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22/11/2012 at 14:26
Brol, whereabouts? I could've caught you for a beer. For me anyway
Leaving at 7.
22/11/2012 at 14:28
Hope the pic works. I have kept it for a Special race for a Special person. Has to be Brol !

A few of you know I hate the thread good luck phrase, it's all wrong for me since it's negative and those are banned from my vocab in days upto an "A" race. Brain does odd tricks later on, want it thinking "do, yes, success" rather than "no, don't, fail" or similar. For me, want to only think positive words & images during the race.

Seeing Brol run at TR24 was a pleasure, never seen anyone smile so much from running. So after 2 attempts this year, if I could wish or will anyone a great race, it is Brol !

So I still say DBS but its an Aston Martin DBS, as in fast sporty roadster. Speedy, graceful, burning up the road leaving others behind in its dust.

Brol this image represents all your hard work & mileage - go smash it. You are officially going to be Awesome!??

22/11/2012 at 14:31
Ignore the question marks, pesky iPad.
22/11/2012 at 14:43

We say, Don't be Shit!  Completely not negative unless I suppose you look at it in a negative way.  Its the same as HTFU - same thing, different words.  Get with the game FRC.

22/11/2012 at 14:49

Simon-never was good at counting but maybe that was why I was always tired

Ant-Ive got a hangover too-my swim felt as though I was swimming in glue

FRC-maybe you could suggest cars that represents each of the rest of us on the thread? Im a bit like a Hummer.

Spoons-you know Free well!

Another allergic reaction to the pool but Im learning to live with it

Looks like its going to be busy on here this weekend


22/11/2012 at 15:11

I'm a smart car - small and smart

22/11/2012 at 15:18

I'm a Mini, of course

22/11/2012 at 15:19

FRC - the Don't Be Shit motto is only negative if you let it be taken that way! We all have shit runs - and are quite happy to tell our friends on here about them and then move onto the next race.  Life's too short to take it too seriously. But I love the DBS picture   I'd like to think I am a TVR, but in reality am probably a bit more like a lada - a bit old but you get a lot of mileage out of them

22/11/2012 at 15:21

Surely a Free-lander....?

22/11/2012 at 16:09

A freelander, hmmm. A bit rugged and loved by Jeremy Clarkson   OMG that is SO wrong

22/11/2012 at 16:13

Hi all,

great to see the excitment mounting for this weekend's races. Hope the wind isn't as bad as last year for the Norwich gang!

To add to the LR debate - got my runner's world magazine through the door this morning - there is a spread in there about marathon training and Steve Smythe's gives 12 golden rules - his second rule is 'Long runs are key' - he even goes on to say that other runs - speedwork/midweek distance runs and marathon pace runs - have their place but aren't as crucial as the LR. His theory being that the key to a good marathon is how well you hold your pace over the last 10k and the ability to do that well comes from plenty of long runs..... interesting, I think we can all relate to the old saying 'a marathon doesn't really begin until you are past mile 20'.....

Knee still behaving, did spin Tuesday and just heading out now for a slow 4 mile run. Have fairly much decided I will be deferring next year's VLM, so sticking to slow easy stuff to slowly build back up without the pressure of a pending race, hopefully that works!

22/11/2012 at 16:56


22/11/2012 at 17:03

FRC- many thanks!!! Lol not sure about Aston Martin but if you insist... I'll do my best to leave a few Spaniards behind in dust. Nothing wrong with Don't Be Shit tough, love it!

Meeting up with SSheep and OHs in a pub on Wimbledon Common. Want to join us?

Kiwi- yey, great news on the knee front.

Minni wrote (see)

I'm a Mini, of course

Lol Minni

22/11/2012 at 17:19
Brol - Do you think FRC is trying to say that like a DBS you're high maintenance!

Minni - I hope you're not a Tvr, cus they always breakdown.

I'm like a DB5 Aston martin, an old classic, that looks faster than it is.

Kiwi - Does Steve say how many 20milers we should do?
22/11/2012 at 17:32
Kiwi - at least you are making progress. Tough decision.

Bro - I think you will absolutely smashit this weekend. Really excited for you. I know you won't be shit.
(Sorry FRC - we like this on here )

I think I'll stick with my Honda CRV. Still going after 154000 miles not overly fast but ploughs on regardless
22/11/2012 at 17:41

That weather forecast looks terrible now! 40mph gusts, heavy rain  Wind in the same direction as last year too so we'll have that wind tunnel after we leave Easton again. Only with the added joy of being soaking wet this year! Lovely. Still going to go for a PB though, as I'm feeling in good form at the moment. Could go horribly wrong though!

Sorry for the negative talk FRC

Best of luck to Bro and Barry for the weekend - and to Freemers and Spoons of course (don't let her beat you by too much Spoons! ) HFTU and don't be SHIT everyone!

22/11/2012 at 18:08
Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)
A few of you know I hate the thread good luck phrase, it's all wrong for me since it's negative and those are banned from my vocab in days upto an "A" race. Brain does odd tricks later on, want it thinking "do, yes, success" rather than "no, don't, fail" or similar. For me, want to only think positive words & images during the race.

FRC - I think I better explain how we work over here.

You are still relatively new to running and still in the period of finding out how fast you can run - hence the pb's.  Most of us have been there and are trying to revisit it and all of us have had bad races.   You may think we are not improving at the same rate as you but it is all relative. 

The mood of this thread is that we all enjoy seeing ourselves and each other improve but we like the light hearted banter and tongue in cheek comments - stops it all going to our head!    Every single one of us has run at least one bad race (most very much more than that) where, for whatever reason, it hasn't happened on the day.  We could get moody and upset about this, stop posting, or look for excuses since we haven't lived up to an expectation but that's not the way we work.  We don't mind admitting to being shit every so often (weekly ) - it takes the pressure off.

In fact we got quite competitive a few months back where we all wanted to claim the shittiest race performance.  It was quite liberating to be honest! 

The time will come when even you have to work hard to gain those vital seconds, when those fast runners you overtake in every race are overtaking you, when you are no longer voted the most improved runner, and you'll find that no amount of positive talking in your head will get you there - its all down to training and what happens on the day.

We all know this already which is why we like to take the pressure off each other.  Don't be shit = be good; HTFU = go faster...

Not negative at all but a more relaxed way of of encouragement rather than loading expectation on a runner.

I hope that makes sense and you can see we're not a bunch of negative has-beens.  

Norwich crew - I'm gutted to hear the forecast.  Who would have thought that could happen two years on the trot.  It might change by Sunday - all you need really is for the wind to drop.

DD - good luck with the Olympics tomorrow!  Have the domestic run you a nice hot bath when you get back.   I heard on the radio tonight that there is a flood warning out for the whole of Wiltshire - looks like you'll need all that open water experience when you get back.

How are the calves folks?


22/11/2012 at 18:12
O4S I always thought of you as a Rolls Royce.

Dbs is a double negative. Plus mentally you drop at least a word so the message then is Be Sh*t.
You wouldn't tell a pilot, Dont Crash the Plane! Well I wouldn't.

Anyway... That's just my opinion.
Nearly away Brol, just near Euston
22/11/2012 at 18:18

Hmm. Heading out for a night time trail run with the club tonite. Headtorch at the ready.

I predict a lot of mud

22/11/2012 at 18:25

Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)

Dbs is a double negative.

Ah, you see you're just too clever for us.

Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)
 Plus mentally you drop at least a word so the message then is Be Sh*t.

We don't!

But this could be fun.

HTFU could become HTF.... or ....


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