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Dubai Dave    pirate
12/12/2012 at 09:30

Barry: Does Swindon have a fully air conditioned mall with Valet parking, 2 x Cinema's, 4 food courts, Decathalon, Carrefour, Virgin, Apple, North Face, Columbia, Nike , Addidas ? I fear not and it certainly won't be within walking distance.

12/12/2012 at 09:46


Santa Baby chickadeee wrote (see)

Welcome, Paul. Nothing wrong with shit races. Nearly all of my races have been shit, except maybe 3 or 4

Is it time to start the 'who's the shittest' competition again?  We should have a special trophy!

Hello Andrew! Welcome to the madhouse.

Sarah- like the others said defo need to warm up for longer than 5min.  I usually do 3-4m warm up and the same for cool down after speed sessions.

2old wrote (see)
Jogging outside could make you stupid - and more likely to suffer mental health problems
  • Exercising in busy, traffic-filled areas could actually cause mental decline
  • City joggers' brains less able to store new knowledge
  • And have higher levels inflammation, linked to mental decline

Lol... mental decline- love it. I have been told on numerous occasions that I'm mental by non runners so maybe there is something in it.

Wow- according to the asics plan and based on my 10k time I can run 3:18 in April on two runs a week (mild pace).  Imperssive stuff.

Barry B wrote (see)

Bro -  Impressive return to the quick stuff.  Any reason for the quick stuff only 2 weeks after your mara.

Barry- the idea is to get some speed back into my legs at this early stage while I'm not knocking out 75mpw.  My last campaign proved that my speed needs to be worked on constantly, otherwise it goes and doesn't want to come back. 

ST- so glad to hear it went well yesterday. 

O4S- you're doing trebles now, crazy woman Your house sounds a bit chilly.

It's freezing out there. 9m planned for tonight.  I have my ninja outfit ready- you can only see my eyes.


12/12/2012 at 09:57

DD -  Swindon has all of those plus Argos and Poundland.

Edited: 12/12/2012 at 10:03
12/12/2012 at 10:05

That's impressive if you type in Argos it automatically links to their website.

12/12/2012 at 10:10

Canny beat a bit a Poundland.   

O4S - get the heating on!

2m on the treadmill this morning, going to do my killer sesh tonight then going to bunk off early tomorrow to get my 11 done in part daylight.

12/12/2012 at 10:16

Barry-that was a good 11 miler. I agree that ideally one long run a day is better than short runs added together but when needs must as they say .Argos and Poundland--sounds like my sort of place...if its got and Aldi and KFC, Im moving there.

DD-looks like you need to get all your training  (and shopping ) done before you get back--looks like you are judging by your daily sessions

O4S- trebles-thats one way to keep warm -but that means three showers a day...I hope. Hope your pies dont freeze

Bro-9? How is it you are running less than double figures?Im like you in needing at least four miles possibly more to start to feel comfortable when I run.

Bit of a dilemma-my mate has just signed up for the GN swim art Windermere in June but only for a mile, I wanted to do two. So what do I do ?I enjoy the company with this cross training tri stuff so really not keen to go solo. Also. you Tri guys- can you recommend any good Olympic Distance tri's in the NWish area in June to August?

Trip to Manchester soon for a Chinese lunch so not likely to train today. Take care on the ice all


ST-more positive news for you

M.r Zuvai    pirate
12/12/2012 at 11:16
Dubai Dave wrote (see)

ST / MrZ I might well enter the 1/2 at Challenge Henley just so I can come along for the Craic. 


that would be brilliant!  i was gutted we didn't manage to catch up over a pint in Nottingham!

M.r Zuvai    pirate
12/12/2012 at 11:19

there was beautiful sunrise over the solent this morning, took a couple of pics on my ohone during my gentle 4 mile recovery - made getting out of bed worth while

12/12/2012 at 12:06

Wow so much has gone on here in the last 4 days, I have only missed 11 pages worth yikes.

Minni- My 10k is on Sunday as long as it dosn't get cancelled! I'm hoping to beat my pb of 41:50.

Zuvai, simon and Becs- Hope you have all recovered from your incidents!

04S- Great race and report, put the heating on in your house

Welcome to all the newbies and good luck with the Asics Competition.

12/12/2012 at 12:08
I love seeing the sunrise too Zuvai. I like when I do a long run starting in the dark then I'm a few miles from home on a deserted road when the sun comes up.

Sarah - I'll be hoping for somewhere around 1:30 at BM but you're right, the weather will have a lot to do with it. It was blowing a gale last year.
12/12/2012 at 12:10

Gazelle- good luck on Sunday, go get them.

12/12/2012 at 12:36

10 miles into work this morning @ 8:23. Frosty out there, but the sun broke through as I reached Finsbury Park - made it look lovely.

I rarely trouble a sunrise though. I'm not the earliest of risers

Scuba Trooper    pirate
12/12/2012 at 12:59

Brolish - I can't believe you need a ninja suit I though you loved the cool weather

Mr Z and DD - Would be nice to put faces to names, didn't AA say she was considering the Half at Henley too? We need to be careful talking about the dark side too much or Minni will have words.

Mr Z which spring marathon are you planning? How much time do you have between that and starting IM training for Sep?

Gazelle - Good luck on Sunday it sure you can pb given the year you have had.

Minni - If you get a team together for Thunder Run make sure you get the sun rise leg, it was really cool this year running form dark to daylight particularly over the hills and back into the campsite.

I'm looking forward to joining in the crisp frosty runs soon. KFC I hop aboard your back up gradually train, core work and X trianing will probalbe start before the running, I really need to get back in the habit of stretch a minumum of 10mins a day.

12/12/2012 at 13:09
Scuba Trooper wrote (see)

Brolish - I can't believe you need a ninja suit I though you loved the cool weather

ST- I never said I didn't like it, I'm loving running in freezing conditions while wrapped in my ninja suit.. It's a good look, you should try it.

2old wrote (see)

Bro-9? How is it you are running less than double figures?I

2Old- give me a chance!  I'm still recovering!

12/12/2012 at 13:15

ST- I have just read back and glad that your "procedure" went well. Do you need to rest or can you go back to your busy lifestyle?

KFC- What core work are you doing? I did loads at the beginning of the year but have been lazy recently. Must put core work on my list of to do's.....

Brolish- Loving the Ninja suit

Minni- When is the BM? Did you say that you have a xc race this weekend?

Ant- Are you still going for a parkrun PB at the weekend?


M.r Zuvai    pirate
12/12/2012 at 13:21

ST - im doing VLM, for the last two years i've found mixing IM training and marathon training quite compatitble, with the marathon period being particulary focussed on running, but still doing a decent anmount of swimming and cycling in place of recovery runs, then post marathon focussing heavily on the cycling. Seems to work for me, with pb's in each element each year. I dont tend to take much of a break in between, for the first two weeks i just keep it to gentle cycling and swimming before throwing some more intensity in. last year the spring marathon and the beggining of july IM were probably too close and i didn't feel completely race ready, but with Henly being in September that's ample time this year.

12/12/2012 at 13:22
old4scrooge + BA(H) Humbug wrote (see)

Checked the official results for last Sunday - 11 people were DQ'd for wearing Ipods contrary to entry form and pre-race announcement.  I was 11th overall and would have won the FV50 if I hadn't been a FV60 [well I know what I mean.........]

I don't suppose Mora would approve of doing a 50 mile off road event the week before TM

old4scrooge - 50m is just a warm-up for you though isn't it!!  Glad to see the ipod rules are being enforced - I would have loved to been there when the news was delivered.

Gazelle - best of luck on Sunday, hope you get good conditions.

I've managed to persuade my marathon running other half to do some middle distance focused training and sprinting as she's a tad one-paced.  I should have suggested this in summer as it's freezing standing round between drills and sprints at the moment.  My ninja suit doesn't seem to work properly.  At least you can do online coaching in your birthday suit!

Edited: 12/12/2012 at 13:23
M.r Zuvai    pirate
12/12/2012 at 13:23

 photo's from this morning

12/12/2012 at 13:23

Us pensioners have to ration our winter fuel allowance   BA was moaning but I told him the thermometer said 8.2 degrees and he couldn't tell without his glasses that I was [yet again] lying!

Brol: still in shorts??

2Old: two showers - I only had my own company between runs 2 and 3 and I managed to put up with myself.

12/12/2012 at 13:35

Moz- Far too much information on the Birthday Suit! well it is down this end of the woods

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