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12/10/2012 at 22:48

Great news O4S!!

Bro - awesome long run, a real confidence booster for you!

(((Becs))) wow, such a difficult run for you, good to hear you are feeling less disappointed now, you did such a good job finishing.  Hope your knee is ok now!

Minni - hope your stitch behaves this weekend!

F.R.C - nice report, does sound like fun.

Exercise wise here, did a circuits class tonight and have managed one 2 mile jog so far this week.  Not stressing about rushing back into things, have told myself if I have to defer VLM, then so be it.....

Good luck to all the racers this weekend, have a good gathering at the G.E.R

12/10/2012 at 22:48

2old, we all get that "I must be a stone heavier " feeling, last marathon I did I was actually having to force myself to eat pasta again on the Saturday night having had spaghetti for lunch and a flapjack halfway through the day! No 422, marvellous.

X-post with Becs, glad you're feeling better.  Time away from the focus of training will probably do you good - keep posting here!! - something like selling your flat, once it's done, will make running seem like a blissful retreat once it's over and you (and hopefully your knee) will enjoy it again.  So I should keep Chicago on my 'to do' list of marathons?

12/10/2012 at 23:49
Becs - Wow tough race. Yes Shaggy wouldn't of wanted you coming back with no medal. Hope you can sort those knees out.

O4S - I hope it is just migraine for Broken ankle, you need him to run 'shotgun' on your ultras with you.

2old - Are you sure the forecast is ok for Sunday, as it's p*ssing it down here. At least you can shelter in the tunnel.
13/10/2012 at 04:41

O4S, that sounds like great news!!  I'm so pleased to hear that 

DD, I was talking to OH about the cycle track and he now wants to get out there.  Boy, he seems to have got the fitness bug, I can't believe that.  I'm looking forward to showing him your picture.

FRC, loved the report!  What conditions.  A fantastic effort for your first ultra.  So what are you entering next?

Brolish, fantastic last LSR!!  Looks like we have lots to toast next weekend 

Really tired today, fed up with revising.  I've actuallly manged to give myself some sort of tennis elbow RSI thing and it can only be through all the writing I'm doing   TBH, I'm a bit puzzled why they still make us hand write papers when everyone uses laptops now..... I was really bad yesterday and let the CNBA fairy win   It got to 6pm, I downed tools, we talked about going to the gym, and I uttered the fateful CNBA words and so we went out for a curry instead   And I'm so glad we did as I've finally found an Indian restaurant in this city in which they not only ask you what spice level you would like, they actually cook it to that level and then they check if it's right, rather than simply wafting a chilli past the food at some brief stage of the cooking process and passing it off as hot.

Good luck for anyone racing this weekend!  I've lost track of who's doing what, my mind's not really with it.   


Dubai Dave    pirate
13/10/2012 at 06:41

SS: get your OH out there, it is truly unbelievable that they have built a 85K cycle track in the middle of nowhere, only caution is take plenty of water there is nothing out there. If you want British curry google Brit Balti Dubai, best curry take away in Dubai I had one last night..

O4S good news, hope that broken ankle gets to the bottom of the problem.

Minni: that's he advantage of swimming its always on he flat

2old: good luck amigo I hope the weather is kind.

Bro: I have done NY twice,it was so good I went back, great weekend.

Becs: great report and well done for seeing it through.

Today was a run day so out on the tracks, 16 miles in. 2 hours 10 mins, longest run since Outlaw, almost enjoyed it. Need to get legs back for Dubai marathon in January, will get back to. 20 mile runs in next couple of weeks then crank up the speed.
13/10/2012 at 08:22
(((Becs))) very emotional report. Well done and you will always have that medal and say you completed the Chicago marathon. You should do some cycling to strengthen up your quads and support your knees. Lay off running for a while.

Carrot - white lightening is my road bike! Not to be confused with Diamond White - dizzy fizzy cider I used to drink as a teenager get yourself up to Newcy on the Saturday. It's a party weekend with a marathon for an excuse

2old - you are feeling just right if you feel a big fat blob!

DD - surely you can run a marathon in your sleep these days?

SS - good luck with your revision. When are your exams?

I'm really worried about my calf. It hurts even more today. Gentle massage and ice last night. Gonna apply KT tape today. Hopefully a trip on white lightening will help keep my head in the right place
13/10/2012 at 08:57

I must have missed a page on the thread   Becs, what an inspiring read.  You did so well to bat on through despite all the pain you were suffering.  Such an emotional experience, but it seems like you've taken lots of positives away from it.  You should be extremely proud of your achievement, well done you!

DD, if that place delivers to SZR, I'm there.  Website says it does Old Town so they might head up our way....

AA, my exam's on Thur   Good luck with the KT tape and make sure you stretch that calf out gently.  I must confess I too made the wrong assumption as to what white lightening was.  Hmm, sign of a misspent youth.......

13/10/2012 at 09:49
Becs- you did so well to finish and although not a PB a very good respectable time, you should be so proud of yourself do your knees not hurt on long runs in training?
2old-how are you feeling today? Best of luck for tomorrow I'm getting nervous for you! Just think of lots of positive thoughts and I'm sure you will crack the sub 3:15 time. Don't think 26.2miles, just think of the race in small sections of 5 miles at a time until 20miles then 2 park runs.
Brolish- fantastic long run, keep us posted on what taper madness brings!
O4S- great news for you
Good luck to everyone doing the GER tomorrow, can you post your results pre getting drunk;-)
Does anyone suffer from "post marathon blues"? I have been keeping myself busy but yesterday tried to chill out a bit but it's caught up with me. hopefully I can start running on Monday and all these negative feelings will go away. Off to set up my next challenge............
13/10/2012 at 09:53
I'm off to a wedding so just want to say good luck tomorrow everyone. Don't be shit!
13/10/2012 at 09:54

AA - Enjoy your ride on white lightening, or if not, enjoy one on diamond whites, all the sofisticated chicks were on that in my day.

Good luck to all those studying, my advise would be to jack it in, and get out there.

DD - You should of told them to add a cafe about half way round, for some coffee and cake stops.

13/10/2012 at 10:29

Becs - I could feel your pain reading that sorry it didn't go to plan, but you are one tough lady to get to the end and earn your medal.

Good luck to the racers this weekend!  See you in (sunny?) Peterborough Minni, Daren & Spoons

13/10/2012 at 10:51
Morning all. I'm going to wobble this marathon the way I'm feeling
Simon- two forecasts say dry and slight wind so I'm putting my trust in tem. Saying that one is the BBC so that may be misplaced. It rained earlier here today but the sun is now shining.
DD,Gazelle,AA- thanks for your support .I've been inspired by the recent experiences of all youbrunners on this thread so I have nothing to worry about
DD- good 16 miler after a break from distance running. Already speedy.

Had a dream last night that I'd done the race and immediately went to bed not knowing my finishing time as the tunnel meant my watches were wrong and when I went to get it ,I discovered the chip had fallen off and no time was given. Actually the chip is on the back of the race number. So what does that all mean?
13/10/2012 at 11:25
Classic taper madness 2old!

Gazelle I've had post marathon blues a few times, setting a new challenge is the perfect cure! What's the plan?

Hope the ride out sorts your calf out AA, you're doing GER aren't you?
13/10/2012 at 12:09
Is there a list of this weekends exploits?
13/10/2012 at 12:11
2old - best of luck! Don't be shit...

Simon - I don't think DD would do cake stops even if there was a cafe

Looking forward to the Team Minni - Mini Tour tomorrow
13/10/2012 at 12:33

Spoons - You're probably right. He's more likely to have snipers around route, to take out anyone who drops below 20mph, or gets in his way.

2old - Definately taper madness.....I think this one's hit the wall.


13/10/2012 at 12:52
Simon. Loving the tapir!

2old. Major madness!! The night score the jungfrau I saw my chip was stapled to my number and instapled it and tried to tie it to my trainer! Then I realised it was supposed to be on the number. I went a little bit crazy!!

26 miles done on the white lightening with 1200ft ascent. Calf ok, can still feel it when walking though. My back hates the bike!

Carrot - no, I'm not part of the GER party. All sounds a bit boring and sober...for serious athletes!!
13/10/2012 at 13:27

Becs - Great race report and well done for sticking it out.  Your tribulations sound horribly familiar to my VLM 2010, when my left knee locked solid 10 days before the race and i got through the race strapped and taped up to the eyeballs and (on physio's advice) loaded on extra strength Voltarol which wore out after 18 miles, then walked and hobbled to the finish in a world of pain. Before anyone else says it, it was "man pain" though, probably equivalent to a woman's mild headache!

Good luck to everyone who are racing/tapering/drinking this weekend.

I'll definitely be in the latter category although i have been roped into club x-country next weekend (fingers crossed).

13/10/2012 at 13:31

AA - I presume you talking about lower back. Road bikes look very sporty and fast, but can give probs with backs. Is there any way you can raise handlebars, as less difference in height, between saddle and handlebars will help, mine are virtually level, very unsporty, but comfy. 

13/10/2012 at 13:36
2old - very best of luck for tomorrow. Although I believe you make your own luck in this game and you've certainly done that. When you know you've put the training in and hit the required paces then you can be assured you're in the best possible shape to nail your goal. If the negative feelings start to creep in then just think back over your training and you'll be reassured they have no place at this time. Keep pushing, HTFU and don't be shit. Update us as soon as possible.

AA will you text when there's news on 2old in case we don't have Internet connection.

Cooks - as above! Have a great HM - remember you are da cookster!

Dazzer will smash tomorrow and I think the fairest thing for me, Spoons and Freemers to do is to take a back seat and have a steady race so as to not steal his glory.
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