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14/10/2012 at 15:20
2old sorry, you were going so fast I only saw you at mile 25 in 3:02 ! Rest of the time too fast. 2old, 2fast !

Well done Daren & Minni. Great times.
14/10/2012 at 15:30

Just popping in to say it was lovely to meet you all this morning!!!

Minni you are just as lovely in real life as I imagined!

Spoons perhaps didn't run as fast as he could but personally I blame the shorts

Nice to see you and Darren again.

Daren I did a bit of stalking and couldn't find you result? same name but not the right time?

Freemers a really good result and bodes well for your marathon. Best of luck!

Promised myself to keep away from the forums hence my abscence but just had to pop in after meeting you all this morning and look forward to meeting up again at VLM.

 Sorry I couldn't stay for lunch and drinks

14/10/2012 at 15:41
Hi y'all, quick check in to add to super Sunday, 1.24.34 for a new Pb on a tricky course well done to all the other races - a bunch of stellar times! Yay - beer tonight!
14/10/2012 at 16:48
Forever - are you saying Daren lied?!. Great to see you too and come on, don't be shy! Tell everyone you ran 1:28!! You've given me a lot of food for thought!

Cooks brillIant!

What a day!

I'm thrilled with my time. Anything faster would have been a bonus, anything slower a disaster. I text AA this morning and said 1:32. The faster you run the less enjoyable racing becomes but the bigger buzz you get afterwards.

Great effort team, great effort.
14/10/2012 at 17:08

Very busy in J household at the mo. so just a quick update to congratulate you guys on some brilliant racing. Last two weekends have been awesome!

2old, brilliant on the sub 3:10!!!

Minni, nice PB! and Cooks as well. Super times!

Freemers, nice way to go under 1:40 

Daren, brilliant time as well!

Just had a good 12 miler over the Downs this afternoon, couldn't waste all that lovely sunshine. Not quite in the same league as you racers, but enjoyable all the same!

14/10/2012 at 17:36

2old -   Massive congrats that is a great effort, you must be v happy, 4 weeks ago you were worried you might not run it then you get a PB. Enjoy the thread PB for a few more weeks cause I predict a certain runner might go better at Valencia. Speaking of which.

Cooks -  That is quick on a difficult course, great running and congrats on the PB..

Daren -  Broke sub 1:30 by a big amount, well done and congrats on the PB, very impressive racing.

Minni -  Well done on the PB, the thread just gets quicker and quicker.

Freemers -  A comfortable 1:36 you are on for a very good time at TM especially with Minni pacing you.

O4S -  Did n't see you at Swindon, shouted hello Shirley at one runner who I thought was you but just got a strange look.




14/10/2012 at 18:04
Brilliant run Cooks! Another amazing time.
Well according to the official results I ran a PW of 1:59! Got my race number wrong by 1! Meanwhile Neil Flack, whoever he is, is revelling in a new half hour PB! Grrrrrrr. I have emailed them so hopefully they'll sort it soon. For the record my/Neil's chip time was 1:27:46 so I lost a second.
I'll do a report tomorrow but very pleased with how today went - apart from nearly regretting wearing racing flats when I had calf cramps for the last few miles, it felt like the most comfortable half I've raced yet, and even managed about a 25 sec negative split which is unheard of for me!
Was great to meet up with the gang too!
14/10/2012 at 18:17
Daren - that is pretty funny

They gave me an extra 2 seconds on my chip time - 1.36.02. Still happy

Got home to find we have no wine in the house...not so happy about that
14/10/2012 at 18:18
Sorry, missed cooks' result there - brilliant
14/10/2012 at 18:33
I'm finding it less funny Freemers! That's the second time this year I've ran a milestone PB in a race and they've cocked up the result - is it just coincidence that both were council-run rather than organised by a running club? I'll get over it
14/10/2012 at 18:47
Lol Daren, I believe your time since you'd definitely finished well ahead of me. Talking of which, they've given me 15 bloody seconds! How does that work!
14/10/2012 at 19:02

  First W60 by an Irish mile or two!  Guess it will be vouchers rather than bling, but I'm not complaining.  I'll do a report later - but the big news is that I had a Eureka moment today.  I realised that a) there is simply no point worrying about my times anymore b) I love competing even if my times are rubbish c) if you are enjoying yourself nothing else matters d) I should never let Mr O4S near my pasta saucepan, especially when he is mixing a solution for waterproofing the cycling jackets [More of this later]

Congratulations one and all - sounds like a good day for the forum again.  2old - how do you do that [or are you really 2young?].

Minni - 2 seconds is 2 seconds and gives you a better chance of breaking it again!

Daren / Cooks - juvenile delinquents both of you!!

Freemers - great comeback, but what have you done with Spoons?

FYI:  Barry B really is a small yellow bird


14/10/2012 at 19:14

Wow, super Sunday indeed .

2Old, fantastic especially since your build up was far from problem free. You really might need to change your forum name.

Darren, you smashed that 1:30, briIlliant, and Cooks has given you a new target to chase . Is that a new blue from Cooks? Fantastic as well .

Forever, nice work getting a sub 1:30 for the girls.

Minni, how frustrating on the 15 secs, but really well done on the PB/near-PB.

Freemers, it's looking really good for TM for you.

O4S, first W60 suggests that even if your times are rubbish by your standards they are great by everyone elses. Congrats on the win!

14/10/2012 at 19:39

Here I am! Just finished. Took a little bit longer than expected. Think I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. 1:39:53. Happy enough with that. Gives me something to build on....

2old / Cooks - awesome, fantastic times, well done

O4S - well done on the 1st W60

For the record, Daren is lying. He did 1:59. Neil ran a brilliant race though.

Great to meet up with the crew for my favourite things, beer, pizza & running talk

14/10/2012 at 19:41
O4S - you are a superwoman. Glad you enjoyed today. And well done in your bling

Cooks - amazing. Daren...something to aim for in Norwich now! Seriously, cooks you are well on track for Valencia now

Daren - we need real proof now of your results haha!!

Minni - go on your time...obviously!

Did you guys kill off Spoons in Peterborough??? He's still rubbing hey?!
14/10/2012 at 19:42
Xpost spoons. That's a bit shit but never mind
14/10/2012 at 19:50
A.A. wrote (see)
 That's a bit shit but never mind

Er thanks AA....

14/10/2012 at 20:00

Obviously I had to look in again to see what you were all saying  but ......must not become a forum addict after today will pop in randomly to see how you are all doing...

Daren I would have been gutted if my result had been shown wrong. Hope they sort it pronto.

Just for the records Daren was chilling with a banana by the time I'd finished

Minni Iooking forward to seeing how you get on at Town Moor. Fingers crossed the weather is kind.

Sometimes it pays not to stop your watch on the line as my official time is 1.28.28. which was a nice surprise, just over 8 minutes faster than my pb there last year. Still buzzing

Wow Cooks very speedy! Good running!

O4S I agree running should be enjoyed in whatever way we please.

14/10/2012 at 20:28

Some brilliant results today

2old I'm so pleased everything came together for you today, you've done so well

I knew I should have put a fiver on Daren running 1:27  That's fantastic, over the moon for you.  Hard work has certainly paid off, really well done.  Neil Flack will be delighted when he checks the results

Well done on your PB Minni, 1:32 is a damn hard time to run so to have done it again is brilliant.  That course record is going to get a battering in two weeks I'm sure.  15 seconds?!  I'd be furious!

Nothing like smashing a goal eh Freemers? That should be a massive confidence boost before TM.

Spoons we all know if you'd have stuck to the course instead of getting lost halfway round you've have left Daren for dust.  It was probably him who moved all those cones to send you the wrong way. Well done, happy that you're happy

Cooks - good work making sure you held onto that blue!

O4S - you needed a Eureka moment, you've been so harsh on yourself for too long.  And your times are NOT rubbish, I can't imagine you actually pay for much running gear what with all the vouchers you win!  We've told you before, you're an inspiration and your WAVA scores blow us all out of the water.

Forever -  How fast?! 

Well I ran a whole six miles today at a blistering 8:35mm pace, it had been sunny all morning so headed out and it started absolutely tonking down after a mile.  I was soaked to the skin.  Typical.

14/10/2012 at 20:43

O4S - you are a legend.

Carrot - I'm getting a bit sick of running that time now though!  However, I'm still always chuffed each time I do.

Forever - I'm not going to lure you back into the dark world of forums but seriously I'd love to know more about your training.  You really are awesome and it was lovely to see you so happy with your performance today.  I want to be you!

2old - can't wait to hear all the details of your marathon.

Anyone heard from Brolish today?  I think she was drinking yesterday.  Lying in a gutter somewhere I expect!

I've had a great weekend both on and off the forum.  I my running friends!


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