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Dubai Dave    pirate
04/12/2012 at 05:49


Had a stonking club run last night and smashed my record for the 4.5K lap of the park by 27 seconds ( 17:13), not sure where that one came from but I'm not complaining.

2K swim set at lunch, 30 mins trot tonight as having a cut back week.


04/12/2012 at 06:33

You're getting mega quick DD. Is that the endurance base of 2 x Ironman you're working off do you think?

04/12/2012 at 06:52

DD - you stonk!!  You're having a great season so far. 

Barry - Slow down!

Thanks for that Simon.  I'll give it a look.

Carrot - busy weekend.  Madness will be great!

04/12/2012 at 08:53

carrot: paper cuts are nasty - number 1 work injury I'd say! But to get blood poisoning from it - blimey

Minni wrote (see)

You're a classy bird Chick!

well, I lived in Essex for 12 years ... go figure!

Minni wrote (see)

I fell on the ice but still got the six in @ 8:17.

oh no, Minni! No lasting damage I hope?

DD: you are getting too fast for us...  times like those should be banned

Managed 11 miles this morning. Had to. Wimped out last night. So cold and nasty. This morning it was +3 degrees and no more ice. But very windy again. Apparently it will be snowing later

04/12/2012 at 08:56

Barry- 7:39? Was that what you call a recovery run? I'm just jealous by the way!

DD- very speedy indeed

KFC- sounds like an epic weekend!

6m for me this morning at stupid a clock (brrr it was cold out there) @ 8:20. I'm still soldgiering with shorts though...

04/12/2012 at 09:04

Morning all,

Barry - I think  on Jantastic you can only see people in the team when they have submitted their target number of runs for January - so looks like only me and weeble have done that so far. I'm going for 5 in January, then probably 6 in February and March. Nice running yesterday

DD - "gulp" - I don't think I could do 1km at that pace

I arrived at work this morning to find there has been a gas leak nearby and all the buildings are without hot water and central heating.  It's getting a bit chilly in the office! More importantly I expect it will mean no showers at the gym (which is next door) do I'll have to ditch my lunchtime run...I don't mind not showering (my colleague might!) but I do mind the bad post-run hair .  It's a good job I'm not on a schedule at the moment or I might freak.

Dubai Dave    pirate
04/12/2012 at 09:18

Spoons: I would imagine that the huge aerobic base I have built over the past two years its a very large part of my new lease of life. Tri training has enabled me to handle a volume of training that would have lead to me getting injured if I only ran. Add in the past 16 weeks of solid speedwork and suddenly I'm running times that should not be possible. Best bit is beating clubmates who have had it far to easy for far too long, competitive me?

Chick: Forgot to give a huge hurrah for your Dirty Dancing performance, whatever happened to Jennifer Grey? 

Edited: 04/12/2012 at 09:19
04/12/2012 at 10:49

DD - you are really flying

Barry - very quick. Still got speed even after the marathon.

Minni - did you properly go arse over tit?

Freemers - hope the heating sorts itself soon.

Trendy 5 on the icy lanes this morning. My friend rang me yesterday and told me a woman had been serioulsy assaulted where I normally run. For the first time in ages I was a bit nervous today

04/12/2012 at 11:57

AA -  Very worrying, you take care out there.

DD - Impressive running, you have been hitting some quick paces recently.  What's the target for the mara?

Freemers -  Thanks, I'll have a think about targets and put them on Jantastic.

04/12/2012 at 12:04

DD - blistering pace. Nice

AA - bloody hell, what a nightmare. At least you should be able to show them a clean pair of heels.

Jantastic - that's come around again has it. I will have to investigate. TBH I haven't listened to MT for months now.

It's my 5x1000 repeats tonite. I'm going to do them off 2min recoveries and aim for sub 4mins for each of them. I'm not sure what effect my 2x10 mile cycle commute will have on them... 

04/12/2012 at 12:05

Thanks Merry Carrotmass, I love Durham so it might be a perfect excuse to travel south on saturday morning to sample the bacon sandwich and any christmas markets.....and not forgetting the park run!

I work in the medical profession and I didnt even realise that it was possible to get blood poisioning from a paper cut.....I guess I better start taking somethings more seriously from now on!

Hope your ok minni, i slipt on black ice on sunday, all i could think of was not causing any injuries to hault my marathon training before its even begun. I was a nightmare to live with last year for 4 months....think I might be even worse this time round.

What marathons are everyone entering next year?


04/12/2012 at 12:13

AA- oh, that's not good.  Do you tend to run in the evening/ morning?  I always work under the assumption that surely all the psychos are asleep at 5.30am so it's much safer...  Not sure if there's any truth in it...

Ant- good luck with the intervals.  I am trying to decide if I'm looking forward to doing them again or not

Sarah- it's VLM and Berlin for me next year.

04/12/2012 at 12:40

Ive heard loads of good reports on Berlin, its supposed to be a fabulous run. I did the big 25k there this year and that was amazing, running through brandenburg gates was fabulous.

04/12/2012 at 12:50

AA - scary indeed.  I used to be really nervous about running on the roads myself - never worried about being out on the hills though.  Over the past couple of years I've got much braver and now even go on the lanes myself at night.  I am aware that at the moment I am running the same routes, at the same time, every evening but I don't have much choice. 

No injuries after my fall, which ended up as a groovy hip slide!

Dubai Dave wrote (see)
. Mini you don't have any excuses, Morag gone soft on you?

Thanks DD I think he must have read that because I've now got a killer of a killer sesh to do tonight.    

Sarah - VLM and Newcastle for me.  What about you?



Dubai Dave    pirate
04/12/2012 at 12:52

Barry: 3-15 to 3-20...... Inshallah. Of course the wheels may fall off big style! 

04/12/2012 at 12:59

Welcome Sarah - definitely, very nice running through Brandenburg gates. Spectacular place.

Minni hope you're okay after the fall. Is it a resistance band with handles, or just the rubber loop type? Either are really good, use them most weeks for specific things but you can do whole body. Monster Walk for your legs, and ITB is good.

Merry Carrotmas, Black Keys awesome, enjoy! Best gig of the year for me.

AA, speak to Gazelle about "running porn". Thats what her husband called the RW forum since it kept her so occupied
Be careful on your run if nutters around, do you carry a panic alarm?.

DD definitely getting faster. 27 seconds off - due to the cut back week?

Mr Zuvai & kcs you definitely up for Thunder Run?

O4S what do you wear layer wise for ultras in winter? Looking for xmas presents. Got that montane waterproof but need maybe a jacket underneath plus a base layer, ideally not £100-200 ones. Noticed a helly hansen lifa base layer.

Its horrible wet and cold here. intervals tonight maybe... thinking of whimping out of XC again on Saturday.. need to get some long runs in.

04/12/2012 at 13:14
I run @8:30 most mornings and its the only route I can do a few miles on the pavement before I hit the quieter lanes and the 4x4s other wise I'm straight out on the busier lanes which is just as dangerous. I had definitely got braver. A few years ago I wouldn't have run down the canal on my own for miles but now it doesn't bother me.

It's so cold here today I can't warm up.
04/12/2012 at 13:28

Afternoon All,

A fashionable 5 mile r** (are we allowed to use that word now?) for me with the club tonight, although i have worse DOMS from Sunday's 5 than after VLM!!!!

What's the format then for Jantastic, as i did it very haphazardly on my lonesome last year and couldn't really see the point? I think i need to find the time to go onto MT to understand it better.

Lastly, has anyone heard from Cooks after his Valencia marathon, or have i missed his race report???

04/12/2012 at 13:37
I've signed up for Jantastic Team Minni. Looks like there's only 3 of us so far. Is that because you have to log your predicted runs before you can see the team? Oompa, select our team, we get pretty competitive so if you sign up Minni will be on your back to make sure you do then runs and log them in
04/12/2012 at 13:41

I've just signed up as well.

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