foot in a couple of weeks and apparently won't be able to run for 2 weeks after, eek! That doesn't leave much time to train properly for BUPA 10k

I never thought I'd want a tattoo but the marathon has meant so much to me I want to mark it and remind myself of what can be done . Just a simple 26.2 on my foot with the words 'Impossible Is Nothing' underneath
Yesterday at 20:00

good call rachel!

Nicole, I;ve never been one for tattoos and would never get one myself, but a friend of mine and her hubby got tatoos on tuesday after both having completed london marathon.  they inspire me so much.  They are not the fastest of runners, but they run every race together, pretty much holding hands across the finish.  The last time they did the marathon, he really encouraged her around.  This time, it was him that had the difficulty with his knee in the later miles, and it was she that got him thru.  The tatoos they got were lovely, and hers is on her wrist and she had the 2 years she's done london marathon with the option to add more years if she does it again...

Yesterday at 21:52
My mom and my 2 sisters both have small tattoos. So I'm the odd one out. Never considered one but I really like your idea Nicole!

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