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Minni v Dubai Dave

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02/11/2012 at 13:40
Glad to hear Bro is finally on her way.
Dubai Dave    pirate
02/11/2012 at 14:19

2old Next 10K which doesn't involve swimming and cycling not until December 15th but unfortunately I have a 100K bike race the day before! There's a 5K in early December I may give a shot but I have a 1/2M 3 days before that one.

ST: Good that you can run, no IM plans this year unless I accidentally end up doing one, plan is to cycle JOGLE in June.

Today was the Sting tri, swim allegedly 300M, cycle 7K, run, 1.6K repeat three times, swim turned out to be 500M which makes it a little harder for a runner like me! Anyway I finished in 1-34-13, each lap was near enough even pace, swims were all around 10 mins 30 secs, cycles 11mins - 30 secs, runs 6-35 ish. No idea where I came probably about 30th out of 100, it was fun and reminded me why I love Tri and also reminded me that I'm not a very good swimmer.

Edited: 02/11/2012 at 14:19
02/11/2012 at 14:32

DD:  Nearer the time let me know the route.  Nearly all routes go through / round Bristol and a right royal welcome awaits you [and a bed for the night!].  In fact perhaps we could arrange our next forum get together to coincide with cheering DD on his way

5 hilly miles with BA today - just managed to dodge the torrential showers

Good Luck all our racers

02/11/2012 at 14:58

Afternoon all,

Bro - Bit late i know but good luck for Sunday.

Loving the TM You Tube clip. Excuse my ignorance, and i know it's not a big city marathon but how many people were running? Doesn't look like many, which i think makes your times look even better as i'm sure it's easier with plenty of fellow runners  around for support.

Haven't been on for a while due to a combination of work and still not being able to run, so have been drowning my sorrows in copious amounts of Montepulciano! Aiming to run on Sunday as i've only got 2 weeks until Brighton 10k and desperately need to start base-building for VLM.

02/11/2012 at 15:12

Oompa - I don't think there were many runners, hence why Team Minni got on the podium.

Freemers - Yes Brol has friends in Queens, that they are staying with. So I'm sure they will help them out the other end.

02/11/2012 at 15:58

Oompa - 94 finished the race but I think there were probably 20-30 who dropped out.  Hope your run at the weekend goes well.

Simon - bl**dy cheek

02/11/2012 at 17:12

Freemers - I'm only jealous, cus I've haven't been on any podium, or got any bling.

02/11/2012 at 17:30
I was just about to say Simon.... Remember you're part of the original gang and we stick together.
02/11/2012 at 17:33
Freemers - the TM always has a high drop out because it's so easy to do so when the going gets though.

Oompa - I ran the final 10-12 miles on my own.
02/11/2012 at 19:09
FRC - thanks - I'll have a look at the transbritain (sounds similar to an MTB race I did last year which was awesome), although I'm keen for something less organised where I can choose my distances and days off! I'll also look at thunder run - if I'm free I'd be up for making up the numbers on a team.
I'm just working in glasgow til xmas - am kind of based in london, heading back now for the weekend to see OH and run a flat YKW!

DD - a 3 lap tri sounds like wonderful chaos! I wanna do one!

Good luck racers this weekend - we've got Bro doing the big one, FRC going for a milestone half pb and perhaps 2old too. Any more?
Scuba Trooper    pirate
02/11/2012 at 19:28

FRC - good luck with HM this weekend. Think I'm talking myself into Thunder run. I would like ot be able to do it as pair but that may have to wait until 2014.

Go Brolish Go

DD - 3 lap Tri sounds like fun.

Gazelle - an Iron man is no joking matter, my attempt might be.

02/11/2012 at 19:58
Just to let you know, Brol's flight landed 8mins early at 15:07 local Iceland.............Only joking!!!! In JFK.
02/11/2012 at 20:07

FRC -  So what's wrong with Blackpool? Off there tomorrow  to see parents. Good luck for your Half.

2old -  If you a make it , good luck, what's the target?

Brol  -   Good luck for Sunday, after everything it will be a relief to get to the start line, don't be shit, I am sure you won't.


02/11/2012 at 20:22
Glad to hear Bro has landed.

FRC - you should do well on Sunday - I've heard it's an easier course this year and most can expect to be 3-4 mins faster than last year.
02/11/2012 at 20:35


Welcome to New York Bro!

02/11/2012 at 20:45

Great news that Bro has arrived safely in NY.  There were fireworks and a big parade on in Central Park last year, not sure if that will be on this year with the events of the last week.

Gazelle I'm too young for a V40   Does that mean I don't have to bother aiming for sub 90?!

2old I always wear my trainers to travel in to a race, even if it's the train to London!

Off to watch TM video....

02/11/2012 at 21:12

I'm back on my Kenyan marathon runners diet of Ugali with Sukumi Wiki. Cheap as chips and super healthy. 

Washed down with a bottle of wine though.... 

02/11/2012 at 21:18
Carrot I think you asked the date of the Northumberland half? It's about 10th March. Expensive but at least it's local. Perfect warm-up for London. We could do lunch afterwards.
02/11/2012 at 21:21

Carrot you need to aim for sub 80mins if your in the senior woman category so you need to train even harder or wait a few years

I'm glad Bro has made it to New York, just hope she starts thinking positive now and has a great race on Sunday.


02/11/2012 at 21:24

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