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Lee Clark 70 with Emmy

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13/04/2014 at 06:02

Lee. Don't panic

Its normal to lose roughly 2-3 minutes in the first threemiles but keep your head about you. The pave you set will be fine.

Nicole -I can't comment on that. When i did it - they had strict controls. He who dares wins?

Good luck Lee!!!!!!!

Its been 50/50 sinceFriday as I've come down with the lurgy. Am feeling proper rank so will go on a sightseeing tour this morning

13/04/2014 at 19:55

Lee - checked your results... lemme know what went down...!

13/04/2014 at 20:00

 - Suffice to say that today did not go to plan at all!

Firstly, thank you Emmy for all of your help and advice over the last few weeks. Even though things didn't work out this time I am certain I will obtain PBs in my future runs because of you.

The day started well enough, I had porridge with honey before I went to the station and arrived early so ended up in Blackheath even earlier. Drank an Isotonic, sipped some water and had a banana. Didn't feel too bad.

I did wear the bin bag and moved into pen 6. I didn't want to take the pee. In hindsight I should have dropped back a pen.

The race started ok, I didn't have to skip about although I was slightly down first mile and second and then slightly up on the third. During the third mile I said hello and good luck to Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins. They didn't return the favour a couple of miles later through Cutty Sark. Even before Cutty Sark I knew today was not a sub-4 day. I don't know what was wrong but I slowed down to at least try sub-4. There was nothing in the legs. I hadn't gone off too quick and even if I had I can do half marathon at a much better pace. It obviously wasn't the wall.

I made half way around the 1hr58 mark but was already struggling. I think it was a mile later down Narrow Street that I had to stop and walk. That was the story until the end except my calves kept seizing up from around mile 16/17 until the end and I started getting a pain across the middle of my chest. If I started running either my legs seized or my chest hurt so I had to stop. I was very very thirsty too. I did sip at mile 4/8/11 etc. but by the time I stopped I was having to sip more, but I was walking.

I did see Jodie Whittacker of The Smoke and Broadchurch at mile 22.5 and she shouted "Go on Lee, only 2.5 miles left" so it wasn't all bad.

Around Canary Wharf I was so tempted to pull out and get the tube back to Westminster but I didn't. I wanted the medal and to run up Pall Mall to the finish.

In the last two miles I did run a little bit more and I did sprint(ish) up Pall Mall over the line although my calves had gone and so I was stomping more than sprinting.

SO what on Earth went wrong? The training went brilliantly and all of my fuelling plans went fine before the race and during. I tapered and carb loaded and had early nights.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the only things I can point at are nerves so maybe my sleep was not quality sleep or I have a virus. My wife and both kids have been ill all week and I didn't think I had caught it but I have had small headaches all week (I never get headaches but these were not bad enough for pills) and felt tired. I put this down to the carb loading and drinking more water. Even so I never felt ill enough to pull out at any stage.

I'm extremely disappointed and at a complete loss as to what I could have done differently. I didn't even get a PB!

I believe my final time was 4hrs45 something which does at least beat my work colleagues time from last weeks Manchester Marathon.

13/04/2014 at 20:04

Should probably add, although the chest pains concerned me at the time it seems I have pulled something as it hurts when I sneeze. Yes my nose has started running and I keep sneezing!

13/04/2014 at 21:16

Hi Lee
Really sorry to hear it didn't go to plan. It sounds like you've picked up what your family has, which would explain why the day panned out the way it did. If that's the case, there's absolutely nothing you could have done differently to affect the outcome.
You've got the fitness level and you're more than capable of sub4. I'd maybe look to find another race in a month or so and have another crack at it.

13/04/2014 at 22:13

A real shame sounds like you've pick up a bug, what was the HR like it is usually elevated when you're fighting a bug, I'm gutted for you I thought you were on for a sub 3:45 today

The good news is you've trained well and all the adaptions won't have gone to waste, I'm sure you will come back all the stronger and smash it at your next marathon.

14/04/2014 at 09:14

London M Splits

The heart rate isn't as low as it could be. I don't often track it to be honest so I have just looked at my Half Marathon HR. Does look like it was high yesterday considering the pace.

Tun Wells HM Splits

Edited: 14/04/2014 at 09:14
14/04/2014 at 10:18

Hard luck Lee, you seemed to be doing ok as you past me at the top of Narrow Street, but obviously things started to unravel just after.

It's a real shame but as people have said above, you put in the hard work in training and it might be worth having another stab at it in a few weeks time to settle the score as you were clearly in fantastic shape and had a bug of some sort on race day.

14/04/2014 at 10:54


I didnt realise that your kids were ill.. I agree with Weedy that it sounds like you've picked up whatever your kids have had. If you feel up to it - consider another race in a month or two (e.g. kent roadrunner which is a fast course) and try again.

How are you feeling this morning?


14/04/2014 at 11:30

Lee, really sorry to hear your marathon didn't go as planned.  Sounds like you must have been ill. The main thing is you finished in one piece.  best of luck for next time.

14/04/2014 at 13:20

I don't feel like I have the same as them. My wife is still feeling awful and coughing loads. I've had inklings of the start of a sore throat but nothing has come out. I don't feel too bad, just slightly sore legs and a dented ego.

I did wake up in hot sweats last Tuesday but again put it down to nerves. 

Cleanshoes - When I started down Narrow St I wanted to stop but was determined to try and run it all in case you saw me! 

I'm off to NYC on Wednesday so will use that to chill out and readdress where I am. I'm not keen on Marathons at the moment.  Going to do the MK Half in July and will be going for a PB. I have a friend who is also running it who is always a minute or two ahead of me so it would nice to take him down for once.

M...eldy    pirate
14/04/2014 at 20:37

Lee, sorry things did not work out for you, certainly sounds as tho you are on the cusp of something germified .... that time will be waiting for you

Emmy, thank you

14/04/2014 at 21:21

Lee - You've just come out of a hard few weeks mentally. Give yourself a break - take it easy and do whatever you need to (run/cycle etc). I agree - it does sound like you''re on the cusp of something... i hope its just post marathon hysteria

If you need anything or need support - you know where I am

Stewart/Cleanshoes/ruffles - the same goes for you all.

Meldy - it's been a pleasure. Same again next year?

15/04/2014 at 09:41

Yep, I'll add my thanks to Emmy. I may have missed out on sub-4 this year but Emmy's advice and the support and camararderie (sure i've spelt that wrong!) has been invaluable.

I'm already eyeing up next Spring's race, be it I get lucky with the London ballot, go for Manchester or make a "holiday" out of it and go abroad again so a similar thread for then would be great.

Chin up Lee - sure you'll leave your friend for dust at MK

I still haven't managed to get out for a run because of my ankle. It's improving but slowly so I think it's just a case of keeping it iced and resting it. Frustrating because other than that I feel in tip top condition now and just want to get out there again and start my training for the short stuff lined up for the summer. Last thing I want to do is do more damage though so a few more evenings laid up on the sofa rather than pounding the pavements for me!

15/04/2014 at 15:58

Emmy, it has been fun to be part of this thread and it's be great to receive advice from someone who has lots of marathon experience, 

Lee, your HR print tells the story for the pace you were running it should have been a lot lower, I hope your not too disappointed and you're recovering well and enjoy your trip to NYC

cleanshoes, healing vibes from me, just go with low impact x-training for now, and with  any luck you'll be back pounding the streets in no time

15/04/2014 at 17:47

Got the lurgy. Aches and pains, feeling spaced out... Almost glad in a way so I can put the performance down to something.

I suspect I will be spending the next few days in NYC convincing the Mrs. that I have another Marathon in me 

Watching the highlights picked me up once I realised what I had just been a part of.

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