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30/11/2012 at 14:23

Freemers - out and back, you can't get lost like that! Well, less likely to anyway  10 miles for me on the weekend only - I must be building up a little slower than you!

30/11/2012 at 14:42

Spoons- loads of time to improve before Paris. What schedule are you using?

Chick- I'm with you... 30-50min exercise per day??? That's not even a proper warm up...

FRC- let's not worry about having too many runners, we can have as many teams as we want- the more the merrier!

Minni- yes, the next runner is supposed to be waiting for you (unless they're drunk and asleep in a tent) so it doesn't really matter where you camp.  It is logistically easier to be closer to the start line but also very crowded. Being a few min walk away worked for me last year.

Free- glad to hear you had a good run today.  What's the target for YKW?

Mr Zuvai    pirate
30/11/2012 at 14:50

when do entries need to be in by?

30/11/2012 at 14:54

Bro - well, my 10 year old nephew (Cheerful Dave Junior) has recently bettered my PB, so I need to take that right back off him, obviously So I need to run 21.21 or faster (my PB is 21.28). Although knowing my luck he'll go out and smash it himself

I'd love to start getting closer to 21 minutes, and on a better course I could do that - the trouble with Norwich is although it is flat there are a lot of sharp 90 degree turns and you just lose pace every time.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
30/11/2012 at 15:06

Excuse me!  He was 9 at the time.

He's not parkrunning tomorrow so you'll have at least a week on top.  He'll be pleased to know he's encouraging Auntie to run faster.

30/11/2012 at 15:11

I knew it wouldn't take you long to respond CD

30/11/2012 at 15:13

Minni, those seconds walking all add up, if you want to challenge the other ladies teams of 5 or 8.

The race stops at 12pm after 24 hours, laps in progress continue. so if you swap over at 11.59.58, then you can get another lap in - and win?
It is a 10k from start to finish line with a steel batton on your wrist, passed to next runner.. but if you're really competitive, the nearer you are to start,  if any mishaps people not turning up and also if you have some helpers coordinating things, maybe someone out injured? The really serious clubs were right on the nearest corners opposite the entrance , probably could roll out of their sleeping bags or even be shouted for - we were about a 7-8 min walk, which I did 20+ times... probably another 10k walked.

Freemers, Ribble 10k in Blackburn direction... field is always strong. see report for last year[/url;]. Jonny Mellor has run with Mo, and is current UK 3000m indoor champion. He's a local lpool runner and lovely guy, sent me tips even, also regularly organises day running bootcamps with his gf for a fiver. His 10k PB is mid 28 mins, half marathon - he's only done one in 62 minutes. Ulp. Fast. Outside chance of Brazil even?
Freemers, Go for it on the park run, give us a target!

Brol, coordinating 3 or more teams.. messy. One was hard, two just about do-able with partners wanting to run, SS, mine and others after more laps? Places are going fast supposedly, last year still some in April, doubt it this. Mr Zuvai, team entry, not individual, will keep you in mind.

30/11/2012 at 15:16

Freemers - we'll book the Newcastle Parkrun in when you're up next year. Its on the TM course but without the hill.  Simps.  

Bro - if we put a competitve ladies team in I might be looking to poach you.....


Cheerful Dave    pirate
30/11/2012 at 15:29
Freemers wrote (see)

I knew it wouldn't take you long to respond CD

It's uncanny how often you've posted just before I check in.  It's like we're related or something.

30/11/2012 at 15:53

DD -  Congrats on the PB. It is getting cold here, enjoy the warmth.

Ant  - Might have to join you with a YKW before xmas, just worked out 16 week plan for VLM starts 30 Dec, have n't done a 5K race since Jul 2010. Nice consistent reps.

Chick -  Enjoy the party, mind that knee if you are partying hard.

Finally got to see Homeland, and it just gets better and better.




Edited: 30/11/2012 at 15:54
30/11/2012 at 16:26

I am still lurgified and feeling fed up - started on 14th October and hasn't gone

Gets better for a while and then worse again - currently worse!!  Sneezing like that well-known dwarf, nose dripping like it needs a new washer and what Doctors tend to describe as a 'Productive' cough!!

Apart from all that I seem to be permanently knackered and it doesn't appear to make any difference whether I run or not - although I have decided not to try intervals for a while as the sound effects tend to scare the local children.

Ran for an hour today and was OK at a slow pace until we had to go slightly uphill. I am down to race in the Gwent League Cross Country tomorrow and due to marshal for about 5 hours in the freezing cold, so not too excited about the weekend.  Was supposed to be racing a 10k on Sunday but have binned that - sadly I don't think binning tomorrow will be as easy, our Ladies Captain is a bit of a slave driver [think Minni squared]

Mr Zuvai    pirate
30/11/2012 at 17:07
Just listened to this weeks marathon talk - top effort Brol!
30/11/2012 at 17:24
Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)

Brol, coordinating 3 or more teams.. messy. One was hard, two just about do-able with partners wanting to run, SS, mine and others after more laps? Places are going fast supposedly, last year still some in April, doubt it this. Mr Zuvai, team entry, not individual, will keep you in mind.

FRC- why would you want one person to coordinate 3 teams? Surely each team can take care of organising themselves. Would be great to get a few teams together and I'm sure there will be a place for everyone as long as we don't leave it too late.

Minni- tempting tempting...

Fit-M.r Zuvai wrote (see)
Just listened to this weeks marathon talk - top effort Brol!

Mr Zuvai- thanks

O4S-  sounds like a bit of a nightmare.  Hope you feel better soon.

I still haven't seen Homeland...Sounds like I need to get on with the programme.

30/11/2012 at 17:55

Brol's right, surely one person would organise one team. 

At least one of my running club will probably do the whole thing. 

O4S - take care.  Its so cold and if you're not feeling 100% then racing isn't going to make you feel any better.  Good decision to ditch.

Homeland - I've said this to my colleagues too:  Please can you all watch it on Sunday night at 9am then we can discuss!  Its no good when people are watching it at different times!!

What is going to happen next?  I still can't decide who is on what side, it twists and turns so much.

I have a sesh to do tonight.  I'm ok once I get out but just hate looking out to blackness.

30/11/2012 at 18:05

Rugby update.  There are going to be three interviews while the boys are training, going out live, so between 7 - 9am.  The boys will be training in the background.

Zuvai - can you record then put it onto a disc?    I'm so not clued up!


Mr Zuvai    pirate
30/11/2012 at 18:24
Minni - is that due to be played on Skysports News? I've set the match to record, but can record sky sports news as well! I can make a plan to get a copy for you if needed but I can't be 100% sure of the quality

O4S - hope you feel better soon! I agree with Minni - if you dont feel 100% then don't race

Re thunder run - I wouldn't mind attempting a solo attempt at some point but deff not this year

Good luck to all racers and YKW'ers this weekend

I'm off to London for my sisters party! I foresee hangovers inthe short to medium future!
30/11/2012 at 19:19
Ant - not sure what YKW you've got in mind, but I'd recommend hackney marshes for a pb attempt - completely flat, the only places where you potentially lost speed is halfway at the 180 dead turn and the first and last 50m which are on grass which can be soggy if its been wet. As its an out and back you get an exact half way split too. I say just go out at your target pace and see what happens.

Andy - welcome. Your times show the target is realistic, but its your long runs and endurance training that will get you the target - here's a good place to get motivated to do them!

Thunder run - yes I'm keen.

DD - a friend of mine did the wall run this year. Apparently its much more on road that it looks.
30/11/2012 at 19:21
MrZ- solo effort... Ugh. I like the idea of ultra running, but not necessarily the same 10k loop round and round for 24 hours...
30/11/2012 at 19:36
Calf update - saw physio #2 for a decent length session on wednesday. What it comes down to, is that 5 months off after not having more than 2 weeks off training since the age of 7 has made my body wither and die. Even though I thought I was getting back into it gradually, I've been asking my body to do things that I think should be easy, and cardio fitness wise are, but that my muscles and joints are not yet ready for - like lunchtime runs every day, or long days out on the bike.

So, I'm getting reaquainted with core stability and stretching, which admittedly I've neglected for the last couple of years. Hoping to be back running soon, but looks like I'll need to take it easy, especially with building up the mileage again.
30/11/2012 at 19:56

kfc - yeah i know hackney marshes - well flat, and sounds like a fab course My PB attempt is going to be in Oakhill park cos I'm a 'burban boy nowadays and I have also roped in loads of my club to come along. Hopefully there should be quite a few of us aiming for a similar time. If anyone else fancies it, it's the 15 December. Just before the eating and drinking gets really serious Take care of that calf

Re thunder run, my club have also put in a couple a teams in the mix in the past, not sure if there is a plan for this year.

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