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19/11/2012 at 20:44

Hi all - lots of racing going on again this weekend - congrats to all PBers and not-so-PBers.

So here's to my report. I had a spate of injuries over the summer, which meant that my training did not go to plan and in fact I ran a poor 10K at the beginning of September @ 46:59, so was not hopeful about beating my HM PB of 1.33 @ St Neots. But Autumn was much better and I actually racked up a decent training block including a PB in the 10K 42:59. I wanted to go for a PB at St Neots, so decided to head out at 7mm and try to get to 10 miles at 1:10 and take it from there - with 1:32 as a general target.

The weather forecast was excellent all week, so I knew it was going to be a good one - and there were around 30 from our club doing the race. First 2 miles settled in nicely at 6:55, followed by an undulating 3 miles @ 7:08. So 5 miles in I was pretty much on target, feeling comfortable and already starting to reel people in. I knew that there was a drinks station at 6.5 miles, so would take a gel there. Next 3 miles @ 6:54, which consolidated my effort. At 8.5 miles there was another drag uphill, to take me into the final 5k. Those 2 miles were an effort @ 7:09. But amazingly got to 10 miles at around 1:10 as per plan.

The idea was then to pick it up in the last three miles, which were slightly downhill and blast it. I thought, jeez, maybe 1:30 is on here, just need to push on. But however the legs were not moving fast enough and I cursed not having a second gel, even just for the mental boost. So the final 5K was done at a good pace, but not fast enough - 6:49 for that stretch, during that 5K I had to write off 1:30, and at the final turn I had to ditch 1:31 as well, as I scored 1:32:04 for a new shiny PB.

Garmin clocked that at 6:58 for the race and getting below 7mm in a half feels like some kind of barrier has been broken. The Team Minni PB chart has been duly updated

No more A races this year for me - just a load of XC and 5Ks to do. Starting the buildup to Paris marathon after a short rest. Looking forward to that already and provisionally targeting 3:23ish.

19/11/2012 at 20:57

So good Ant.  Well done.  Re your marathon target.  Your 10k and and HM are almost exactly the same as mine going into London and I ran 3:20 there.  I'm more than sure I would have got 3:18 if it hadn't been for the *ahem* toilet stop.  See how the training goes but 3:23 should be more than within your reach.

19/11/2012 at 21:01

Great report Ant - well done.

Minni - what about HOLGS's book? That's a good read.

19/11/2012 at 21:12
Minni- I've been recommended 'Run like crazy' apparently brilliant. Hope you get better soon.
Ant- great report and a great result. Many congrats again.
19/11/2012 at 21:28
I've opted for: how to get lean for peak performance. Matt Fitzgerald
19/11/2012 at 21:35

That sounds the opposite of inspiring Minni! I enjoyed Running with the Kenyans, by the guy whos name I cannot hope to spell (Axxxxxx Finn). Lots of insight into the running culture out there.

19/11/2012 at 21:54
Ant/Forever - Brilliant times by both of you, something for me to dream of.

Minni - How about 'Run less, run faster', the Furm*n book, or have you already got it?

I've come down with the lurgey, so dosed up on lemsip and night nurse. Bit of a bummer, as it's my day off and had planned a 10miler today.

Chick - Good luck in your race series.
19/11/2012 at 22:16
Minni - reread all of this years race reports..that will inspire you. If you wanted a book of fiction read Lance Armstrongs autobiography. Exactly how do they get lean? Red wine only diet?
Simon- not anther sick bed candidate. Looks like a lot of people here have low immunity after a hard years running and cycling. I've had a flu jab so hope that works.
Ant- great report. Sometimes a down hill blast leads to suffering for the few miles after .A HM is tough when you are really pushing it. At least it looks like you've put your Summer injuries behind you.
Another rest day after all.
19/11/2012 at 22:31
Forever - storming time, great run

Ant - great time, fab to be in that shape to start spring mara build up

Bad calf day today. After my successful run on Saturday, I went for a trot at lunchtime, started slow and kept pace steady, but it stiffened up towards the end and I walked the last few minutes back. Its been stiff for the rest of the day. Both legs are now doing very odd things - they feel super delicate and twangy, and I'm getting the oddest feelings, like mini spasms breaking out without warning in my calves, quads, ITB of both legs. Its like any of my muscles could decide to explode without warning!

To tell the truth, I'm totally mystified by it all. I've had sore and stiff legs before after hard races or high mileage, but I'm barely doing any training right now that would cause that. I'm going to take a full week off running, stretch loads and see how it goes.

Any other good ideas for how to deal with exploding legs?
20/11/2012 at 04:58

Ant/Forever -   Congrats to you both, great racing.

Dubai Dave    pirate
20/11/2012 at 05:09


Ant: Nice time Sir, your marathon target is very doable

Forever: Sneaky (9a) marathons whatever next

Minni: A Life without Limits, Chrissie Wellington, the woman is not human. Running for their lives. The Ghost runner, feet in the clouds are all good reads.

Last nights club run ended up being 12.1K in 51 mins.

Will splash at lunch and a gentle hours trot tonight. 

20/11/2012 at 06:28

That was quick DD

i'm feeling a bit better so will try running tonight 

20/11/2012 at 07:40

When DD talks about a trot I always imaging him holding a skipping rope like reins and pretending he's on a pony.  

Feet in the Clouds is a brilliant book that I have.  I almost picked it up yesterday but resisted - it makes me want to the BGR and I'm not ready for that yet!  A club mate is hoping to do it next year.  One of my friends is mentioned it in - she held the ladies record for a number of years.

KFC - not had the exploding legs.  What was the outcome of your illness last year when you were all out of sorts?  Could it be linked?

Thanks for the other book suggestions.

Another day off but feeling better than yesterday.

20/11/2012 at 08:16
Minni - illness last year was pretty straightforward anaemia. While I've not had my bloods redone to prove it, from my energy levels I'm pretty sure that's sorted.
20/11/2012 at 08:34

7 mile tempo run last night with a couple of big hills to get the heart rate soaring.

Wet cycle to work in the pitch black this morning

Just over 4 weeks and the days start to lengthen again

KFC:  no chance it could be mild dehydration?  The only time I've felt like that is when I have just slightly underdone the fluids over a few days

20/11/2012 at 09:26

Hope everyone is feeling better today.  Everyone seems to be sick at the moment, I would happily lock myself somewhere and not come out until the weekend. 

KFC- sorry, can't be of any halp, have never experienced anything like this.  Hope it gets sorted soon.

old4speed wrote (see)

Just over 4 weeks and the days start to lengthen again

O4S- what a wonderful thought! I must say mornings are becoming a bit of a struggle. I think I need a break.  I'm sure 5 days into it I'll be moaning and itching to get out again but at this point in time I just want to get on with the race and relax a bit.

The last run into work done this morning. 8.5m with 3m @ MP.  The MP miles didn't feel particularily easy (again) but then I ran them quite a bit faster than I'm planning to run on Sunday, around 7:35-7:40. 3m recovery planned for tomorrow and 5m easy with some strides on Friday.  And that's it.

The weather forecast for San Sebastian is around 13-15 degrees max and rain. I can definitely deal with it. No natural disasters in sight as of today.


Dubai Dave    pirate
20/11/2012 at 09:35
old4speed wrote (see)

Just over 4 weeks and the days start to lengthen again

Which means that its only four weeks until the sun starts heading North and sumer is on its way back
20/11/2012 at 09:39

There's something quite nice about being ill, when you start to feel a bit better.  Currently in bed with my Kindle, laptop, iPhone, notebook and pen. 

Target for today:

1)  identify my ideal race weight,

2) research whether the 5 x 20m long runs are really necessary for all considering recent marathons times run on only two or three long runs.

20/11/2012 at 10:30

The BGR looks like fun Minni. Let's do it. We can make it a Team Minni outing

20/11/2012 at 10:53
Spoons. wrote (see)

The BGR looks like fun Minni. Let's do it. We can make it a Team Minni outing

I'll hand out the flap jack for that one - not getting me doing anything that daft

Bro - Weather sounds good, rain not a problem and nice temperature. You're gonna smash it

Minni - glad you're feeling better and putting your sick day to good use. Please don't tell me I should only do two 20 milers - I love doing the long ones! But if you could let me know hte absolute optimum strategy for not leaving your best runs on the training ground that would be great  

DD - That is really quick for 12.5k

Ant - Good report - and great to do the sub 7 average for the HM

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