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12/10/2012 at 18:02

DD I love that road.  When I come out for my winter holiday (when I'm invited) I will run that road.

MT -  I've got a bit bored with it too but do like the interviews and the training talk if it's interesting.  And the podium if anyone I know is one it.  I also like Tony's trails. 

Bro - Can't wait to see what you do in the marathon this time.  You must be so pleased with the way its all going.  Remember its all down to your hard work and nothing else. Don't let your coach take any credit!

Freemers - Norwich?  My memory's bad - remind me?

AA - I'm already worried about our lunch date of the Saturday of the TM.  Must remember to only order a glass and not a bottle!

2old you've been 2quiet (did that work?) this past few days.   Come on, hit us with taper madness!  And no, Freemers would never let Spoons cross the line with her - she's have to be first!

I'm on my third glass of wine.  I have a pain that might hamper my efforts on Sunday but I'll update later - must go and feed the family.







12/10/2012 at 18:28
Minni- 2Quiet? 2True? not wanting to get 2excited ....,no madness here just staying chilled in the zone. Maybe it's something I've taken? I think nerves have taken over to be honest. Silly really it's only a run. I'd like to run that ' desert' road too but I guess it would be pretty hot and humid. If they did the marathon de sables on it I'd give it a go though. Enjoy he red...I can almost taste it
FRC- ripon to Caernarvon get about. Any other tips for me for Sunday. Did you say you're on a water station? Which one ? Say hello if you are.
12/10/2012 at 18:40

2old - are you on drugs?  Its never just a run. We train for it , we do it, its important.  I'm on white - too early for red.  You'll recognise FRC from his buffs - he'll  be giving you one bottle and tipping another over his head!

So, on Wednesday night I had a stitch when running.  And I had the same last night.  On the LHS otherwise I would have immediately assumed it was appendicitis.  I wonder if its too much fruit and nuts?  So, today I have detoxed with fried egg rolls, caramel cupcakes and wine.  To be honest the area is still a little painful but no more that it was this morning.  I'm not looking at my schedule in case I was supposed to run tonight.  I'll do something in the morning.

12/10/2012 at 18:54
Minni- funny you should say that -my eldest asked the same too after he saw my 10k result. He thought Lance was coaching me. White wine with canopes ..very sophisticated.
Don't like the sound of that stitch ...what does Mr Google say about it. Maybe gavoscon will do the trick. Love the detox diet it's got to work. My carb load meal last night- scallops to start then beef fillet then sponge pud with lemon curd ice cream. It's got to be done,hasn't it.
12/10/2012 at 19:00

Mmm, I love scallops but fillet is my all time favourite - nice and rare I hope? I'll pass on the ice-cream though - it starts my asthma!

Not googled the stitch - gotta be linked to the diet.

12/10/2012 at 19:59

Good news here, got the results of my ops back - one basal cell cancer, one squamous cell cancer and one Bowens disease [pre-cancerous condition].  All clear after surgery and the consultant sent me a couple of surreal pictures of myself on hospital trolley in gown carrying Olympic torch

AA:  I'll help you lead Minni astray for the sake of the team.  Might catch you at the airport as well.

Minni:  sometimes it is just a run, at least for those of us who don't train properly

FRC:  you can be my toy boy, provided Mr Z doesn't turn up in his school uniform.

Barry:  In the unlikley event you spot me - Shirley

12/10/2012 at 20:15
Ah minni - we can always drink plenty of water too.

2old - bet your nervous. What time do you start?

O4S - that sounds good news. Are you flying from brissle?
12/10/2012 at 20:16
DD - forgot to say. That road looks amazing! My calf isn't right after yesterday so I am gonna get out on the White Lightening for the first time in a while. But my roads ain't nothing like that!
12/10/2012 at 20:25

Great news O4S!

AA/O4S I'm not sure if I'm going to get he train down or drive yet.  If I drive I'll pick you up from the airport, but I think I'll end up on the train because it saves parking all weekend.  There's the metro that runs straight from the airport to the city centre and the restaurant I have in mind for lunch is mins walk for the station.  What time is everyone else arriving?


12/10/2012 at 20:44
Minni - if the trains are on time then spoons and I should arrive shortly before 4pm, so guess we'll see you in the hotel. Hope the stitch sorts itself out soon.

O4S - good news!
12/10/2012 at 21:31
O4S - Good news re results. Btw I forgot to ask, why was Broken ankle back in the Hospital the other day?

FRC - Great photo, looking like a proper ultra runner with the buff.

Bro - Excellent lsr, enjoy taper madness.

2old - Have you cleared the garmins memory too!

DD - Is that photo during rush hour!
12/10/2012 at 21:34
O4S- that's great news. Carry on ultraing !
AA - yes. Very nervous . Don't know why it's not as if I'm going to win anything. Maybe it's because I've just pinned my no
On my shirt.
12/10/2012 at 21:34

O4S - great news. Show us the pic of you on the trolley with the torch....

AA - water? Is that a mixer?

Steak and beer for me tonight. Oops pissed again  

Minni - how did you get on at tri club tonight?

12/10/2012 at 21:35

Phew, just finished catching up. Landed back on Weds but was zonked through jet lag and then work has been mental since so apologies for the silence. Race report to follow, but catching up with everyone elses news.

O4S - yeay for the good news.

Chick, Gazelle, great marathons well done both of you. Chick, I'm amazed you're running again already I'm still finding stairs sore although the knees seem better now.

Bro, fantastic half marathon PB. It's looking good for you for NY.

DD, nice bling.

Also well done to the ultra runners.

ST, that sounds v scary. Recovery seems to be going well, hope that continues.

*Waves to USB*. Good to see you pop in. How's everything going for you?

I'm sure that there's lots more I've missed in a week's worth of posts so apologies to anything I've missed.

12/10/2012 at 21:40

Bro - I am excited for you!  New York is brilliant, you've probably heard it all before but the whole weekend is immense - the build up, the parade, the fireworks, watching the sunrise over the city horizon as you make your way to the start, the atmosphere at the start, crossing the start line and the uphill mile across the Veranzano-Narrows bridge, downhill second mile into Brooklyn and the crowd support starts, look out for all the cool signs people have, then Queens, then a bit of Manhattan, then The Bronx, and back to Manhattan where you get to Central Park... I want to go again!  SO jealous.  Stay calm during the taper, don't ruin all the hard work you've done.

Isn't being afraid of the scale a part of taper madness 2old?

Appendicitis Minni? I think you'd be having it removed by now... maybe you've caught Daren's stitch? I've had stitches that have lasted a few days - came on during a run and I've just struggled on with it, then it's come back whenever I've run as if I've pulled something.  I think Daren posted something on here a while back about stretched internal ligaments or something like that...

FRTC you make ultras sound like fun (even with a dodgy knee!)  How have you felt since? Sore? Tired?

AA I'll probably go up to Newcastle on the Sunday morning, yes I'm staying on Sunday night and have Monday off work!  I can always come up to Newcastle on the Saturday too if you're all having lunch? White Lightning?  That reminds me of cider drinking teenage days....  

Good to see you back Becs   Summary of the last week: everyone doing GER on Sunday is now drinking blood and urine to prepare for the race.

Must give MT a try then   I did something I haven't done for years tonight - ran with my ipod  4 miles easy, had a bit of CNBA after work so stuck a bit of Kasabian on and had a good run.  I could listen to stuff when running!  Or if all else fails, put it on in my car when I'm driving all over at work. 

Who is coming to TM, whether running or getting pissed *ahem* I mean, 'manning the water station'?  

12/10/2012 at 21:43
I got on great thanks Spoons. Managed 40 lengths with every second one a sprint. I planned this well though because I made sure they were in the downhill direction.
Edited: 12/10/2012 at 21:44
12/10/2012 at 21:49

Okay, so Chicago marathon. I think the story probably starts 2 years ago at Abingdon. I did 11 weeks of good, but not great, training in the build up to that. Then the week before I came down with a cold and had knee problems. I ran not feeling 100% well, and was running a good pace but maybe pushing a bit too hard, then knee started hurting at mile 16 and at mile 18 I was getting sharp knee pain plus felt shivery and dizzy so I tried to keep going to mile 19 then stopped.

Nearly 2 years on at Chicao and I did 12 weeks of training which I was really pleased with, then managed 1 week of good training in the next 6 due to sickness which I knew had put a big dent in my training. However there weren't any signs of injury problems.

Race day arrived and conditions were great. Cold but clear skies. I'd had some problems with my Garmin which had frozen that morning and then started giving me low battery warnings when I managed to reset it  but I had a backup stopwatch and I've run marathons without a garmin before so wasn't too worried about that. Enjoyed the American commentator hyping up the runners before the start. Things like "the Kenyans have only started 30 mins before you, go get them"!

First few miles were fabulous, surrounded by skyscrapers, running across the bridges over the river right in the heart of the city. Started around 10min mile pace, but I always start a bit slow. When I was still doing that 3 miles in tried to pick it up a bit and hit a nice 9:30 min mile pace which felt good and sustainable, with some miles coming in a bit quicker.

12/10/2012 at 22:08
Carrot- afraid of the scale? Do you mean the size of the task ahead or the machine that weighs me after I'm stuffed full of pasta?
Simon- clearing memory is on my todo list thanks . DDs cycle track looks pretty congested don't you think?
Minni- swimming with a stitch ? At least half of it was down hill .
Looking forward to reading Becsa s report
12/10/2012 at 22:13

Scared to weigh yourself after all the pasta 2old.  Do we have a race number?  A time target?  Are you using for 'average lap'?

I've just though - there are no mile markers at Town Moor! 

Awaiting Becs' second half...

12/10/2012 at 22:24

Then things started to go slightly wrong. Left knee niggled a little , but it sometimes does so kept running and the feeling went and I was running nice and consistently.

At 12 miles and nicely on track for around 4:10. Not a PB but given the illness I'll take that. Then things go more wrong. Right knee starts to hurt, and not just a bit, keep going hoping it'll ease like the left knee. Get to just before mile 13 and decide I'd rather lose a bit of time and make sure I finish so popped to the toilet and then the aid station. This was slightly difficult in itself since the 2 were on opposite sides of the course to each other so had to run straight across the middle with lots of runners bearing down on me. Only one collision  and thankfully no one ended up on the floor.  Aid station didn't have ibuprofen but gave me some biofreeze. Not sure that it helped at all. Lost about 3 mins on the stops in total but was still on for about 4:15.

Kept going for several more miles. Pace pretty consistently around 7:30 but slipping a bit as the knee got more painful so I wasn't fully using the right leg. Around mile 18 knee was so painful I had shooting pains up the side of that leg, back was tightening up not helped by running so lopsidedly and I had a pain in my stomach as well. I stopped to stretch to see if that helped. Start running again, no better. Dropped to a walk.

At this stage I felt very emotional, thought about this thread and Shaggy, about my grandmother who had died the week before the marathon and burst into tears. Dropping out wasn't an option though, due to this thread and also the support of the friends I was running with. I wasn't going to finish at this pace though. Forced myself back into a run. It temporarily felt a bit better, but after a couple of minutes was hurting badly again. Back into a walk, okay just walk for a minute no more and then run again, this time try to keep it going for 5 mins. Manageable although my knee was v sore towards the end of the 5. Through the 19 mile marker, that's further than Abingdon.

Basically stuck to the 5 mins run 1 min walk feeling very emotional for the rest of the race. Wasn't thinking about getting through the next mile, just the next 5 min block. The knee was painful but the walk breaks kept it manageable, and the pace felt okay when I actually was running. They started giving out bananas at the last few aid stations. This was a bit lethal as runners were dropping their rubbish in the middle of the road so I was trying not to skid on banana mush and skins!

Final push for the line and nearly got taken out by someone carrying a flag on a big wooden pole. Over the line in 4:24.16 and I've finished but feel so emotional and disappointed.

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