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27/11/2012 at 11:03
Minni wrote (see)
However, I find if I don't have the marathon as the end goal I'm just not as motivated.

same here, Min.

I fell flat on my face this morning ...  stumbled over some roadworks barrier. It's been there a while but one of the weights to support it moved into my path . To add insult to injury: I ended up in a huge big puddle! Lots of bruises on hands and knees, a torn pair of running tights and the worst of the lot: Garmin screen broke. It's now completely black where the LCD stuff leaked
And my left knee hurts. A lot . Hope it's just bruising and no serious damage. I finished my workout nevertheless. Pain was bearable and I thought with all that crap just happening I couldn't stand if I cut my run short... 10 miles all in all. Now stairs are my enemy. Walking downstairs is not good. The rest seems ok.

Hope Garmin will do the swapping thingie. Not sure if they do when you are a complete idiot and break your device by falling on it ...

Edited: 27/11/2012 at 11:04
Cheerful Dave    pirate
27/11/2012 at 11:27

That's not good chick.  It's amazing what damage you can do to yourself falling over while running, so take it easy.  Get some ice on your knee if you can, it'll probably feel stiff and sore for a few days but you were able to run on it so there shouldn't be any lasting damage, just temporary swelling.  Shame about the garmin though.

27/11/2012 at 12:05
Free-Simon- they were k's. I'm not that mad
Bro- brilliant report ...real mental strength getting the job done so well
Chick- hope all is ok
Edited: 27/11/2012 at 12:05
27/11/2012 at 12:27
Brilliant report Bro, all of your hard work and determination to not only never miss a session but to actually get to the start line has paid off. Very well deserved.

Chick - hope you're ok, maybe anti-inflammatories to help with the swelling. Shame about the garmin and your running tights

Daren it's The Vaccines tonight, we've actually double booked as Sunderland are playing QPR. I've given my season ticket to a friend of Parsnip, he has given his gig ticket to my sister! I'd rather miss the match.
27/11/2012 at 12:28
Chick- ouch hope you're ok and it's just bruises. Shame about the garmin. Hope you can get it replaced...
27/11/2012 at 12:44

thanks CD ... yeah, I'm most upset about the Garmin. Knee has full range of movement which must be a good thing.

Bro: xposted with your brilliant race report earlier - again, well done

27/11/2012 at 12:49

Bro - great race report and well done again

Chick - oh no! Hope you're OK and Garmin will do a swap.

27/11/2012 at 12:57

Brilliant report Brol and brilliant run.  You are just brilliant! 

Chicka - ouch. Garmin will replace so don't don't worry about that.

PS Brol - haven't you heard.... London is cancelled!!

M.r Zuvai    pirate
27/11/2012 at 13:03

how'do! great to see the thread as bustling as ever! Stonking performance on the weekend - particulary Brol - Superstar!

I've run 6 days out of the last 7!  - not one of them worth montioning but im hoping a bit of consistency and regularity will form some building blocks to start the preseason! I have even been doing core work!!

Im on my travels again but have my kit with me as i am keen to keep this up!  (simon - can you recomend any decent runs in northenden/ wythenshaw area?)

27/11/2012 at 13:20

Brol, I had a few tears in my eyes reading that. Top stuff. So happy for you.

Next question, which is your next booked marathon so I can run one  - somewhere else!   Oh TR24 planning?

Chic, hope you're okay. didn't sound pleasant. and garmin broke too. Xmas present off someone generous maybe if they don't swap. I'm after a 910 but will likely end up buying it myself. doh.

As for the goals & things that keep driving you.. marathon not the ultimate end - not that bothered about them... a few PBs are nice - but having a good race all fine by me. Autumn rest certainly worked for me. I'll probably switch to doing more ultras, thunder run, lightning run type events. Lot more fun & camaradie as O4S would agree I'm sure.

Went to talk on hydration by a sports scientist last night... mostly things I knew but some good snippets on salts, super hydrating and there was free pizza too! I'd never heard of recommendation 49ml per kg of body weight to drink per day... and roughly a litre of water per hour exercise. Thats a lot of water. 3.5 litres normal day for me, and more running. yikes.

Oh, I washed all my water bottles too. sterlised if possible. Surveys of some athletes found feacal matter inside the bottles.

27/11/2012 at 13:56
I think feacal matter is everywhere its just when they say 'tests have found' that we are aware of it. I read an article last week that said your toilet seat is cleaner than a chopping board, work top or dish cloth. And dont even mention bowls of nibbles/nuts...
27/11/2012 at 13:59

FRC - that is a huge amount of water! My calc without exercise works out at 2.7 litres which is a lot. I guess I have perhaps a litre of water plus 2-3 cups of peppermint tea a day. Not nearly enough then!

Bro - fantastic report. It was a marathon just getting to the start line and the way you handled the race was epic

Chick - ouch! Sounds like bruising if you have a full range of movement, but knees are delicate things so take care of it. Maybe also arnica cream for any bruising.

Running goals for me are still the marathon - I have unfinished business there.

Rubbish run at lunchtime today, just not feeling it today. Slow and sluggish 5 miles. I will call it a recovery run

Cheerful Dave    pirate
27/11/2012 at 14:39

These recommendations on how much water you need usually forget to mention that much of the water you need is contained in food, so you don't actually need to drink quite that much.  The '1 litre per hour exercise' is a sweeping generalisation - an hour on a treddie in a gym and you might need that, or more.  An hour running outside in the current weather and you probably wouldn't need to drink much at all.

Mind you, it's a decent excuse to down a couple of litres of beer after a marathon. 

27/11/2012 at 14:47

OMG - how much would I need to drink on a 100 mile ultra taking 24+ hours

I would most probably explode.....................

Great report Brol, I suppose the only positive in the whole sorry saga is that you didn't really have time to worry about actually running the thing - just getting there took all your energies

27/11/2012 at 14:48

I keep a litre of water at my desk which I drink throughout the day on top of any other drinks I have, mainly coffee.   The more stressed I am the more coffee I drink and the less I eat!


Dubai Dave    pirate
27/11/2012 at 15:06

Bro: ace report, you don't make things easy do you?

Chick: ouch, they replaced my garmin for a very reasonable price when i dropped it and broke the screen.

FRC: there are plenty of studies which suggest being slightly dehydrated is not a big problem

27/11/2012 at 15:35

Chick - Hope you get the garmin sorted, or could be a good excuse for a new one for chrimbo. Did anyone see you fall over, and did you limp off pretending you meant to do it, as thou it was part of your training?

O4S - Yes I think you will did to get BA to lug a trolley full of water bottles round the courses for your ultras, mind you that will slow him down even more.

Bro - Great race report, I bet Mr Bro is glad it's all over, and you can get back to a bit of normality, if such a thing exists when your married to a runner.

Mr Z wrote

Im on my travels again but have my kit with me as i am keen to keep this up!  (simon - can you recomend any decent runs in northenden/ wythenshaw area?)

You're very close to where I work in Didsbury, which is just the other side of the river. The only run I know is along the tow path along the river Mersey which goes thru where you will be also. Mixture of tarmac, gravel, grass and mud. Probably lots of mud in this weather, but good fun as away from the traffic. When are you up here? Pm me if you want to meet up for a run.

27/11/2012 at 15:41

I thought that O4S, a litre per water per hour of exercise, but not during the actual exercise. A long ultra , I could imagine drinking 1/2 litre per hour of water at a guess,? Although I guess you should include the day or so after to not have lost weight - that was part of the reasoning, athletes weight being monitored over 5-7 days of training & competition - some collapsing or having poor performances - rowers & boxers dieting to hit a weight.

As CD says, food all contains liquid. I always have a bottle of squash at work, but no added sugar version, suggestion was to have hi juice/ added sugar one so its stays in your body longer with the sugar.

Easy for some to be dehydrated DD, in your lovely sunny climate.

Beer after marathon though, definitely! Wonder if Brol is still on her alcohol drip feed...

27/11/2012 at 16:14
simon62w wrote (see)

Chick - Hope you get the garmin sorted, or could be a good excuse for a new one for chrimbo. Did anyone see you fall over, and did you limp off pretending you meant to do it, as thou it was part of your training?

hehehe - thank god no-one saw my spectacular attempt at flying . It was early morning and still dark.

Garmin will give me the newer model (410) for half price (well, almost, it's a bit more) but it's a good deal, much cheaper than on Amazon. Just as well that I flogged stuff on ebay last week and have a few $$$ to spare

27/11/2012 at 16:18

Let's not forget we all use the Shaggy pee-colour test to check our hydration levels, don't we?

Post marathon drink of choice has to be a cold lager shandy. Never drink it any other time

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