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17/10/2012 at 13:44

Hmmmm.... I've just seen my company are advertising 2 x slots to VLM. Only problem is £2,500 minimum sponsorship. Given I went the sponsorship route last time, not sure I could raise that, so maybe I'm best off sticking to MK and doing it without the pressure of raising the money...

17/10/2012 at 13:52

Hello everyone

DarenF wrote (see)
I've just received an email from GER asking me if I want to buy some photos including a link to some pics of who I presume is Neil Flack. Grrrrr! They still haven't had the courtesy to reply to any of my emails.

Haha Daren- is he at least semi good looking? I can see how it must be frustrating.

2Old- Boston and London you're saying?  Sounds tempting indeed...I thought you looked good in FRC's picture, shame about the closed eyes!

Minni- how is the starvation diet going?

I've been having a week from hell.  Work's been stupid busy so late nights/ early mornings and stressed to my eyeballs. I had my MP run this morning- was supposed to be 15m with 13@ MP. Out of the door before 6 in complete darkness without breakfast and not much food to speak of last night.  As soon as I turned the corner the rain came down like there's no tomorrow.  Soaked to the bone, legs feeling heavy from the start and soooooooo tired! Awful run to sum up, somehow managed 12m@ MP but it did not felt pleasant at all. I think I might need a rest.

On a positive note my knee has been niggling for a couple of days and it feels ok today so phew!!! Was getting a bit worried. I'm probably just going mad...

17/10/2012 at 14:06
Redwood are you in a club? If so, might you get the club place?

Daren - what distance is you're one planned lsr? How many long runs, and what distance, did you do prior to GER? You'll hate this but I find a half a lot more manageable off long runs of 16-20 miles. Which compression socks did you go for?

I'm having a bad day. Completely slept in this morning and feel as if I'm spending the day playing catch up.

In other news, I have joined another club as second claim so I can run the NE Harrier XC League with them. I'm also planning on joining them for some of their track sessions. A long round trip but I think it might be worth it. The first XC is the day before the TM so I'll miss that one.

To those coming to the TM - do you want to do a shopping trip to Start Fitness on the Saturday? I'm sure I can arrange a group discount. I'm going to buy some spikes. . Do you wear the same kind of spikes for XC and track?

2Old - my friend Poacher, from the 3:15 thread, ran Boston and London this year. You may recall Boston was incredibly hot, which put paid to any fast times, and he then ran London in fancy dress (I think, or perhaps he often runs in a long dress) to stop himself going too fast since he was still feeling really fatigued.
17/10/2012 at 14:09
Brolish - that wouldn't help because Daren is very good looking!

Nice early run!
17/10/2012 at 14:15

No, he's not Brolish! He's about 10 years older than me and looks like he's about to die at the end. However, there has been a breakthrough! GER have responded - after I sent another email including a picture of me and links to their race pics of me and Neil! - and promised to amend the result asap  Although that was a few hours ago and the result is still the same at the moment...

Edited: 17/10/2012 at 14:15
17/10/2012 at 14:17

Bro-yes closed eyes thats the problem ,I wonder if it might be better to look where Im going when I run?  Solid MP run in dire conditions after a tough work week-just think how well you're going to feel after a rest before the marathon.Remember that the taper isnt an excuse to exhaust yourself doing non running things-put your feet up at every opportunity,lots of early nights etc. If you've got one longish run left ,try and do it in the afternoon as thats going to be the equivalent time you run in NY.  Glad to see the knee niggle has settled- I had all sorts of ailments during my taper.which disappeared on the day.

Red-£2500 to raise for VLM? Thats a lot and its rocketed since I last looked a few years ago. I agree that the fundraising adds extra pressure-I did that for my first marathon and when I thought an injury would force me to pull out I stressed over what I would have to do with the money.

Another 2k swim done and at least today I was able to push off the side with my legs so they must be on the mend.

17/10/2012 at 14:22

My brother has run Boston then London once before - if I remember he did a good time in Boston but struggled in London. 6 days apart - not sure I could do it!

I have stalked Daren aka Neil's pictures - the answer is no.

Minni - I'll probably pass on Start Fitness, seeing as we're arriving fairly late in the afternoon.

8 x 800m off 200m recoveries at lunchtime today. Felt pretty good on the whole.

I can't decide how long to run at the weekend. I hate cutting down too much and think I'll race better if I do something around the 14-15 miles as my last "long" run. I'll keep it nice and slow though!


17/10/2012 at 14:53

Minni/Free- re Boston I wimped out of doing both in 2009 and only did Boston. I will probably just do VLM as Im aplay it safe sort of person.

Free -14/15 should be fine if youve still got another weekend before TM . No taper niggles? Time to start worrying

17/10/2012 at 15:16
Freemers - I'll be doing 10 this weekend.
17/10/2012 at 15:21

Minni - I think I will make my mind up on Sunday...this is why I hate the taper as my head is all over the place thinking too much about it!

17/10/2012 at 15:58

Saw this link on another thread and thought it was quite good...for the ladies mainly..if you are thinking about Christmas presents...

17/10/2012 at 16:12

So do you think 50 miles this Saturday is a bit far with the TM one week later?

This is called efficient training, my first, last and longest LSR all rolled into one

17/10/2012 at 16:20
O4S - I see nothing wrong with that for you.- a proverbial walk in the park . For me it would be suicidal !
Cheerful Dave    pirate
17/10/2012 at 17:04
Freemers wrote (see)

My brother has run Boston then London once before - if I remember he did a good time in Boston but struggled in London. 6 days apart - not sure I could do it!

2006.  Boston went OK, London was fine up to halfway then I hit the wall big time about 10 miles too early.  Splits of 1:22/2:02 tell the story!

OTOH, a couple of years later I skipped London to do Boston the week afterwards, and a guy I went out there with who had run in London got within 5 minutes of his time from a week earlier.  Mind you, he did do all 5 marathon majors that year so he's a bit of a nutter.

Freemers wrote (see)

My photos are terrible

 I know, I've seen your baby ones.

17/10/2012 at 17:32

My photos are terrible too.

I bet Freemers was a very cute baby...

17/10/2012 at 20:30
Evening all

Freemers - my plan is 9 if my calf is ok. I have run 3 miles all week so this is what I call a taper

2old - just looked. Boston has closed. I was tempted...

Bro - I don't envy your run this morning. It was caining it down here at 6am.

Minni - I'm up for a visit to start fitness... Shall we do that before or after our liquid lunch
17/10/2012 at 21:10

Oh I think after AA.  Its always more fun when a bit tipsy!  Calf still not good?

8 miles tonight @ 8:20 and it felt much better than 3 @ 9m/m I did yesterday.

Freemers, O4S and others HERE is some footage of the TM marathon.  It was freezing and wet that year but I've booked a bright, crisp and still day for this year.

Edited: 17/10/2012 at 21:12
17/10/2012 at 21:53

Bro - well done getting a session like that done at 6am when you were probably already mentally and physically tired.  You have got so much determination inside you to work hard, I really hope you have the race you deserve to have on 4th November

Freemers I wouldn't be doing a 14/15 miler a week before a marathon, maybe 10 at a push.  Ignore the taper madness demon telling you to squeeze in a few more miles! Don't leave the race in training and all that (says she who practically forgot about doing long runs for her last marathon)

Cheerful Dave - 1:22 then 2:02 - ouch!   Good to know, Sunderland marathon is a week after London next year and it's only up the road... but ouch! Maybe just do the 10K then.

Same weather as last year's TM would be brilliant Minni.  I can do Start Fitness but DO NOT let me buy any more running kit as I've got more than enough!

How's the calf doing AA? Nothing like a good taper

There's a pub in Newcastle we were in last night that sells alcohol free Erdinger (made famous at the finish of Berlin marathon) They also sell a good selection of other beers including Berliner, Paulaner and Erdinger with a bit of a kick to it.  Post Town Moor refuelling

17/10/2012 at 22:01
Free - love that positive split of your brother !
AA- there's always 2014 for Boston
Spoons- what's the connection with that part of the world and German beer? What's wrong with Newcastle brown Ale?
17/10/2012 at 22:12

I'm up for Start Fitness - but will have to try and keep my wallet firmly closed.

My cold has developed to the point that I have now completely lost my voice.  I was lecturing / giving tutorials for 4 hours on the bounce this morning and ended up squeaking pathetically at my third years who wondered what on earth I was doing.  Feeling horrible and not relishing the thought of 50 miles this weekend.  I was hoping for a spot of sympathy and TLC this evening but was greeted by the broken ankle with 'Thank God, someone has located the volume control at last'

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